HIM and me

Hello Peeps

God is a speaking spirit, he is a good God

So there I was speaking with him in my heart and it went something like this

'I can’t'

'Yes you can'

'You don’t understand'

'Yes I do'

'You have never lived in flesh'

'Yes I have'

'Aaagggrrrrr it is easy for you to say'

'You really think so'

'I am going to scream now'

'Go ahead I made your mouth for such a time'

'Ok can I just swear so I feel better'?

'Like you have not done that in your heart already'

'Oh ....'

'Go on I hear your unspoken words loud and clear'

'Mehn it’s like I am naked and totally bare before you'

'Like Adam and Eve Naked'

'Exactly, can I just go and hide for a minute to sort myself'

'Go ahead but you do know I am everywhere'

'Oh for the love of God'

'G O D, that’s the name you call me'

*Sighs heavily*, 'I surrender mehn'

'That is the spirit'

*Sulking*, 'I love you big'

'Can’t get enough of you either'

'Goodnight Sir'

'Sweet dreams child'

In the morning he poured some snow flakes on the road as petals for my feet

Till later

Have a Lovely Christmas

Didn't get the memo, still I believe


When time ceases to exist, when darkness looms glaringly, when void fills the vacumn, there is a Presence that is ever present, He is GOD (Gen 1:2).

Whether or not He is acknowledged is a matter of individual choice.

Today, GOD, I acknowledge you. I acknowledge you as my father, my master, my friend, my mentor, you Oh Lord are the lover of my soul.

I did not get the memo about 1st of December and then when I did, suke blogger would not allow me sign in to post. Better late than never ehn, so here goes.

  • I believe in God because I met him not amongst a grand gathering or from the preaching of an eloquent preacher. I met God from the pages of the scripture, the book of John to be precise. Was given a New Testament Gideon's bible by an Uncle and he asked me to read the book of John. Being an avid reader I started on it when there was no pacessetter to read was and gripped. Especially when it got to what I called the climax, John 15. So gripped was I that I stayed back after school to finish reading. Was trying hard to understand why this hero who was about to die was so bothered about his friends, the one he also called brethren. A friend who had noticed the fact that I was reading a bible asked if I had become a christian and I replied no. She later asked to share with me and ask if I wanted to become one and I said yes (it was free so no harm, I thought). That was the begining of the journey.
  • I believe in God because I was a withdrawn shy girl who had low self esteem especially because of my small frame and comical characteristics. From discovering God, I realise he never makes mistakes, my petite nature gives me a USP. He created me as such so that folks can not but remember me. I realise that a merry heart is like a good medicine and the comical character was meant for mine and others heart merriment. Today I am no longer the same.
I believe in God because there have been several occassions when I have prayed for specific things and got specific results attributable to the prayer I prayed. A few instances
  1. I was in Class 3 and lost one of my gold stud ear rings, they were real gold and I had already lost quite a few. I remember mama 30+ strictly warning if you loose this earring I will let you know that God has no tribal marks. I searched the whole classroom, dining room, no show. I covered up but day 2 mama 30+ asked and I said it is hidden somewhere. School closed and dread came on me, I prayed as I have never done in my life while wondering if God was actually interested in that kind of prayer afterall it was because of my carelessness and being too playful. I stood outside the school gates dejectedly exhausted from praying and crying, suddenly felt impressed to look ahead of me and believe it or not there was tiny glistening in the sand I approached it and it was my tiny stud ear ring. I can never forget that feeling I nearly went crazy with joy. A small stud ear ring found outside a school gate the ground was not tarred mind you, it was covered in light brown sand. I know ear ring is meaningless but as far as I was concerned on that particular date it was a matter of life and death, you need to know mama 30+ to know what I am talking about.
  2. Once my brother laid on the bed writhing in pain, clutching his stomach with no Mum or Dad around and no mobile phone technology to call anyone. I laid hands on him and prayed in the name of Jesus as I have read in the bible for the pain to disappear (I was probably 14 or 15yrs old). He slept within minutes and woke up perfectly well.
  3. When things were tough in the UK, I had been asking God whether or not to go back to Nigeria and finally on this fateful day walking down the street decided to start packing as soon as I got home. I heard audibly and softly this words "it is I who works in you both to will and do of my good pleasure". I turned to see who spoke but there was no one behind me on that street. That settled it, I stayed, today I have no regrets.
I believe in God because I have never lacked comfort even though it may not be the comfort I asked at that particular time, comfort always come. A word from the bible, a phonecall, a remark, a scenery, a song, a post, a chirping bird, the sunrise, Banff Hills, my family, fresh air, food on my table, a good cry in his presence e.t.c.

One thing I know is that, He is ever present whenever I need him most.....then again I have made a choice to acknowledge him.

Do you acknowledge him?

O compatriots, it's been so long

Hello Burriful peeps,

Counting 11 months of God's faithfulness, he is worthy to be praised. God is near to them that are near to him, at every corner if you incline your heart, God is near.
If you are saying or thinking that you can't seem to find this near God, my question to you is, have you checked his word?!

Imagine you have a neighbour you like so much, not that you are close close but the times you hang out to have coffee or what's not it's usually very good and tight. One day you turn up to their door with your mug of coffee and suddenly their house is under lock and key you knock and knock (comments upon comments) but no reply. No letter left for you no forwarding address just cold break and you have to go back to your house with your cold cup of coffee while wondering what happened.

Well that is how it feels sometimes when a blogger just ups and leave without any prior warning.

Phhew, that is off my chest.

I know I did not give gist about my short break, well because it was uneventful, it could have easily been me going to the other end of town. I mean I went by air and was there within an hour and mostly stayed indoors. Although there was an official dinner which I attended and it was fab.
The food was fabulicious plus they served some Suya like that which took me straight to Sabo in Nigeria, it was off the eazzy. The company of folks I was in, the music, the MC and all was tight.
Talk about knowing how to take care of guests, these folks were on top of the game.

We had to stand up for the official national anthem at one point (the high commissioner's arrival). Now, maybe it was the fact that it's been so long I sang the national anthem officially or the fact that I was in company of very notable and respectable Nigerians I am not sure, however I felt quite emotional as we sang. More than a few thoughts including hopeful ones went through my mind concerning Motherland, Nigeria.

That was the highlight of the short break, rest of the days was spend just lazying around, doing a bit of personal work/study and general catching up on gist with my hosts.

Ended up missing my return flight because of too much gist, so decided to come back by overnight coach, that was also uneventful till we got to UK border.

I was not a happy bunny when the driver woke everyone up to get down for immigration control. Especially as we had to step out into the cold before going inside the control office.

My turn came and lady at the counter looked at my passport, looked at me then, looked at the passport again then asks me my date of birth (bear in mind that I just woke up from my relatively comfy sleep)...I answered her by asking "What is the date of birth written on the passport?". A 'don't mess with me this early morning' scowl accompanied my answer just for emphasis' - lol.

Miss Adamant goes "Yes I know the date of birth on the passport, just need you to confirm". I mumbled my DOB and she said "thank you", and then smiled "you are so lucky, you look nothing like your age".

In my head I was thinking 'whatever' but smiled wryly while managing a muffled thanks. Later chided myself for being such a grump when all the lady was doing was her job.

Anyhoo back on coach, then 10mins later had to disembark yet again because we were now on the ferry and apparently we are mandated to go walk inside and get on the ferry deck. "Why can't these folks just let me sleep in peace, if I am on the coach which is on a ferry surely it is the same thing". The driver did not agree and insists we all have to vacate the coach. So off we go and I start wandering around avoiding temptation of buying anything on deck talk about being overpriced hmmph, even the need to spend the remaining euro on me was not strong enough.

45mins later we get to Dover and proceed back on the coach off the ferry and continue the journey by road. I must have slept for only 30mins or so when some Essex boys (see reason below) starts to demo craziness insisting the driver stop on the motorway for them to get off.


Driver tells these yobs that his destination is Victoria and he can't stop for obvious reasons. The boys fariga, insisting that they live close by (hence my conclusion that they were Essex boys, cos it was around that area and the accent as well) blah blah. In short when they insisted they were going to kick door open and jump out of the moving coach, while sitting behind the driver shouting like loonies, the driver complied and they got off.

Ope o I breathed a sigh of relief that, at least it was not a ploy to get the coach hijacked as I feared. Thing is while the drama was foing on all I was thinking of was one Abuja trip I went years ago and the coach nearly got hijacked by armed robbers.

From the on it was smooth sailing till we reached London, where I had a few days stop over before travelling down to my end again.

So that was how I spent my last holiday.

Thanks Aloted and SimeonBaba for loving my blog so much they passed the award below to moi.

I pass it on the first 9 bloggers to leave a comment on this post

Till later

Mixed Emotions

Ma Peeps,

I CAN do everything through him who gives me strength.

Thank you Lord for strength for today and the hope for tomorrow.

On confirming the election result, I was in a sombre surreal mood. On the one hand trying to comprehend that the next president of United States is BLACK as in my own colour yeeerrrekkkke! On the other hand I was reflective on the "I can" slogan.

Is that it? Just like that, is that how history is made, reckless abandonment of status quo in tireless pursuit of unimaginable ambition / dream.

An opportunistic and strategically planned move that capitalises on the weakness of the way, things are currently being run.

Sheer HARD WORK (in form of tireless campaignes) and the support of all around in whatever way they can. Not taking any little help for granted (donations of $2 not considered small).

My own reflection has got me thinking on what things I COULD have done and what things I CAN now do and must now do. Like everyone I have been inspired by the victory no doubt, Obama just proved Phillipians 4:13 to be true.

So watch out for 30+, yeeaaaahhh because SHE CAN!

Still on the election gists, Nigerians have a sense of humour, I don't know how folks come up with stuff like the funny headlines some to my inbox (see below) especially the last two.

If USA was Nigeria , today (a week after election)'s papers Headlines would read something’s like: ·

  • Don't celebrate yet, McCain tells Obama (TELL magazine)

  • Concede defeat, Obama urges McCain (Punch Newspaper)

  • 20 opposition cadres riot (The Sun Newspaper)

  • McCain Demands Vote Recount (Vanguard Newspaper)

  • Elections rigged - Palin (Guardian Newspaper)

  • No evidence of manipulation (NTA News)

  • The Church declares elections free and fair (News Line)

  • There will be violence if we lose; McCain declares (LTV 8 news)

  • Election results for Arizona , Florida , New York awaited (Channels News)

  • Trucks with suspected ballot papers crosses into USA from Mexico (Tribune Newspaper)

  • "McCain is an opportunist - Go back to your farm" says Biden(AIT News)

  • I will not accept results, McCain tells Obama (MITV News).

  • Democratic Party will rule the USA for the next 100 years - Clinton Declares (ThisDay Newspaper

  • Area Boys 20 killed, 30 injured at New Jersey Polling Booth )(Daily Mirror)

  • Obama: ‘I will soon roll out timetable for Royal Blessings’(PM News)

  • Several Ballot Boxes Missing at Phoenix , handwork of ‘Obama Boys’ - Republican Party(gatewaytv News)

  • Heavy Security at INEC H/quarter, Commissioners flee. (Newswatch Magazine)

  • $900million for Feeding and Wardrobe Allowances for Obama’s Daughters Justified (Presidential Spokeperson)


  • MIO NI GBA O!! - McCAIN (Akede Agbaye)
Location, Location
Bloggers sha! I said no one should ask where I was in my previous post, yet some folks could not resist, I understand :). Anyhoo while in my secret location I opened Allied's blog (see below) and saw some strange words, checked mine and a few others and it was all the same. I panicked and asked my hostess why my computer was messing up, until she reminded me where I was...

I got myself a new camera, it arrived today and am quite excited.

Till later

Madness - Americans do not Vote?!

Hi Peeps,

The countdown has begun!

There is one presidency that is not up for election, it is the office of the president of the Universe, master and King...El Shaddai. No controversy.

I have been hooked on the presidential election frenzy in the past 72hrs, especially since CNN happens to be one of the few channels broadcasting in English in this particular city (shh don't ask me where I am).

Anyhoos as per the title, as much as the frenzy has been going on for Obama, I am cautious that Americans and indeed the whole world don't just stop on celebrating the need for change while not neglecting making the change itself i.e. Voting for the change.
According to CNN news, in time past millions of Americans do not bother to turn out to vote but I believe that tide has changed.

Forget Race, Creed or Gender, it's about change full stop.

Someone defines Madness as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result hence it will be madness to
  • Forgetting / Refusing to vote or Assuming your one vote does not count.
  • Voting for the typical face fits the bill candidate, change is NOT TYPICAL.
I am not a US Citizen so shame I can't vote :(. However if I had the opportunity, my choice will be clear.

Dignity and Integrity are some qualities that I find endearing and in this race my choice has demonstrated it. He answers the questions asked and focussing on the issues, distancing himself from personal attacking and throwing of mudslings.

So while I don't know about having a full resume or his future performance on the surmountable task of becoming the next US president, I can only go on what I have heard and seen so far to declare that the not so Typical candidate gets my vote today.

How is this for a change: Lewis Hamilton became the youngest Formula One winner (he happens to be black).


Hello my peeps,

God is good, and that is an understatement, I praise his name

Picture this - Before the recession hit Egypt of old, God caused a Young Man full of His Spirit to be strategically placed that Egypt prospered in the time of credit crunch / recession.
Not only that the young man was able to Preserve his very own chosen people Israel .

Got this in my inbox and thought it may be a comic relief for someone

Global Economic demystified

SOCIALISM: You have 2 cows and you give one to your neighbour.

COMMUNISM: You have 2 cows; the Government takes both and gives you some milk.

FASCISM: You have 2 cows; the Government takes both and sells you some milk.

NAZISM: You have 2 cows. The Government takes both and shoots you.

BUREAUCRATISM: You have 2 cows; the Government takes both, shoots one, milks the Other and throws the milk away...

TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income.

AN AMERICAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows. Later, you hire a consultant to analyse why the
Cow dropped dead.

A FRENCH CORPORATION: You have two cows. You go on strike because you want three cows.

A JAPANESE CORPORATION: You have two cows. You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk. You then create a clever cow cartoon image called Cowkimon and market them World-Wide.

A GERMAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You reengineer them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month, and milk themselves.

AN ITALIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows, but you don't know where they are. You break for Lunch.

A RUSSIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You count them and learn you have five cows. You count them again and learn you have 42 cows. You count them again and learn you have 2 cows. You stop counting cows and open another bottle of vodka.

A SWISS CORPORATION: You have 5000 cows, none of which belong to you. You charge others for storing them.

A CHINESE CORPORATION: You have two cows. You have 300 people milking them. You claim full employment, high bovine productivity, and arrest the newsman who reported the numbers.

AN INDIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You worship them.

A BRITISH CORPORATION: You have two cows. Both are mad.

A ZIMBABWEAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You eat both.

A ZAMBIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You call in investors to look after them for you and wonder why they are not sharing the milk with you.

A NIGERIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You hire relatives for peanuts to look after one whilst you feast on the other without sharing. When your other cow dies from exhaustion, you blame your relatives for ruining your business.

Talking of economy, I need a new job o, I have been trying to think of what business I can go into, apart from my increasing passion for photography which I will keep educating myself on.

This is a good time for me to diversify and think of what I can do for myself but can't just seem to get my thinking juices to flow.

So people any ideas!!!

I have not been replying to comments lately, no vex, it's not snobbery just sheer laziness and finding words in my head to respond to each person.

Images - Courtesy of google images (c)


Hi Peeps,
Just because God cares for his own, his eyes are on the tiny sparrow and he watches over us, I submit to you that he is worthy to be praised. No one like him, none like, no one.

Call it coincidence, call it God speaking to me, call it random but the scripture I ‘Happened’ to read today is Isaiah 58 can not be more clear and relevant to Blog Action day against poverty.

I finished reading and lay on my bed thinking of practical ways to implement, what could I do right now I enquired in my heart only to find myself navigating to Simeon’s blog again and noticing the BLOG ACTION DAY AGAINST POVERTY and voila

In the midst of our very busy lives and the World news with all it glitz, scandals and charade, there is a reality that only gets to be heard / seen of on 2-5mins infomercials and even that is Infrequent.

There is something fundamentally wrong in a child going to bed hungry for days on end. What makes it even more unbearable is the fact that the food is available but mismanagement, greed and non chalant attitude of 'A FEW' results in the wastage and subsequent denial of these provisions for those who need it.

One thing is sure, there are enough resources for everyone on this planet to eat and have their fill every day. In the beginning he saw everything and it was good, the creator provided enough for his creature to eat and satisfy their hunger.

It may sound that my post is biased towards food and hunger as opposed to Poverty, my line of thought stems from the Yoruba proverb that says “ti ounje ba ti kuro ninu ise, ise buse” (once hunger is cured, poverty has little or effect). Nevertheless I am mindful that poverty can be and is relative to individual.

The post is not geared towards the details of horrors of poverty, it is more towards "what part can I play to eradicate poverty". So here goes


  • Share Love - While poverty as is widely known/thought of may not be very visible in the Western world, there is a well masked poverty “Poverty of the soul”. There are many that wake up and go to bed without any form of love shown to them, start with your neighbour, find out their name without being too intrusive, give a smile. Adopt a penpal from afar and write encouraging letters to them. Share your faith.
  • Share your substance – Support a charity that is poverty oriented, you can start with as little as £3 pounds a month. Declutter your wardrobe and give those things you will never wear to someone who has none to wear. Volunteer your time a few hours a week.


The earth as been given to us to maintain and preserve it’s resources.

  • Avoid wastage in any form.
  • Avoid over eating or cooking what you can not eat and if you do, please preserve left overs.
  • Use compost bin if you absolutely have to throw food away.
  • Recycle as much as possible it helps preservation.


  • Be an ambassador in your own way. Challenge friends, families and all around you to do the same as above. Put up a post on your blog if you have one. Put up a message on facebook. Every little helps. Ask your leaders in the place of worship on what they are doing to make poverty history.
    Especially if you are a Christian the gospel of Jesus Christ means the true good news (Luke 4:18). Good news to the poor is not just preaching on a Sunday or lifting holy hands and ushering in decked up attire.
    To the poor good news is providing their needs and showing them how to meet their own needs so churches are to actively give to the poor (see John 13:29). Remember Faith without works is dead.

A few good charities are listed below (there are many more)

Disclaimer: I support the first 3 on the list and have interest (non financial) in the first one.

You should also visit

If you are already doing any or all of the above, how about raising the standard just a little bit more.

Have a fab week

Can't Sleep, HONESTLY

Hi Peeps,

I am always amazed by God's mercy, kindness and endless love, it is more than I an comprehend. Thank you Lord
Can't sleep, it is 2.50am and I have been sitting by the laptop forever, hopping all over the net and what's not.

Right now I kind of feel like I can not be bothered, been here before and can't imagine what God must be thinking. You will think this babe has learned how to cope in situations like this. When things don't go the way you expect or want.

No doubt that even this too shall pass....but before that, I can blog it.

Watched clips of the Obama vs McCain debate and boi it seems like Senator McCain's feathers are being ruffled by "That One". I am excited that this is happening in my time, new history in making.

How can somebody get on your nerves even without trying, is it possible?! I know I am speaking in codes but for my future reference it's got to do with G.....

My consolation is the so called lessons I am learning as maturity sets in.

I don't like doing expenses and taxes :(.

Need to hit the gym big time, the pounds are catching up on me and have the unfair advantage of post holiday and London binging. Gym kit - check, willingness - check, mojo - none. The shorter days and longer nights settling in do not help matters.

Thank you Believer for the award of honest blogger, sniff sniff .

I pass the award on to the following bloggers who in turn should ideally pass it unto another 7 other bloggers (although I can see a few rule breakers on my list so we shall see)

  • Undacova
  • Princessa
  • Uzezi
  • Napaali
  • Flourishing Florida
  • Shubby Doo
  • Darkelcee
Secret agent 30+ loves her blogger friends on facebook, especially the new ones *wink* - lol.
I need to get my groove back sharp
Till laters

Nigeria ages and Customary courts

Hello Peeps,

Unto Baba God be the glory, great things he has done. Let me make a distinction sharpish because there different gods. The God that I am talking about and kiraing for is the El-Shaddai the one who declared his covenant name to be Jehovah, the one who sent his begotten son Jesus to die on the cross.

Ope o, that cleared another round of ikira for Him, Father you are too much.

Happy Birthday to you Nigeria, in the face of criticm, PHCN crisis, Niger Delta, economic hardship, being deserted by your children, you still remain sane, you have tried.
Yet I am concerned that you are as you are, o Nigeria. I wonder why there are no sorrow of birth pangs coming from you in hope to deliver the future you hope. I am concerned that status quo seems to remain and come to a harsh/bitter conclusion that change is not coming anytime soon.
Nevertheless you deserve the honour of these wishes, may the blood and sweat of heroes past speak for the future yet to come.

Just got off the phone from some dude that I came upon eon years ago. According to him my friend gave him my number donkey years ago and he called me on one or two occassion. He said he "used to Toast me" (his words), bbbuuuaaaah. Been a long time I heard anyone use that word around here.

The dude kept asking "What do you fiii about you and me?" (he pronounced feel as fiii). And another one "So when was your Betday?" (Betday = Birthday).
He has been thinking of me since all these years (more than 5yrs o), then hangs himself without any effort, well truth was he has been in a relationship with one Old woman who kind of must have used juju on him because blah blah......

His mission: since I am not married yet, dude is saying nothing is impossible, okay now...that means hell can freeze abi?

To better gist

I read the story below in some magazine and had to put it up, it brought memories of the few times I read iwe iroyin yoruba, my favourite section was the ones that had customary session proceedings. I just use to find the stories in the section hilarious

The eight-year-old marriage of a Lagos trader, Mrs. Ajetumobi Ajike almost collapsed because of endless GSM flashing by a man she claimed to be her colleague. The matter came to a head when the presumed colleague flashed and called her at midnight. The next morning, her enraged husband headed for a Grade ‘A’ Customary Court in Agege, Lagos and filed for divorce. When the matter continued to rage in court, the midnight caller appeared in person and pleaded with the woman’s hubby not to send her away. The court president, E.K.S Bruce later cautioned the man thus: “Your wife was childish. So, please pardon her. For the woman, you made a great mistake by keeping your husband in the dark about that colleague of yours. You allowed that flasher to ruin your marriage.” The story of GSM gaffes are legion. A top civil servant in Abuja once mistakenly sent to his real wife, a sex-explicit text intended for his mistress. But for the intervention of their children and family friends, the marriage would have hit the rocks.

Just imagine that these two grown ups would have had on their divorce certificate, reason for divorce: GSM Interruption? Or GSM flashing?.

Is this how derailed the insititution of marriage has become?

Till later

Old News reaching us.....Children Protest

Peeps mi,

Thanking God for the gifts of children, they are the future.

I try not to get passionate about some things, one of which is politics and the ills of the society.

One thing is for sure and that I am not ambivalent about, moral decadence can and will only get worse. Politics will continue to be a dirty game. And as much as I want to believe Nigeria will be great, the journey is indeed long.

"Hundreds of toddlers and children on Sunday took to the streets in Port Harcourt to protest incessant kidnapping of underaged persons in Rivers State". More here

I know the story is a bit dated but am I irrational in my thinking when I say that it should never have happened, it is errant nonsense marinated in gross irresponsibility.

Is it okay that I am here praying that the days of WAI should be implemented again for jus for one day enough for me to go to PH and personally flog the crap out of the adults who followed this todlers protest march.

For the love of cheerios some of this kids are still in Diapers and you are having them carry placards in the hot sun.

The message is clear isn't it: - "We the adult will not fight for you children, we are pot bellied weaklings who are guzzling their future down with a side dish of fatted turkey. You must defend yourself and what best way to get you started than carrying placards when you are still in diapers."

The folks set machinery of kidnapping, somehow manage to negotiate payment and yet claim the kidnapppers are elusive. It does not add up. And this so called demonstration which I believe wholeheartedly to be a bit of (if not totally) propaganda.

Oh please, the kids demonstration is just what we need to stop the kidnapping once and for all, especially when the kidnappers have a heart and are can be dissuaded by seeing the little cuties sweating it out in the sun. Like the kids being targeted by kidnappers are actually the ones carrying placards.

I can just imagine Junior the 3 year old Son of Chief Engineer Anthony Emeritus Paytene of the Glaxonchevmobil company taking permission from his dad to go for a demonstration against kidnapping. Chief Anthony turn and says "yes my boy you can go, make sure you carry your 'superman rucksack' the one I bought for Harrods with some chocolate drinks and hotdogs, and you can go to demonstrate your heart out". Yeah right

Chin up children - selling bread and akara after school hours have not broken you, child molestation and abuse have not broken you. You are still here standing strong. These placards you are now being asked to carry has gotten nothing on you, you will still stand strong.



Ma Peeps,

To him who is able to keep us in Perfect Peace do I Kira fun.

Anyway Anyhow 30+ must yin Baba God.

As per post title, ok hold yourselves no one died again at least not that I know of.

Like someone replied in the comments to Orun Makanju "I shall not die but live and declare the Glory of the Lord". Most folks just stop on the "I shall not die but live", they are not mindful of the rest of the statement which says "and declare the Glory of the Lord".

Are you declaring the glory of the Lord with all you have, your body, soul and spirit or you just want to live for the sake of it.

Talking of which, Life is for living, living to me means all that I do speaks and demonstrate that there is a God. Like the preacher said it is better to remember Him while we are here on this earth because once death comes like "ti e ba e, oyo lo wa" ("your own has caught up with you" as in your are on your own).

There is a question that keeps bugging me. You know how we all go RIP (Rest In Peace) when someone dies, is it more of a slang or is it heartfelt?

IMO - I often wonder whether RIP is really the right thing to say. Would it not be better to say something like "Wow he / she died, all the best on the other side o". Yes now, truth be told I can safely say 99.9% of folks who say RIP to a dead person have themselves never died before and hence have no clue what is happening on the other side so why do you wish someone to rest in peace.

If wishing peace is a good thing, what will you do if someone wishes you Rest In Peace as you are about to go to bed....I can imagine some folks reaction will including cursing the fellow or saying back to sender - lol.

Speaking strictly from the scriptures:

Death is a transition, the place of taking off this earthly suit in exchange for another one. It is appointed for man to die ONCE and after that judgement.

When I leave this earthly suit, I imagine I will be giddy with excitement more than that of 4 year old on a christmas morning probably will fly faster than the goodness and mercy angels to embrace the Lord Jesus. One time I will sign up to join the heavenly choir kia kia, and be among the ones that will do orisirisi dance and rababa for Father Lord.

There was this dude friend of mine and it so happened that we where praying together, on a particular occassion. Suddenly the guy started praying loudly (he was leading) for his mum for like 10 - 15 minutes, no biggie shey. Well the said Mum died like 5-7 yrs ago or somefink. Initially when he started on that prayer point, I had to open one eye to check if he was for real and yep he was dead serious (no pun intended). Prayers like make her comfortable, let her eat the best of the food in heaven and wear the best, wipe her tears, let her be happy look back and be a mother indeed and thing and thin…along that line sha….

Although I was Amen, but mehn I did not feel comfortable "which kind alakoba prayer is this". I was counter praying inside my head "Father the living and the dead have nothing in common", "Father Lord I bind any mama from looking back and seeing me in the name of Jesus", "I bind, I loose, I take captive, I cover myself in the blood of Jesus"

Later when I asked him stylishly about his odd prayer, he said no prayer was ever wasted....okayee o. I remain unconvinced, he prolly was praying like that to make himself feel better about the loss.

So back to RIP, when you say the word do you sincerely mean it as a prayer and do you think it makes any difference to the dead person. How come we don't say things like 'Have fun', 'Enjoy yourself', 'keep a space for me' e.t.c

It's just bugging me

Why do we people spend time creating chaos for themselves and the people around them only to have Rest In Peace engraved on the tombstone. Today seek peace with God, yourself and with all around you.


Hello ma peeps,

Praise be to the LORD, the God of my life, who has not abandoned his kindness and faithfulness to moi. As for me, the LORD has led me on the journey of my life so far and he will continue to lead me all my life.

I am back and inspired (not) by my transit stay in London to note down some of the good, bad and ugly of this capital city which is one of the most expensive in the world.

The good
The joy of getting to the bus stop just as the bus is arriving
Being able to source almost anything Nigerian that you want at relatively good price.
High chance of bumping into an old friend.
Chances of hearing someone else's gist on the bus.
Theatres and Restaurants (endless variety)

The bad
Being offered a seat because you look 3-4 month pregnant.
The constant chatterings of those "you getme's" a.ka. shaniquas, roshandas
Seeing every other wannabes carrying a knock off version of your bag.
The metro litter

The downright ugly
The dude that grinds you at the back and pulling away proves difficult 'cos you are all squashed.
The underground train system has no personal hygiene screening for it's users.
The madness of early morning rush at Victoria and King's cross underground station in the morning.
Idiots with boom box bigger than their car with no concept of noise pollution.


Needed to buy me a nice weave (in London) and after the getting the attention of the sales lady to pick a particular one, she drops me the information about a dude that was eyeing her. I am not sure how that add inches or sheen to my weave but I obliged her banter asking if she liked the dude in return. Following the light hearted conversation and the completion of the transaction. She dutifully informed me "You know when my spirit says I should sell for you, I sell for you but if my spirit says no I just tell the other girl to serve you, that is why I serve you". Ok o let's just hope the spirit does not tell your boss not to pay your salary. At least the spirit moved her to sell me a nice half wig that fits me wonderfully well.

It is not a good idea to go on long vacations, you get more drawn into the delusion that life is about long walks in the park, shopping like the world is coming to an end and adventorous visits to different places of interest.

I am seriously slacking on blogville, not visiting other blogs as much as I used to nor respond to comments on my page as I used to. And what is more disturbing I don't feel as guilty as I thought I would. I THINK I MAY BE GOING THROUGH A BLOGGING CRUNCH OF SORT...LOL

Maybe I should just go back on holiday.

Till later

Wear your own shoes

Hello my peeps

I don rock am before, I go rock am again this is the song that has been filling my heart "...and when my heart is overwhelmed, please lead me to the rock that is higher than I".

You probably got the gist by now that my behind is rocking on my long holiday. This is one of the longest holidays I have heard o since the days of my non working life. I am enjoying every bit of it. I don't even want to come back sef if not because I gats to.

Ok I will try not laden you with blow by blow account maybe one of these days when I can't think of what to write. But I owe you guys some of the lovely pictures (See below)

As to my previous post, I always thought it was an obvious answer that it is better to wait on a life partner than the fruit of the womb because the pressure is not as much and you can easily give excuse of Career and Personal choice blah. However, for the fruit of the womb, right from church folks stand singing that they will be back in 9 months time (like they can make babies) and the pressure is double your folks and his folks.

After reading your comments which was an eye opener, I have come to the conclusion that it depends on who is wearing the shoe.

So let each wear his own shoe, TRUST GOD and recieve available grace for each individual, each man’s race is different so also our times and seasons are different.

I will be back from Holiday end of this week and hopefully blog better and less dry gist next week - lol

Till then

Bloopers and Question

Ma peeps

How you dey?

Let's not take anything for granted o, for me that I have fingers to type and you that have eyes to read we must to do what....GIVE THANKS TO HIM.

"If the LORD had not been on our side, when men attacked us, when their anger flared against us, they would have swallowed us alive; the flood would have engulfed us, the torrent would have swept over us, the raging waters would have swept us away. Praise be to the LORD, who has not let us be torn by their teeth" Ps 124: 2-6

Don't act surprised na it is my logo now I must first thank the one who was, is and is to come - lol.

I may not be able to update as such o since I will not be around for a while.

Hold on .... why na, kilode

E gbami from these dudes sitting next to me o(think he is from one of the other company site) his legs keeps blocking my drawer and bumping into my desk. I don't know why the two of them are sitting on one desk (make it 3.5 'cos 1 one of them is heavy D's cousin)

The heavy one keeps breathing heavily and I am almost like asking if he is okay. The guy prolly got some thyroid or insulin problem - poor soul

Abeg let me turn and move my laptop so I fit yarn proper.

Ehn ehn as I was saying, for those asking of setting limited profile on facebook, it is all on the privacy section

Click on view friends.
On the right hand side click make a new list and give it a name (e.g limited profile, you can have different lists, tight crew, just limited info e.t.c)
Select friends you want to add to that list
Once that has been set up go to the privacy page
Click on profile and from the drop down button on each information (e.g basic info) choose customise.
From the customise box you can to limit the folks seeing using the except option you add friends or lists that can not see a particular information.
You can do the same for applications, news feed and search
For pictures go to album and choos album privacy at the top right of page and customise as well.

On to other things, in the spirit of blogville idol past here are some of my bloopers


I have been meaning to ask which is better or easier
a) To be waiting on God for a life partner
b) To be waiting for the fruit of the womb.
IMO, there is an obvious answer but abeg I want to hear your own answer with reasons to back it up.

Till Later

Rand, Random, Randomer

Hi Peepos,

No matter what comes our way, our lives are in the hands of the almighty. When I think of that it helps me to kulu tempa and chop chill. Once you know the driver of your car you fit sleep falala.

My week has been busy as can be.

All the work folks suddenly want a piece of me, well God dey and since they are paying my dough, I shall not complain.

Infact right now I have just finished presentation and have got all this folks around talking numbers, budgets e.t.c of course my heart is pounding because my boss is standing across from me as I type this. How naughty :). I am mastering the act of grandising simple tasks (a.k.a blagging) even me sef I fear, well that is what consultants do shey.

I have always know that bloggers like gist and my last post confirmed it, folks did not even spare that I was trying to be blogville idol host they still want to hear gist. Anyway show is over so I gat no excuse, work or no work gist must flow today so here goes.

Rand - Photography is a passion I am developing, I love taking pictures. Folks can do and undo with the technology available these days. But even me sef I was shocked at how they translated (note translate not transform) an acquintance of mine, so much so I first ignored her friend request on facebook thinking she was one of those "funny" people who add you without knowing you, eventually added her to my limited profile friends list sha when she persisted. I knew her name of course but not the face. It was like the proverbial yoruba saying "owo lowo Esau, ohun lohun Jakobu" ("Hands are that of Esau but the voice belongs to Jacob")
When I finally made the connection I just opened mouth, comments under the pictures also confirmed my reaction.

The translation falls somewhere between the two before and after pictures below


Blogville Idol has ended :( and it was a bit of anticlimax what with Pink S 's exit from blogville. It was fun while it lasted. I hope to post some of the bloopers I had while recording the sessions.
So I called one blogger and she immediately recognise my voice as 30+. I am thinking schwepps I have prolly been outed 'cos that means if any of the folks that know me in the real world hit on idol page they would have recognised my voice and go that is .......*insert my real name*.

Na wa o, wetin I fit do

Randomer - Got this in a forwarded mail (think I read something similar on another blog but can't remember where)
This morning on the NPR a lady came on air by name Betty Johnson who was about 90 years old. She explained when she was a teenager she was pretty flat chested and her mom began to worry that she might not get boyfriends so she bought her an inflatable bra. She was really happy about it and she set it to a size 32. So, one day she was on a plane in the Andes or something and as the plane began to elevate her bra got larger, it could not take the pressure. It kept growing till it became a size 48 and then it exploded!!! The pilot had to come out with a gun and they landed the plane so a bomb squad could check her out.
Peeps I laugh tire for this story.

Other Randomers
I went to see MAMA MIA, lovely movie all round, did not click that it was a musical until Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) sang the first song. Mama Mia was a pleasant medicine that has cured me of a horrible memory which occured some 6 years and caused a re think my previous resolution on musical movies. I absolutely loved Rosie (Julie Walters) and Tanya (Christine Baranski), Donna (Merryl Streep) also delivered. The film was an 8 out of 10, indeed MAMA MIA is a lovely summer movie and of course you get the bonus of hearing your ABBA favourites all over again. My friends had to calm me down when the dancing queen track came on -lol

Holiday is coming no more meetings o, no more reports o, colleagues goodbye, managers goodbye I am going to have a jolly holiday.

So much for gist will catch you later


Eh o Eh o lo lo lo - I get very very happy


Ki lo n pops?!

The jury is in God is good, no controversy it is a settled matter.

So I was tagged by Princessa


1. Put Your iTunes/ music player on Shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


4. After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves.

Appreciation - Sunny Ade

He is Lord, He is Risen from the dead - Maranatha Singers
For shizzle, my peeps I think I am Jesuscentric, whatever that means - lol

Eniyan ibo ma yin Oluwa - Esther Something Ebo Ope
Well I like folks who like praising God so yeahhh

Part 2 of the matchmaker - Bishop Walker message
:) - Say what, you are freaking kidding mehn - lol

He knows my name - Paul Baloche iWorship
Omo this thing get winch o

This is the air I Breathe - iWorship
Shey! I am a breathe of fresh air now

What to do when all Hell breaks loose - Gregory Dickow message
You and who, I reject that in the name of Jesus Christ, back to sender in registered must deliver envelope. Although .....

If you go - Styl Plus
Ogini mere, go where ?

WHAT IS 2+2?
Restoring fellowship with the Father - Joyce Meyer Message
Na so the muzik talk

Isn't He Wonderful - Terry Clark
That must be my man, yes he is

Armed and Dangerous - Joyce Meyer Message
Armed with the word and Dangerous to the devil, kapish

Ololufe - Wande Coal
Okayee, if you say so

Halleluyah God I worship you - Muyiwa & Riversongz
From now sef till Eternity, I want to be a Worshipper.

As the Deer pants after - Paul Oakley iWorship
Well makes sense

Overdose on Love - Nayo
Word! I am the love overdose for them

Let the river flow - Darrel Evans iWorship
Okay but it is very slow song o, but we will manage it

Spiritual Love - Trin i Tee
Interesting - Let them play it jo I will be with my Lover Jesus Christ thanking him that his love lasted me till the grave beyond :), so carry goes.

Integrity - Joyce Meyer Daily Message
Well! I try to stay in Integrity and it's a big turn off when I meet folks who's got none.

We Bow Down - Twilla Paris Songs 4 Worship
Word! When you bow before God you can stand before any Man.

Benefits of Fellowship with God - Joyce Meyer Daily Message
It is better to have a good fellowship with God first jare before any friends

I get very very happy o, oruko Jesu lo mu ori mi wu - Midnight Crew
Praize da Lord, I don't have to think of post title

I am so not tagging anyone

Imagine just because Naija Chickito was tagged some moons ago the babe has gone missing - lol please let us organise a search party for her.

Anyhoos, you can catch me on Blogville Idol page, trying to be Hosty.

Try to vote for Tayo Olabiran (see right pane) and show support for a Naija babe representing. I came upon the group she set up on facebook and she is preetier and more model like than some of the others on Top 10 - ok maybe I am biased 'cos she is Naija. She is participating in the vmagazine 2008 model search and needs to be in the Top 10 to stand a chance.

Till laters


IDOL '08 - *Shsh Simon*, Mz 30+ is talking


Are you ready for this?!

You know how I like to sing and praise Baba God every time I start typing a post, like right now that I am reflecting and singing that "he is the true Baba Ara ti o mo iyi omo" (the true father of wonders who cherishes his children).

Well y'all be hearing my skentele voice throughtout the Blogville Idol competition becasue

Mz 30+ is the HOST for Blogville Idol 2008

Thank you, thank you for those who are smiling with joy for me, and for the rest, skontolo your ears.

I have checked the rules, nothing stops the host/hostess from bursting a tune every now and then - lol.

Tell Simon Cowell, his job is not safe...........

Ok excitement down, I am thinking oh my goodness

What am I gonna say?
Should I phonetise
Or naijarise?
Or be very serious?
Or try to be funny
Or be razz?
Or all of the above 'cos I am a mix

I don't know mehn, but pray for me just like every other contestant.

I am not singing but I'm still kind of NERVOUS.

OK Tarry Plus, 1 mug of camomile tea and breathing exercise coming up.


From her window – 15th Street

Peeps mi,

How'dy? Been a moment.

Do you know that God is so good, so much so that before you we even showed up "he has given unto us everything that pertains unto life and Godliness".
One of the things that pertains to life is creativity and boy did we see a display of that on the 14th and Serenity project, well done guys.

Blogville Idol 2008 is coming up o, if you have not heard before you are hearing now, sign up and let's see another aspect of creativity in action - the use of vocal chords - lol.

You don't have to be celine dion, mariah carey or kanye west, as long as you have mouth that can open and hopefully produce a sound/noise you should enlist. It will be fun, last year was so cool but I am sure this year will TOP IT.

I dey kampe o, nothing dey happen God is on the throne, it is unquestionable.

Well I have been having withdrawal symptoms from the 14th and decide to write the piece below. Mehn tis not easy sha you berra enjoy it

Here goes...

Mrs Cee detested the gauze cover of the window; she on the other hand loathed Mrs Cee’s coke laced nose and the woman’s insistence on being an accessory on 14th street.

Through the gauze covered windows, she could see the enclave of drama. Sex, Drugs, drama and more Sex were the prime attributes of the ominous building standing at the junction of chaos. Freshly bathed air blew into her abode; she inhaled deeply willing for a cleansing.

She had wanted the executive bachelorette pad at Grandville avenue end of 15th but could only afford the 1 bed Apartment at the Serenity end; it gave a vantage view of the hotel and in the distance the back garden of Mrs Cee.

Outside, the Mediterranean looking artist concentrated hard on the canvass doing his day job, drawing shoddy caricatures. His victim this afternoon was a Paris Hilton hopeful whose Chihuahua was threatening to escape. What was it again ‘animals being a better judge of characters than human’? The artist work littered the sidewalk and somewhat told a story. His latest piece bore an uncanny likeness to her deceased friend RM. RM lived opposite the bachelorette pad at the Grandville end of 15th. They had met outside the pad while she was waiting for the agent; RM had been quite chatty persuading her that the apartment was worth every bit of the asking price. They soon found out they had a few things in common, exotic men and arts. Their subsequent acquaintance met Mrs Cee’s disapproval, not that it mattered.

RM had been a frequent visitor to the 14th; she seemed to know the story of a few of the residents. Once she had spotted RM coming from the artist’s inner chamber.

From her window the sight of an odd looking guy struggling with his brolly caught her attention. The man walked hurriedly past the artist knocked down the latest piece. The man did not stop he appeared to be on a mission or running late for a rendezvous at the hotel which he headed towards.

She sighed and sipped her sparkling coconut and mango drink, her gaze trailed and settled longingly on the bottle sitting on the glass shelf above her book collections.
Her mind was made up; six months on 15th was long enough, what was she thinking in the first place, if the one born of Immaculate Conception could not reach Mrs Cee what could a prostitute’s daughter achieve. Blood may be thicker than water but it’s not thicker than a fix.

The events of the past months were enough to drive anyone over the brink of reasoning starting with the ‘Letter’ that brought her to the 15th. Zena’s boyfriend Ty, had been a God sent in helping her secure the accommodation. He was kind enough to show around the neighbourhood since she was new in town and Z lived at the other end of town.

Who could have thought?

Ty’s unexpected death should have been a blessing in disguise rather it seemed to fuel the passion for revenge the more. Pure cowardice Zena had exclaimed ignoring the fact that an armed man had gone to Ty’s house to batter his skull leaving his wife to find him in his cold blood. Zena had set out on a mission to find out all she could about Ty and the woman carrying Ty’s ‘evil seed’ as she called it.

The smoke alarm called her attention to the burning burritos. Next to cherry flavoured drinks, Z loved her burritos; she dashed into the kitchen to turn off the oven. The call last night worried her there was something in Z’s voice she could not place. Ty had changed Zena who was once a bubbly, down to earth, confident kind of girl. Then came Ty and things changed before then there was no secrets between them, they were sandbox friends who planned to have their family live side by side and share school runs.

Now Z is a bitter scorned woman, while she was a young lawyer on a failed redemption mission, racked with guilt yet bestowed with an unexpected gift and a lost opportunity of bonding with her ‘brother’.

“There is a time for everything under the sun, a time to die, a time to live, a time to cry and a time to laugh”, father Michael’s voice played in her ears. “Dust to dust, ashes to ashes” he continued. She placed her parting gift of a single black rose on the young lad being lowered to mother earth, this was their second meeting.

At the first meeting, she had observed her brother closely; there was no semblance between them. His pale white complexion was stark contrast to her Olive skin. He was blonde curly haired, she had straight jet black locks. He looked really dead lying on the slab of metal in that cold room, she felt very much alive coming in from the afternoon sun. They were not treating his death as suspicious the officer had told them, it was an OD case. She touched his cold head now drained of life and at that very moment felt the baby’s first kick. She had gasped while their mother, Mrs Cee held her tightly from the back, muffling some consolation and cleaning her tears “it’s ok at least we have each other now”.

What mother forgets to mention her son to her daughter, especially when she is reconciling with the daughter after 24 years? Then again Mrs Cee is stoned half of the time and refuses to go to rehab. And she had the nerve to request she be called Mum.
As far as she was concerned, ‘her mum’ Franceska Roberts was dead. Mrs Cee was only an egg donor she had hoped of having a meaningful relationship with hence the choice of living on this side of town rather than the apartment recommended by her firm.

She could see the umbrella man coming out of the Hotel; he was walking funny and had changed his clothes for an African print similar to the ones she had seen Ty wore on a few occasions. Ty had worn it on that unfateful rainy night when he visited her apartment to report Zena’s vandalism of his car.

From her window, she saw as Z swore at the ambulance which drove past her heading towards Mrs Cee’s street. Ordinarily she would have jibed about Z wearing shades on cloudy day as this but she had an inkling humour was not on today’s menu. Her stomach knotted with every step Z took towards the building.

© copyright 30+ , June '08
Picture from google images


*Orun Makanju

Peeps mi,

How are you all?

Abeg Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.

If you are reading this post, you sure have breath, why don't you praise God. There will be such a time when the breath will be no more, now that you still have it praise him.

Yesterday - I heard that a good friend of mine passed on. One with whom we worked in hand in hand, one who touched me and helped me in the path of this pilgrimage . He went to be with the Lord sometime last year but I knew not of it. You see I had not seen him for over a decade but believed that one day our paths will yet cross and we will exchange notes.

I will never forget the day I made Orifi cry, he was the first man I will see cry openly because of me (except my dad), he apologised even though I was in the wrong. I teared up inside but put up my stubborn front - he had shown me Humility. I will never forget how he persuaded me to change one habit, where others had faltered he spoke only two sentences, it was like a hammer that broke any questions or resistance of mine - he had demonstrate the power of the WORD. That day he gained my full respect, this was leadership like I never knew.

A kind hearted man, his stature physically was not intimidating but he was strong warrior, Orifi knew his God and he did exploits.

'Orifi ti lo o' (Orifi has gone).
I know our paths will meet again to part no more at the feet of our LORD.

Last week - I visited my neighbour who lost her husband who was well advanced in years yet no less painful for his widow. She let her tears flow freely, a partnership spanning more than 40years now severed.

Monday - I heard of the death of a former colleague, more of an acquitance than a friend, he was just a year my senior but in a neighbouring school. He was a young man whom I am sure had ambition.

Today - Veteran Ibadan politician died aged 81. When it comes to the grandfather of politics in Ibadan, it was Adedibu kan Ibadan kan (one Adedibu, one Ibadan) his influence extends beyond the borders of Ibadan going all the way to Aso Rock. I am sure Ibadan is in uproar, molete will be a no go area, *Erin wo gbogbo ile ni lati mi titi* (*An elephant has fallen, the ground must groan*). The face of Oyo state politics will never be the same.

"Then man goes to his eternal home and mourners go about the streets. Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well, and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it" (Eccl 12: 5-7 - NIV).

*Orun Makanju - A popular saying among the yorubas in time of death is 'orun makanju, gbogbo wa la nbo' literal meaning 'heavens don't be in a hurry, we are all coming.



My personal peeps

How are you all doing? I see God’s work unfolding in your life and I thank God for you lot. He has all the power, raw materials and time to finish the work he started in you. When you think of it life is worth living cos Baba God has not finished just yet.

What can I say, I think I have broken a record as far as blogville is concerned o, yippee yippe doo dooo daaah. I got not one, not two, but three virtual cakes from three different bloggers on this ogbonge blogville, infact one of them was an Alien cake and the other was invisible.
Mommy, Aijay and Darkelcee merci beaucoup for the cakes, it was very thoughtful of you.
Thank you all for your prayers and birthday wishes in fact my head was swollen.

So you want to know what I did on my Birthday shey, I did Nada. 30+ was working all through, imagine that. All the folks calling me from England coould not believe I was working 'cos it was bank holiday for them. I got some lovely cards and gifts. I felt special that day sha and was so joyful and thankful to God I cried that evening. God has been good to me is all I can say…I can’t shout.

I have been quite bizzy in the past week and have only managed to do some blogrounds.

E be like say YES, WE CAN, Obama is rocking...

Personal gist level, not much is happening, lost a couple of pounds.

My flatmate said I look like a 23-25 year old - buuuaaaaaah

Oh yeah I have got a new flatmate, a foine looking guy with a small semblance to Superman's dad (but younger, he is caucasian ). After the initial panic that I may have subconsciously taken on a foine looking flatmate with an ulterior motive, things are back to normal. Temptation is far from me now because he smokes (dude lied that he didn't) and he does not believe in God, how unsexy.
Peeps mi, the first couple of days/week I was avoiding the guy big time as in and lead me not to temptation but deliver me from slander. Imagine the headline "notorious no sex before marriage naija blogger, 30+ jumps her flatmate in a moment of heated lust"chei, God forbid. It will be worse than Samson and Delilah at least they had a hollywood movie. Mine would be a cheap Nollywood flick with 'ill dressed' actors and actresses and razz lines.

Have you ever wondered it is been so many years Samson did the do and yet folks are still talking about it, long after God had forgiven Samson, David and Bathsheba nko. In the same way there are some things you and I have done in the past which God has since forgiven but the people around you will keep reminding you and using you as the example. You may even be the one that has refused to forget what God has since erased. My friend get stepping, Old things have passed away, as long as you hang onto that past the future will be a struggle for you to move into.....

14th is keeping us all entertained so get your fill on from THE STREET. Writers let's read some daylight stories please, let's hear from some of the other characters in the neighbourhood, abi nothing else dey happen for the street ni. May God bless your brains and keyboard as you take time to deliver such graphic and entertaining stories.

Till later


Bon Anniversaire

Hi Peeps

Trust you are all doing great and enjoying the summer.

Peeps mi, as you read this post just repeat these words for me "Baba God, 30+ is grateful, she is thanking you for all you have done and what you are going to do, she wishes she had a billion tongues just to tell you how grateful she is"

The plan is if at least a few folks read this post and the repeat the words above (not carried away by the cakes below) God would have heard in more than one language and in different Continents that this baby daughter of HIS alias "30+ of Blogsville" appreciates HIM.

Have you helped me thank him? Oya thank you for thanking HIM.

If the cake is not enough, Darkelcee is organising some more on her blog, bless her heart.

Updated: Mommy too has got some cake for me (only if you are bold or alien inclined - lol)

I no get plenti to talk, feeling so loved from all messages I have been recieving all morning.

Indeed I have a reason to praise the Lord.

14th and Serenity premier is sometime later today you can watch/read free of charge on my account, tell them it's 30+ Birthday.


copyright pictures from Heartlight.org and google images



What's up, how you all keeping.

"Mo gbe oju mi si oke woni, ni bo ni iranlowo mi yio ti wa, iranlowo mi yio ti owo oluwa wa eni ti o da orun ati aiye" ("I lift my your eyes Up towards the Heaven, from whence comes My help, My help comes from the Lord who made the Heavens and Earth").

Alphaly speaking (permit the grammar to be so) , you must look up first to Heaven for help, HE will send help down for you to receive, He is that faithful. A mother may forget her suckling child But God is always mindful go you.

Don't look down before looking up, Look Up before looking down because the Help you really need is from above.

You have heard o

It is official, you bloggers are lovely and adorable. I could not help but smile as I saw the attempts some quite futile to match tbloggers to the description and the modesty of some obvious bloggers as they wondered if they were on the list :).

I have to say this 'the Dude that made me laugh when I first came to blogville was 'Baba Alaye intel'. Before Fineboy was there was BabaAlaaye, fineboy na im Son. Awon winch and haters anons chased him.

Maybe one day when I no get gist or I get writers block, I will post the other names against the list.

Tagged by Darkelcee (a.ka. Dudulafe) and Kpakpando (a.k.a Lipsy).

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged
Here goes

1) 30+ likes counting and calculating - nope I am not an accountant, just like counting and mental multiplications. One of my childhood memories involves an attempt to count the number of beans in a Bag those 30-40kg type ones. I fell asleep just after two congo (bowl) or so. I have since realised that all I needed to do was concentrate on counting one bowl then work out how many bowls are in the bag and that should give me an estimate. Now I need to find me a bag of beans and some idle time (both are luxuries these days).

2) I am an expressionist i.e. my expression does a lot of talking (I know I am murdering English here, bear with me). So in as much as I try to avoid talking, folks can easily read me 'cos of the facials I pull.

3) I love my beverage, must have at least two cups a day.

4) I bring up my food after eating, especially meat and diary stuff.

5) If you need someone to help you cry, you can count on me, I can cry for Olympics.

6) I often interject my sentences or gist with french especially when I am having a serious or formal discussion, oui I do (exactly just like that). My boss once asked if I actually speak french (yes in my dreams).

I tag Ejatutu and Ms Kiki

I have just been hooking up with my old friends from like donkey years ago, courtesy of facebook and networking through some other friends. In short in the past two weeks I have had long gist over phone with ma peeps in Naija (6 of them o), chatted with another one in Singapore abi wetin call, another in Canada. Good news all around o, these folks are now Big Boyz doing well for themselves, I am so pleased.

Yippee I am counting down to my Birthday, eh karamba, God is good. It's a privilege to be called by his name.