Easter Monday

Hi Peeps,

Here is wishing you a happy Easter.

If I was in Naija and aged between 10 and 13 yrs old we would have spent the day at a picnic either the Bar Beach, The Trans or The Apapa amusement park. I loved those times especially the Amusement park as we expectantly set out to Gethsemane to meet Jesus with a big cooler of jollof rice and chicken. Never mind the fact that Jesus will prolly prefer to meet his disciples in a more appropriate place than the house of horrors in Apapa Amusement park (I wonder if Apapa Amusement Park still exist or at least the carcass of it) . Fast Forward to March 2008 my Galilee is spent inside my office, yes o I am stuck at work and it's snowing bigtime as well. Well I am not complaining since nobody sent me message.

I came across this story on Crosswalk website and decided to share

A little boy born with Down syndrome attended his third-grade Sunday School class faithfully each week. As you can expect, the other children did not readily accept the boy because he seemed different.

The Sunday after Easter, their teacher brought in small boxes--one for each child. The children were told to go outside, find some symbols of new life, and put them in their containers. So the children ran wildly throughout the property looking for something to fill their boxes. Once they returned to the classroom, they began to share their discoveries with the class. One by one they opened their boxes to show flowers, butterflies, leaves, and more. Each time the class would "ooh" and "ahh."

Then the child with Down syndrome opened his box to reveal nothing inside. The children exclaimed, "That's stupid! It's not fair! He didn't do the assignment right!"
The little boy exclaimed, "I did so do it! It's empty...because the tomb where Jesus laid was found empty!"

If Jesus had not risen from the dead, our faith would be foolish and fake. But He did rise from death, confirming His life and message. The resurrection of Jesus is the basis for our hope of life eternal beyond the grave. Don't ever forget to include the resurrection of Christ from the dead when speaking of His death on the cross. For because He conquered sin on the cross and death through His resurrection, we can have unmistakable hope in Him for eternity.

Till Laters, I pray every dead/dry areas of your life recieve resurrection and life today.


Danger Mouse

Hi Peeps,

I trust you are all good.

Remember that from North to South there is no other God, from East to West there is no other God before him there is none and after him nko no one.

This is an old gist I had promised to download a while back about Danger Mouse who happened to be a match make attempt it just occured to me I did not fulfill the promise so finally here it is the update you don dey halla me for 'you know yourselves'

Background - Sister O is one of those 'Iya eto' (make it happen women) in my church, who saw me on one Sunday and asked if I was seeing anyone to which I answered negative.

Like film sha Sis O pulled me aside about three Sundays later and introduced me to this guy Bros Dangermouse (a.k.a. Bro D) Here goes the convo:

Sis O: "30+ meet D"

Moi non the wiser said casually "Hello D"

He acknowledged followed by awakward silence, my eyebrow raised at Sis O face as to 'who he was supposed to be'.

Sister O just said "Talk now, ki lo nseyin"? (Talk, what is wrong with both of you?)

That was when the penny dropped, I turned charcoal black from the blushing, how embarrasing. Where is a ground opening earthquake when you need one.

Folks, some peeps can be tactless.

I observed Bro D with my corner eye, the bros was decked up in Suit, nice itele (shoes) tie knotted gbagbagba(i.e choker level) he had obviously made a lot of attempt to impress, na wa o. Physique -well heightwise and widthwise, the name Danger Mouse was meticulously given after careful observation of the aforementioned and the latter shenennigans.Bro D apparently grew up in mission house, was shy and doesn't know how to talk to girls e.t.c all according to Sis O.

Like eja kote head (frozen fish head), we exchanged pleasantries and numbers under the watchful eye of Sister O. If not that we were in Church and that I was/am working on mind renewal, bridling tongue.....God knows what I would have done.

Anyways, the guy called me a couple of times and the conversations were usually typified by monosyllables and sleep inducing jagbajantis like:

Bro D: "How are you? "

30+: "Ok"

Bro D: "What are you doing?"

30+: "Nothing"

Bro D: "Did you poo?"

30+: "Yes I finally did!

Bro D: "Did you wee?"

30+: "I don't remember?"

Bro D: "Do you drink water"

...and so on so forth meanwhile trying hard to maintain civility. Why did I pick up his calls, I was being polite. Plus he was the one burning his credit and by the time he gets off the phone, I drop of to sleep instanta.

Then he invited me for a meal and film, and 30+ said yes, pass me not by free food and awoof no dey kill person ko...lie.

Come the D day, good meal, nice film, good weather, altogether nice outing, how splendid! I carried bag ready to go my own way abi after you see THE END at the cinema, next destination is for me to go home is it not?!

30+: "Thank you Bro D, God bless You, see you some other time"

That is how Bro D extended arms as per 'hug' goodnite shey, no shakin me too I accepted.

Next thing I know, what's going on? Shuo, I was on lockdown, Bro D will not let me go! Dude was holding me tight like his life depended on it.
I managed to free my head a bit to read his face as in 'what the heck is going on' I will try to carefully describe what happened in the following 2mins or so.

Have you seen folks in karate lesson when they take position as the Sensae shouts "assume the zeng ko kuda chi genda barai kamaite " . Bros D had assume position of kissing o, dude had his eyes closed, lips pouting and shooting out ready for me to reciprocrate. Then I started feeling his hands going down gradually and eventually resting ever so slightly on my DERIERE ready to grab my butt cheeks shuuuuuoo, not on your nearly balding head..............'haya!' 'hai!!' 'hai!!!'. I doubled up strength like the power rangers and broke free.....my dereiere, lai lai lai...na yam.

You and who? When did we start geography that we are drawing map?

So film and dinner is the cost to grab my precious derriere. I did not know that they taught them 'butt grabbing' at the mission house. Needless to say I gave him one look and lest I commit (in the days when I was not this calm, that bloke would have chopped hot slap), started walking away. One after the other I sucked my butt cheeks in just in case they decide to wiggle at him in a mannner of showing off ....
Did I feedback to 'Sis O'? No I could not be bothered.
However unknown to me 'Sis O' had informed 'Sis Devil is a liar' (a better pally of mine)about her matchmake effort and was wondering why I did not show enthusiasm to the guy (apparently danger mouse gave 'Sis O' the impression I was not keen and he is shy around me). So when 'Sis Devil is a liar' asked my taken aback self, I gave her the low down of the butt grabbing expedition of 'Bro Danger mouse' knowing fully well she will not hold back in speaking a piece of her mind to 'Sis O'.
On a serious note I was a bit miffed at the whole shebang. I was not wearing anything revealing to entice him, we did not even watch Romantic film, it was X men or something like that. So at which junction did my body language signal to him that my butt was itching for a grab.
Someday I will tell my kids and grandkids the story of what this Nubian Princess went through before meeting her Prince, better still I will just give them this blog URL.

Till laters



Hi Peeps,

There is no end to the wisdom of God who chose to create them male and female, male and female he created them and blessed them commanding us to be fruitful...Thank you father for indeed I am and will even be more fruitful.

Now for the Women, All the ladies in the house say "Hu, Hu": Prompted by Princessa's comment after earlier post on class for men, I have up with course details for Women's Evening Classes. It's a summary of hints and feedback picked up over the years as to what type of classes men may want women to attend.

Must he really buy you flowers? Panel of debate on alternative options a) Getting a gardener plant flowers in your front garden to hearts content b) Getting a florist deliver flowers to you with your husband’s name and credit card 365 days a year or until you are tired of flowers e.t.c

Is sex really a weapon or legal, spiritual and moral right? (for married only) - Testimonies from frustrated men and several ladies (i.e the strangers) who don't mind married men just to get 'some'.

Picking up after him how difficult is it versus getting wrinkles from concocted face? Seminar Talk: How a little bending and picking can be more advantageous than the paid gym membership you never attend.

Do men really think of Sex a lot? A video interview with Professor Jintagry. Snippet from the interview: "Yes we do", "It is another sport for us", "It helps stress" e.t.c.

Is it possible to keep quiet when he says dumb stuff especially in the public? Classroom lecture How to drown out individual sound. Amazing long lasting gobshutting chewing gum and invisble ear plugs to be distributed as part of practical. Practicals will be offsite in following locations Lagos (Oshodi), London (Peckahm), New York (China Town).

Why do men like food so much? Picture slide show of different women’s facial expression as they tuck into a well cooked and well presented meal. Delegates will come out of class with evidence that the love of food is not limited to men.

He watches football all the time - Open field experiment: Delegates are advised to wear shorts and jersey as we will endeavour to chase the stupid rubber called football around the field to understand the enjoyment.

He will rather get lost than ask for direction - Living with it: 7 things you can do rather when he gets lost e.g. Snooze, Enjoy the Scenery, Gist about mundane things, doing a quickie: it spices up the marriage e.t.c (a 10 page booklet read, paperback, author 30+).


Are women more Intelligent than men? Classrooom Debate on poverty, environmental pollution, oppression, Aids, Depression, Diabetes, Cot Death, world peace and it's mpact on our planet. Each student will be advised to come up with their own answer of Men vs Women Intelligence question in light of the classroom debate.

What is the purpose of God creating Men in the first place? Student will be required to bring either their father/sperm donor, son, brother, uncle to class for direct questioning. Stand in Models also available Gani, Nelson M, Tuface (please pray he does not get attacked before the day). Efforts will also be made to contact Baba God online to defend this creation.

Why does he think he knows everything? - Objective Q and A paper. Sample questions include Does his thinking add 1 cubit to your height? Does it remove 1 cubit from your height? Are you a certified mind reader?

Can I submit to Him without loosing my respect / status? - Online Teaching including Practical demonstration of a dwarf prostrating and getting up without lice on it’s head. Corporate heads (women) who submit to their man and still hold their position come to share their thoughts. Delegates will be asked to spot the difference to prove it does not cause any physical deformity.

He has refused to Change? 1-2-1 Counselling He may never change, counsellors available including ministers, Meditation, you are strongly adviced to pre read the book "Theory of evolution - A pure fallacy" before attending this class.

Constant Persuasion a.k.a nagging/small quarrel, is it really sexy? Tutorial: Evidence base and Feedbacks. Evidence from historians account in the Good Book (Jud 16:16 - Delilah, Click for Even More Evidence), Feedback from Men / Husbands / Sons / Brothers / Fiances. Note: The I will not nag - Self Affirmation Tapes will be distributed after class.

Differences between Your Husband and your son? Slide presentation on how mothering him cause comparison to His mother.

He replied that my bum is big? How to desist from asking the question in the first place. Learning to carry what you weigh with grace, packaging your thang neatly, clothes that create slimline illusion. How to allow Bingo to help with the kids left overs.

He does not tell me he loves me? Men and Women differences in verbal expression explored. How to remind yourself that your Man is not Shade or Dunni or Kemi who you exchange I love you with at every pause of your convo.

He does not understand me - Role Play, "saying what you mean and meaning what you say".

He says I talk too much? No class needed for this, you proabably do.

Feel free to suggest other courses that should be added!

Holla back