Oh that men will praise the Lord.

Just a quick one

Courage: "The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery"

Antonym: Cowardice

Tthere are some stories that just demonstrate what courage is, one of such is the story of Kayleigh. I also admire the CF Husband

Lord for these ones I pray for the healing balm to pour from your throne.

And I pray for them and all the readers of this blog (including myself) that we shall continue to "be strong and courageous, not afraid or terrified because of anything or anyone, for you our LORD your God goes with us; you will never leave us nor forsake us".

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Till Later

Some shoes must hurt more than the other

Beaurifful People

How you dey yonder, thanking the Great Provider who provides all that we need if not for God where would I be.

I am sitting here balanced with some Boli and Epa the only missing ingredient is a bottle Fanta, Like my mother will say "Fanta ti o se ewon" (i.e. Fanta that has been imprisoned inside freezer).
With my balanced diet on one side and a Nollywood flick on the laptop, I could not help but re visit my post of way back about which is better Waiting for a child or life partner?.

I mean at least when you are single the people on your case are limited to your family, friends and a few gbeboruns. When it comes to waiting for a child the equation is raised to the power of TWO. See the clip below from 5.15.....

Imagine having a mother inlaw come into your house to display that kind of mentalo.
I wanted to dismiss it that it is just a film but read the comments below the clip and realised that something like that has actually happened in real life.
I remember one woman that was giving me gist of some of the things she went through while waiting for a child. On one occassion the mother in law was actually peeping on her while she was having her bath trying to see her naked to see early signs of pregnancy which kind errrant nonsense be dat.

Women are just special people, when I think of all they go through it makes me shudder how they still manage to keep a smile on their face.

While we are still on the shoe wearing thing, what is the best answer that I can give to the next person that asks me why I am Still not married?

I have overused or let's say the following no longer has effect
  • I am still in school - That one went out the window xx years ago.

  • I have not met the right one - Counter argument: there is no right one

  • I have not met a sensible one - Counter argument: Most men only get sensible when they are married..........(schwepps as in somehow I will import sense into him).

  • And I definitely can not say am not ready - The next suggestion is I have a problem.
So the challenge is thrown open "An intelligent gob shutting answer that stops further questioning".

Did I tell you about my experience on the last trip to Naija. Picture this I decided to say hello to an elderly neighbour of mine as we were driving past her house and she decided to ask my marital status across the balcony of her house to the hearing of passers by...just picture it.

I caused it now, deciding to be nice and stopping to greet her. And I only stopped 'cos I remember she has owl eyes and may have see me but pretend only to report to mumsie later. Not that I care abi mama thirty + can not dare to carry cane for me ke 'Tufiakwa'.

It was a combination of just greet her so she does not include you in her list of offenders, plus it's been a while since I saw her so wanted to say hi and ask about her daughter who was an acquintance.

Well before she finished the '5 mins over the balcony conversation' she had with me, I managed to gather that her daughter is married with 2.4 kids, the said daughter will never come to England 'cos she can not stand the place as people over there don't make real progress, and the said daughter is working in Lagos earning x million naira.

Yes o she told me her daughter's 'salary' and NO I did not ask for the information only ask if "Mary Clarence" (her daughter) was okay.

By the way her daugter's 'HUGE SALARY' as she calls it the total sum of ............................ Threes Millions Nairas and zero kobo per annum.

I am sure when the said daughter starts taking home ten million naira she will start a blog to tell the whole world how her daughter came to earn that much.

Moral of the gist, there is a time and place for everything, it is unwise to give unsolicited information over the balcony.

Till later

An exeperiment


I am mandated to give thanks to God before all things after all it's by him and through him that I have my being.

From here on all that I write will be off cuff no pre mediation so help me Lord.


....sighs deeply

"drinks water"

Is SSD light in complexion or dark in complexion?

Huh what has that got to do with anything?!

Must be because I just finished reading her blog.

I need some genuine aboniki....there is one lying next to me right now and I think I may be runnig out them soon. I like the feeling that comes with knowing I have ample stock of aboniki. Does it mean I am an old woman.......Error that can't be right.

I know I look and act younger that my age. Actually I don't act, I'm just young at heart.

"drinks more water"

By the way where is Jinta and it's been a while since I visited Laspapi sef.

Ok this post is going to be bloggers biased 'cos I decided to experiment after doing blog rounds.

I wish something interesting will come to my mind so I can just blog it scandalous or not.

Fat chance


For real Bumight you are a case blog marriage and blog baby, even SSD is organising blog baby shower

"laughs all by herself"

Thankfully no one is around to hear me lol alone.

FB and FBA showdown will be nice and I will be the Funmi Iyanda interviewing both of them.

I am baised towards FBA, that man/boy/dude is "89*&^)($", as in I got no words to describe him

....wait wait it's coming to me now yes the boy is Kreative with capital K.

Talking of K, XSN comes to my mind.

Ok enough already this post was an experiment to see what I would write without premeditation but obviously I have been unconsciously meditated by the blog rounds I did before writing the post....

"drinks more water"

Verdict: Whether consciously or unconsiously all posts are premeditated?!

Or what do you all think?

Wait lemme see if something else will come to my head

Yes I see it now Naira is coming to my head

...false that is also premeditated by the picture of Saheed Balogun on Facebook with Naira notes.

"swallows the water playing around in her mouth"

Ah of course Jeremiah 29:11 is also coming, because I read it on two blogs this morning.

Ok I need to try this some other time preferably in the middle of the night straight waking up from a deep slumber I shall blog, that will be much more preferable.

Smiles mischieviously...oh the joy of having a blog

See ya later

Interval and Confession

Hello Folks

What shall I say unto the Lord, all I want to say is thank you Lord. That my eyes have seen this new month, dansaki re o Father Lord.

I want to confess that apart from the one time I checked on the blogger award thingy and saw a long list, I retreated to go and gather strenght and wisdom to vote (ok more like I was like whatt this is work, will log in later that night I forgot completely) and did not vote. 'Shaka shaka sho sho'* for us non voters (i.e. that is the opposite of clapping o) and a big gbosa for all the winners

Anyhoos I need to get some posts of my chest/box as per spring cleaning time now so here goes Spring Clean Interval - Part 1

Tip 1: Always rinse your mouth after eating Bran flakes or salad, infact after every meal for goodness sake bran particles stuck in Braces will not make you like a superstar, learn from brace wearing bloggers' experience.

Tip 2: To ensure that your fly is not at risk of being left open, always zip up before clasping the hook (hook clasping gives a false security that you are ok), experience they say is the best teacher, again learn from a bloggers' experience.

It is really distressing to hear the sludges of "who knows what" as it goes through the pipe after flushing on the first floor, I don't care that this is brand shining new edifice. You need to go and collect a refund from the silly Architect and put proper decking, sound proof or somethin on the toilet roof - concerned staff. P.S I am ready to go back to my old section in protest and will set up a picket line if you insist on torturing me like this. Who am decieving I probably just continue to tell you how airy and open this office is and keep agreeing with you that it fosters closer ways of working. Even though I want to throw Marvin's phone through the glass window for that horrendous ringtone he has refused to put on silent.

And another thing

I have said it once, twice, thrice and the next person who says I am in IT and should know what new version of Oracle is in the market may be mistakenly mulled by my fangs.

Why are folks so dull of hearing, 30+ can not repair your system, does not necessarily know what the programming language they used to develop your software, does not know how to make your PC work. My skills are limited to banging the laptop head, shutting it down and starting again. Just because I work with IT folks does not make me an IT person. Infact I am not IT.

Congrats Darkelcee and may the Lord bless you with muscles as you walk the paths of mortar carrying, yam pounding wives.

Chari, keep the faith, drink and baff with plenty cold water, you are able.

Till Later, love plenti