Bloopers and Question

Ma peeps

How you dey?

Let's not take anything for granted o, for me that I have fingers to type and you that have eyes to read we must to do what....GIVE THANKS TO HIM.

"If the LORD had not been on our side, when men attacked us, when their anger flared against us, they would have swallowed us alive; the flood would have engulfed us, the torrent would have swept over us, the raging waters would have swept us away. Praise be to the LORD, who has not let us be torn by their teeth" Ps 124: 2-6

Don't act surprised na it is my logo now I must first thank the one who was, is and is to come - lol.

I may not be able to update as such o since I will not be around for a while.

Hold on .... why na, kilode

E gbami from these dudes sitting next to me o(think he is from one of the other company site) his legs keeps blocking my drawer and bumping into my desk. I don't know why the two of them are sitting on one desk (make it 3.5 'cos 1 one of them is heavy D's cousin)

The heavy one keeps breathing heavily and I am almost like asking if he is okay. The guy prolly got some thyroid or insulin problem - poor soul

Abeg let me turn and move my laptop so I fit yarn proper.

Ehn ehn as I was saying, for those asking of setting limited profile on facebook, it is all on the privacy section

Click on view friends.
On the right hand side click make a new list and give it a name (e.g limited profile, you can have different lists, tight crew, just limited info e.t.c)
Select friends you want to add to that list
Once that has been set up go to the privacy page
Click on profile and from the drop down button on each information (e.g basic info) choose customise.
From the customise box you can to limit the folks seeing using the except option you add friends or lists that can not see a particular information.
You can do the same for applications, news feed and search
For pictures go to album and choos album privacy at the top right of page and customise as well.

On to other things, in the spirit of blogville idol past here are some of my bloopers


I have been meaning to ask which is better or easier
a) To be waiting on God for a life partner
b) To be waiting for the fruit of the womb.
IMO, there is an obvious answer but abeg I want to hear your own answer with reasons to back it up.

Till Later


bumight said...


this is my week! I'll listen to the bloopers laterz

UndaCovaSista said...

Have patience with Heavy D's cousin, but if it gets too much, find a ruler and whack him sharply on the knee. Trust me he won't try it again...

Me i dont get the question! Shebi you find the life partner first and then the fruit of the womb follows...?

OluwaDee said...


4 me oh it is better 2 wait 4 d fruit of d womb.
I can always adopt a new born baby while waiting, n relocate far aways 4rm d in-laws. n other preying eyes

AlooFar said...

Cant you blow the guy? ehn?

Re: When are you coming for the books?

Kemmie said...

how are you doing? ;) K

Jayjazzy said...

Those are 2 hot questions but i guess thatboth of them include time. When u u re not married quickly, the pressure makes u grow older, when u dont have a kid on time. Hmmmmmm another wahala.

The dude breathing heavily needs to work out. seriously we cant afford to have the desk broken now can we?

goodnaijagirl said...

Looks like the sort of question that's open to different interpretations, so I'm going to interpret it my own way.

I don't think there's one that's better (easier) than the other, and I think most people think that when they're waiting on God for a life partner, fruit(s) of the womb will pretty much automatically follow. But when they don't, at least you can be grateful that you have a life partner.

Waiting for a life partner though...that is not easy, especially as you watch every female you know get engaged, married and pregnant while you wait, and then you start asking God some pretty depressing questions.

But there's always something to be grateful for, and those moments of melancholy do pass...

(lol, sorry for the epistle o!)

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

I dont really understand the question, but i'll say that one can always adopt

Naapali said...

Olohun Oyin even your bloopers sound soothing.

I used to like Fruit of the Loom t-shirts because they are pure cotton.

Shubby Doo said...

Lol@heavy d's cousin...the fact i find that funny shows my age abi? re: waiting game...God's time is best my dear

isha said...

waiting on God as per praying about it or if you're having probs in both areas which situation would be better yeah? I think having a life partner would be a more pressing one for me.

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

heeee.. watch heavy d's cousin ohh, he must not drop abeg make e no go even drop 4 ur leg sef. lol!

as for the answer.

wait on the Lord and he definitely come thru.


Sherri said...

lol@heavyd's cousin
heavy d is not heavy anymore o

i wud say waiting for a life partner cos u need a life parner to get fruit of the womb. if on the other hand one wants to adopt or go any other route,one doesn't need to wait. abi?

sis mi,
how u dey?

Jaguda said...

first time here, i like it. fruit of the womb i think, cos having a life partner does not guarantee a child, low sperm count anyone??????

Free-flowing Florida said...

dis ur question dey one kain o. ok, 2 answer 4 myself, i'd say 'waiting for d fruit of d womb'. cos if husband no quick come, i go go born pickin o. now, imagine ... husband, i no get. pickin nko? e no gree come too! ha! i wouldn't feel directly responsible if i don't find Mr Right, but to not be able to have kids! i think i'd take it as a personal failure. daz moi sha.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Hummm the truth is that it's a bit easier to live as a single woman with or without kids. But when your married espcially as an african they expect a child immediately.

Anyway i could be sentimental, but i believe there are husbands for all o, shouldnt be too hard to wait.

Doja said...

Baby is definitely a better deal, children cannot change their parents but life partners can change their partners.

LG said...

4 me o
i ll go 4 A because B ll definitely
follow. after all
if God give u 'husband' why Him no go give u 'pikin'??

darkelcee said...


me i dont know oh which is better or not. but i kinda agree with a kel called wonder.

Make God Help us all

enjoy ur vacation

Sha said...

LOL @ heavyd's cousin.. hahhaahha gosh. ure very funny. Hope he doesnt break the desk oh.
I agree we have to give thanks in all things.

Manda said...

Easier to wait for the fruit of the womb at least there is always an option.....

Where u dey run go sef?

ablackjamesbond said...

No easy answer here...i think it depends on the circumstances- ur sex, ur in-laws, ur spouse etc

Where r u off to?

archiwiz said...

LOL @ 3.5 bcos of heady d's cousin. They need to move away from your desk joo.

@ the question, I don't know ohh...the person that is having the pain usually thinks theirs is the worst abi? Bt I agree with goodnaijagirl's answer.

Afronuts said...

LMAO!@ Heavy D's cousin. Chei, that was priceless.

As to ur questions; I choose waiting on God for a life partner because scripture says that the blessings of God add joy and not sorrow to our lives.
God can't bless u with a good man and u'll lack the fruit of the womb. His blessing can only give u the joy and that includes bearing healthy children

DiAmOnD hawk said...

I think the question really depends on the situation of the person asking... someone getting up there in age... would probably say #1... having never been married... but someone getting up there in age after being married for sooooooo long, would probably say #2

princesa said...

I have a cousin who has been married for seven years without a child. We are age mates but she married very early. I am not married yet but i know that the pressure on me to become a Mrs is nothing compared to the pressure on her to bring forth a child.

It's not a situation i would wish on my worst enemy.

Missed u babes.

Dammy said...

To be frank, I am of the opinion that it is easier to be waiting on God for a life partner than to be waiting for the fruit of the womb! Why?

To a great extent, we can decide when and who we want to tie the knot with. I mean one can just wake up tomorrow and decided to say "I do" to the first person that comes asking but no matter how vast one is on the issue of procreation, our fate lies in the unseen hand of God. Children don't just come because we are an expert at making them come. Some people are married for years without a child and just when they have given up, it comes knocking!

As humans we may be able to decide who to get married to, even if it is 'Mr available' but we less or no choices when one is waiting for the fruit of the womb.

Hi 30+.

First time here.

Nice blog!

30+ said...

@Doja, I never saw it from that point of view sha

@Lg, ok good point

@Darkelcee, mo gbo tie, I will enjoy it

@Sha, that is our main purpose on earth to live a life of praise and thanksgiving.

@Manda, lol is there no option for the partner waiting ni?! North America is my destination.

@Blackjamesbond, well rounded answer but you did not pick one sha. I am off to North America.

@Archiwiz, you strike a good one there.

@Afronuts, ok but we can say the same is true for one who is waiting for lifepartner, after the expectation of the righteous will not be cut short.

@Diamond hawk, true but I was thinking someone outside the scenario trying to make a judgement call on the better option.

@Princessa, I also echo that point.

@Dammy, good insight and welcome to my blog. Well done on the idol

30+ said...

@Bumight, 1 bonus point

@UCS, seems you have indirectly answered.

@Oluwadee, that is very true sha

@Aloofar, blow heavy D's cousin ha ha verrryyy fffunnnnnny. Post the books na am I not the one helping you.

@Kemmie, I am fine thanks

@Jayjazzy, My fear is that he should not fall off the chair. The chair and desk are doubly reinforced. Thanks for you contibution

@GnG, You are a wise woman

@Zephi, you indirectly answered the question just like UCS.

@Dr Naaps, ori mi wu at the olohun oyin compliment. Question, erm how does the cotton fruit of the loom what prompted your fruit of the loom tshirt come in to play - lmao.

@Shubby, it shows you have a sense of humour. Word on the God's time

@Isha, thanks for your succinct contribution.

@Lighty, bawo lo se mo, that breathing is quite heavy. Amen on the granting of heart's desire.

@Sherri, so is he now lighty D :). I dey kampe adnd you speak well.

@Jaguda, welcome here o, "does not guarantee" I like that.

@Freeflowing, very good food for thought

@Akel wonder, that was my stance before but I am being swayed by some thoughts being expressed here.

Debbie said...

I like what Oluwadee said, get the man first, but I'll say this to the one waiting for a life partner that is more serious, to the other waiting for the fruit of the womb that is more serious it is all relative. He who wears the shoe knows where it hurts the most. At the end of the day, God will make his will known in every situation.

Hunter girl said...

Goodness thats a hard one!!! Both require waiting on the Lord, faith, hope and patience...all qualities that i seem to lack in some form or the other. I dont think anyone is 'easier'. If your single and waiting life can become an agony as you watch everone you know marry and have children. If your married and waiting for a child, the process may take its toll on the couple and cause rifts in the marriage. I know this doesnt answer the question....but its a hard one!!!!

Writefreak said...

Firstly lemme say waiting is not an easy deal for us humans so i won't say either is easier...Most of the time, what makes waiting hard is comparing ourselves to other people and there is always someone out there whose situation seems better..
When you know the outcome of a football match,like my pastor will say, you don't get anxious, so when you know within yourself that for both things God will settle you in His own time, it makes the waiting easier...
Wonder if i make sense...but that's my take..
Waiting is never easy but taking God's word for the truth and standing on you an assurance that He will perform is word in your life...that kinda makes it easier

Writefreak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous gal said...

lol at heavy ds cousin.its easier to wait 4 friut of the womb if u have a suportive partner.

Carlang said...


You cant do anything about finding Mr right.
But you can fix the fruit of the womb on your own.

Eve didnt find Adam.
But na she carry her hand chop the apple!!

Afrobabe said...

Thx for the FB info.... will get on it asap....

as for the scenarios you painted...babe I wouldn't want to be in any of them oh...infact ideal is to get the man, baby then marry!!!

afterall we also need to know if his own sperm is game!!!


good Lord, what kind of question is that? There is no answer to that one because each situation could be crushing to a unique person. Kai.

But honestly, I just read Jaycee's blog and I will simply say that with all thing, God's time is the best.

How you dey, my sista?

tobenna said...

Preach it 30+
My flesh will not be torn by any teeth :P

Aphrodite said...

Both situations are not pleasnat but I think waiting for the fruit of the womb must be harder cos of society's expectations especially in this our own naija.

Waiting for a husband, people still have it at the back of their minds that women can't marry themselves so they are a bit lenient and sympathetic to the lady but when it comes to procreating, they conclude something must be wrong with you ar you are possessed.

Parakeet said...

Ehm..30, this ur question get as e be o. Anyway I dont know the answer but right now I go with fruit of the womb.

Omosewa said...

Strange question, but i guess the fruit of the womb issue could be a real pain in the behind.

Thanks sis mi

Tairebabs said...

Two tough questions. As a single woman in my mid twenties the pressure is on for a life partner. But to wait for the fruit of the womb is another level entirely. Both require time and a whole lot of faith and prayers.

Ekoakete said...

Hmnn...Tell you the truth, neither is easy.

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

Waiting on God for anything without faith is never easy. But when you wait with the assurance that God will answer your prayer, there is a peace that takes away pressure, thoughts of time and "what people say or think".

abby said...

thanks. lemme go make my friendslist private :p

Favoured Girl said...

What a tough question. I agree with Princesa and Aphrodite's comments. Neither situation is easy but people seem to be more patient with the single lady because she can't marry herself and can only wait for the right man to come along.
But once a lady is married, everyone starts counting the months and expectations start mounting on you to have kids - from parents, aunties, friends, co-workers, church members - you name it! I should know cos I'm in that situation, but I'm not letting it bother me. God's time is always the best.

Africanbeauty said...

What a very interesting question and i'm glad its been asked.
I'm pretty sure that waiting for either one can be quite painful but when you think about it logically at least you have someone sharing the pain of waiting for a child with you.
When your waiting for a Life Partner, your waiting for/wanting someone to share the life journey, its ups and its downs with you. Your waiting on that new job. Having a life partner means that you have someone to tell you not to give up, that its going to be ok.
You've just had an argument with your mum or your best friend. Having a life partner means that you have someone listening to you ranting on even though they have no clue what your going on about. You have someone sticking up for you even though you are the cause of the argument.
At least couples waiting for the fruit of the womb have each other to share the pain and have each other to lean on. They have each other to wipe each others tears.
People waiting for life partner's (note the word PARTNER) have to wipe their own tears, tell themselves that "its going to be okay" and evidently go through the highs and lows of life alone.
If i may ask a question it would be, why is it that when a single person opens their mouth to voice how the waiting period is taking too long, their told to stop whining and just be patient but when a married woman (or couple) does the same thing, its different?
Anyone care to answer.....

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