Stop Press - CROATIA

Hi Peeps,

God is merciful and I can't shout.

This is not a post but a request for information.

Are there any bloggers in Croatia or with contacts with croatia.

If so please contact me asap (as in like yesterday).

Thank you

One Wedding and a Funeral

Hello Blogville,

Baba God, the one who wraps himself in Lighty, the first, the last, the present, the future....I Hail Your Name.

Been a minute. It's good to have a blog where one can share thoughts and happenings in our daily lives without interruption. I will recommend blogging to everyone even if you are not a writer, it's a good place to ponder type your thoughts. For the gift of blog, blogville and bloggers in general I thank you Lord.

The good book says that it is better to go to the house of the mourning than go to the house of feasting. I have been to the house of mourning and tomorrow I am going to the house of rejoicing, with my current closest companion, my camera.

Let me say this straight up, it's much better and preferable to be a photographer at a wedding than at a funeral. Did not even consider that I could be asked to take pictures for a funeral. After the initial panic of being called to come and take picture of the body to which I had rehearsed a declining speech, I charged my batteries, cleaned my lens took my back pack and off I went. Thankfully the casket was closed, phew ope factorial.

The house of mourning certainly gives you some food for thought on this so called life. The greatest lesson for me was this it is better to die with a knowledge of the one who made you. Because when the dust has returned to dust and funeral procession goes to their various home, when the last tear has been shed and the black clothes exchanged for your office wear, the spirit of the one who passed on is left to face it's owner.

And the wedding, oh the joy of starting a new phase of life together with the one who makes your world go round. The love in the eyes of a newly wedded couple is joy to behold. No wonder it's easy to snap 1000 shots, have aching hands but you still have a smile. Of course you come back home to edit and tell yourself for the upteenth time to go easy with the shots.

Just like I am telling myself now that tomorrow, I shall keep calm and not capture bums unnecessarily. I mean just because I find folks dancing bumper to bumper hilarious does not mean I should get wild with the camera now. Although some of those shots are so candid and makes the couple smile.

I know I have not been responding to comment but not wanting to sound like a broken record, I'll say (hopefully for the last time) 'time has not permitted me'. Don't give up on me just yet.

Naija chickito has returned after one and half years in exile, we must celebrate.

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Till later