Happy New Year

Hello folks,

Even two days to the end of 2009 some folks ceased to exist and could not share the greetings of Happy New Year. For you and I that can read this post on the 15th of the year we ought to praise the God of heavens, Father Lord I juba (hail) o.

My prayer is that this year will be a year of Rest and Rejoicing for you.

Goal Setting (Not New Year Resolution)
I just thought to drop some lines on goal setting based on what I read in open heavens a couple of days ago.
In the past I usually have this well laid out document stating what I would like to achieve for the year in the area of Spiritual, Self development, Finances, Health / Physical Wellness (one guess of what always appear on the physical / health list....hmmmmnnn hmmn you guessed right).

However in the past two years I have slacked big time. Why?

You know a while back I referred to myself as a pilgrim, well if back then I was a pilgrim, now I am a pilgrimest (pardon my English). I mean dedicating a whole post to Airport should give you a clue about my  escapades. I have stopped telling folks what I do because sometimes even I don't believe myself : ).

Anyway  I decided this year was going to be different and I was going be on ground and sort myself out, alas it was not to be. Last Saturday had me dashing through security gates and runway to catch my flight (no kidding), come to think of it I have been doing a lot of running lately.

All is not lost as soon as I am back to base I am going to have some talks with some certain people and we would come to a compromise.

And yes end of January is not too late to set goals for the year.

I wish I could upload a document so i can show you a cool template that someone gave me years back and which I still use drop me a line here or facebook if you will like me to mail the template to you

So what are your goals for this year and have you started on them.

As we remember the people of Haiti we should also be also of some sadistic people who will use the opportunity to scam.

Best option tried and tested is the American Red Cross