Schipol Airport

Hi Peeps

Then sings my soul, how great thou art, how great thou art, enough said.

You probably guessed from my last note what I have been up to.

God does answer prayers even when it's quarter to no hope, he shows up by sending help. On that note a big shout out to Shonavixen for the hook up with D, D was just absolutely fab.

I just have to vent a bit about Schipol Airport (Amsterdam).

Schipol Airport doesn't come across as being friendly. Maybe it's my imagination but once is a chance, twice a coincidence, three is like hmnn

1) I have passed through Schipol Airport quite a number of times this year and honestly everytime I arrive there, I am welcomed by "Will passenger van deer gutang for destination Kuala Lumpur please get on the plane otherwise their luggage will be taken off the plane". It leaves me wondering why folks are always late at this particular Airport

2) I don't like the idea of a Toilet flushing itself especially when it's a dumb toilet. I fess up first time I went by and the white house released itself I jumped a bit. Especially as I hadn't a chance to even hang my bag talk less of..... And of course you wait after you finish to make sure it does flush itself after da bizness. I demand the right and liberty to administer the flushing judgement.

3) The People / Staff - Witness this dude who was being denied taking his Jack Daniels on board despite the fact it was bought from Duty Free, their excuse it was NOT sealed. You need to see the way they were going on at the man like he had just been found with cocaine. Maybe because he was Nigerian but come on...... . Common sense should have prevailed instead of the gang up on the guy. Eventually someone with a bit of sanity came and offered to check the bottle in.
And you don't want to see the way they eye your passport whether green, red or black. Me, if you eyeball my pali, I will eyeball you and your uniform number (if any) in a matter of don't try me else...... (you must at least have shakara).

One more thing, their "just before you board security check" one one side of the Airport wing is downright annoying. Why can't they just be like other folks and have the general gate security check instead of having it at every boarding gate. Wasteful and Oversabi.

What else is new?

I'm editing pictures like there's no tomorrow, got a backlog to clear.

Which brings me to this, what has your hands found to do lately?

What are you waiting for?

God will reward your effort.

One of my life's principle can be found Right Here

P.S - I'm taking wedding photography bookings for 2010, if you know anyone getting married do inform them.

Till later


akaBagucci said...

have managed to avoid schipol so far in my travel experience which is not a looooot!

excellent work.. keep it up....

simeone said...

weldone...and keep keepin on...

Favoured Girl said...

LOL, I know what you mean about the loos at Schipol. But then I've only been there once so I haven't noticed any trends.

Keep up the good work with your photography. I might be contacting you soon :)

Good Naija Girl said...

Schipol is my airport o! Whenever I go to Nigeria (which is only twice since I've been in Canada) we fly with KLM and go through that airport.

That said, everything you said is true.

Aww, I want to travel again!

I hope 2010 is a year of great growth with your business!

Unbiased said...

BEEN THERE, done that, will not go to that airport again. They treat everyone (black, white, red, yellow) like criminals.
pshew their over sabi is way to much!!

kuesooM said...

Hmmm....and i luv schiphol, better than JFK, LGA, LGW, LHR or wherever....very efficient!

Never been treated bad at all

THIRTY + said...

@akaBagucci, keep that experience like that, avoid Schipol if possible.

@Simeone, thanks

@FG, shey

@GnG, it's just your airport cos you are stuck with it.

@Unbiased, another vote

@kuesooM, I can not believe you prefer LGA, LGW, LHR to Schipol. Granted I've only used LGA once but Heathrow and Gatwick pluuueeeze....they can not be compared to Schipol. Anyways each to his own abi.

bumight said...

what last note? what have u been up to? *activating full amebo mode!*

oh, and there are snippets from the "dear Jesus" blog that u asked to see a looooooong while ago on my regular blog now!


haven't been to that airport and might actually avoid it based on this review.

Hope all is well, sis.

THIRTY + said...

@Bumight, there is no note to do amebo on o *clips amebo wings*...sorry :)
I saw the Jesus blog bits but for some reason I could not leave comment dunno what's happening.

@SSD, I am fine sis, same goes for your blog came back by yours earlier but I could nit comment.

Bukenzo said...

lol, i had a similar experience at d marseille airport earlier dis year, mehn! if u eye my green pali, i shall totally eye u back till u melt nice post. business is gud, yea? Thank God.

Enkay said...

I had to laugh at your description of those toilets. Hahahaha!
Very funny!

I had the worst experience at Charles de Gaulle airport and because of my pali I had to spend the night on one of their cold hard metal chairs! mscheew!

Nice Anon said...

I have always found them too laid back for my liking.

kuesooM said...

No girl...I said I prefer Schiphol...actually the worst airport in the world is CDG.....ugh!!!

Mojisola said...

LOL @ #2, very irritating indeed.

Anonymous said...
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Anoda Phase said...

Interesting experiences u've had @ Schipol...I'm not eager to pass through it now...

I didn't know u cover sister is getting married early next yr...r u based in the uk?

Anonymous said...

nigerian passport = nightmare

Myne Whitman said...

Never been through there before, KLM scared me off with their transit visa wahala. Now I'm not looking forward to it cos of yor review. LOL At flushing judgement.

Manda said...

abeg what exactly we booking for as 2010 wedding? lmao @ toilet judgement.

ShonaVixen said...

Awww thank you hon for the thanks...glad you had a fab time (n yeah I do have fab&great talk though)! I can't wait to see the pictures!! Good luck with everything

Tigeress said...

Book my down for Oct 9th 2010. hehehehe

I shld take my photography more serious. I have dslr but i just take pics for fun.

Thirty + said...

@Bukenzo, can't complain business is looking up

@KueSoom, even worse you prefer Schipol (insert popping eyes). Can't really pass judgement on CDG because I've only passed through it once, although I walked like 2 miles from one terminal to another in high gogoro shoes only to miss the connecting flight.

@Mojisola, sheey

@Anoda Phase, Yes I am based in the UK

@lucidlilith, I have a dream that in the not too distant future, the tide will turn

@Myne Whitman, trust me you are better off avoiding them.

@Manda, weddings, weddings and more weddings :)

@Shona, Thx again babes. I have been lazy with loading pix, will do so soon.

@Tigeress, yes now you already crossed the 1st hurdle. Have you checked some of the events I've covered on fb?

TinTin said...

lmaooo @ eyeball uniform!
i heard they have a list of naija offenders at immigration there and naijas have it the hardest!!

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