Oh what a big big God we serve.

God is REAL, I can't say it enough and what's more HE IS ALL THAT! No wonder I can't help but Juba* (*hail/worship/bow) for him.

I was going to try and write a follow up on the last post, most especially as quite a few folks confessed they did not know what they would have said, but like Arnold said "I'll be back" on that topic.

For now I watched this skit below and rushed to this page to share with you, enjoy.

If only we can see ourselves the way God sees us, I am a Christian and yet I know that I don't see myself the way he sees me. Too much interference with God's signal.

Interference come in many forms it could be: what we see in the media being advertised as the standard, what the culture sets as Norm, what Fiends say, what some friends say, what the parents say, what the past echoes, what the future whispers and most of all what the flesh says (you can drop more in the comments box)

....In the begining it was not so. Folks take time to check out what God is saying about you now

Love Plentiful

On sex, kids and lies

Hello Everybody

Hope you are feeling fine! "Oluwa ni Olugbala aya ta ni o fo mi" ("The Lord is my deliverer whom shall I fear")...Halleluyah plenty!

I read LG's post on Let's talk about sex which she wrote way back and it reminded me about my friend and his 10 year old son.

The boy came and asked her about what to buy for a girl he loved (or something like that). My friend was shocked! Not that she is ignorant that this is normal in the UK but for some reason she deluded herself that "Femi" was different.

Kudos to her they are very close, he is the only child they have and is practically tied to momma's string by choice.
She discovered that the boy had been texting the girl with all his credit and really liked the girl.

What was her response to all these I asked?

Friend: "Well I told him that he needs to be careful especially when he was not yet sure if the girl is God's will for him in marriage."

Thirty+: "What?! please don't tell me you actually said that?"

Friend: "Wo o ba mi lojiji (I was caught unawares) and that was the first sensible thing I could say".

Marriage, Will of God?! Ogini mere?! I laughed till I nearly peed in my pant, how could she have said that to a 10year old boy. And she did not help matters, telling me in her most serious tone that it was not a laughin matter, of course I laughed the more.

Eh ya bless her heart. I don't think anyone prepared her for parenting like that as in my home girl was brought up in our own era with strict christian background. Did not have a boyfriend (her husband was her first), is not exposed in any way. At least some of us read blogs and our eye open small.

So she asked me "What would you have said?!."

I seriously thought about it for a moment and was not sure what I would have said either. As in free me abeg, it's not me who has a 10year old son in love, when I get to that bridge I'll cross it. She pointed out my hypocrisy as in at least she said something even though it may not be the most sensible or appropriate thing to have said but she had no prior warning

Now that I have had time to think about it, maybe I would say something like "What do you mean when you say you love her"? "Why do you think you love her"? (Stalling, I know). Then I would advice him that girls are to be treated nicely and with respect, treat her like your sister and a good friend or something along those lines.

What if he turns and says "but I really love her"?
I could do either of the following
  1. Suggest to cook his favourite meal and then put on a three hour film that we should watch together like the 'English Patient'. Hopefully by that time he would have forgotten or his Dad would have arrived for hand over.
  2. Alternatively I may consider buying him Tina Turner's Album "What's Love got to do with it"
  3. Say something like this "It's good that you are in Love as long as your 'Pee Pee' does not go near her 'Vee Vee'. (P.S At what age can a girl get pregnant?)
  4. Tell him about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.
My friend went for the hand over option, after their initial conversation she promptly reported the boy handed him to the father to "sort his son out".


Hi my peeps,

It is good to sing praise to the Lord and bless the Lord most high.

Happy New Month to you all, the first half of the year will soon be gone.

Recently one of my friends (call him J boy) let me down, basically I wanted us to partner in some bizness and kind of wanted to him to tidy the sales side of things while I sourced product. The guy was all mouth 'yeah no worries, I will do the groundwork, I have told you before business is the in thing.....bla, blah, black sheep'.

When time came for him to deliver, no show.

This was the same guy who used to call me all the way from the US to advise me on marriage and I use to even what his scope was. I remember a conversation we had shortly after he relocated to Nigeria (on this same marriage issue).

J boy: '30+ you should make sure you shine your eyes well o and be very prayerful before choosing a partner, you divorce rate is high this days. I just heard a sermon and the guy was saying some serious stuff'.

30+: 'Don't worry, I am always praying about it anyway you nko how far?'

J boy: 'It's you I am waiting for (laughs), God will do it'

He then made an excuse to get of the phone (credit or somethin like that)

A couple of months after that conversation, one of our common friends called to rejoice with me and confirm when J Boy's naming ceremony will be.

30+:'Which J boy'?

Friend: 'Same J boy now, don't you know he has a baby girl?'

30+: 'Shuo since when, is he married?'

Friend: 'You mean he did not tell you that he is now married to little K girl'

30+: 'Little K girl ke, are you dreaming, K girl who has barely finished WAEC or which K girl are you talking about?'

Friend: 'Ah okay you have not heard. The long and short of the story is there has been some underg rendevous between the two for a while and result became VISIBLE. Parents sha insisted he must marry her before she gives birth'.

I called another friend who filled me in on the details. Kai, imagine, this is the same dude that was always was advising as if he was my father yet he managed to miss out that he had impregnated our K little girl who was donkey years her junior. Let's just say K girl is one of those area aburos whom we all use to send on errand when we hang out in their hood. K girl that use to call him and his friends Uncle and Aunty, K girl who was still in secondary school.

His excuse for not telling me earlier ("after he apologised") He wanted it to be a "SURPRISE" (yeye guy, na today dem born me?!).

Why are people such hypocrites there he was advising me and next thing you know all the while he was wiring little K girl.

Anyways on this fateful day I called their house (i.e. Mr and Mrs J boy) as per business concern and it was litte K girl that picked phone, of course level don change, it was no longer 'Aunty 30+', it was now '30+ what's up? 'I just calmly respnded I am fine, abi afterall she is now my friend's wife . I asked after her husband and she said to hold on... The next thing I heard shocked me, 'Stuppiiiiiiiiiid', 'Stuppiiiiiiiiiid', (shuo who is she fighting with) and then again 'Opponuuu' you have a phone call.

Chai I prayed please don't let it be what I am thinking and as if he read my tots, I heard my friend's voice in the background replying her "Whhhhatt mo nbo jo" (I am coming).

Olopa o, what happend to sweetheart, darling, baby, honey all dem dem romantic names abi is this new fashion in Nigeria?!.

In short J boy a.k.a stupid/oponu eventually picked phone and I had my conversation with him like normal although he sounded uneasy
(What?! You expect me to ask him who oponu is? No o, wetin konsign me, you want them to use my name enter their sheneidegan, God forbid!).

Even if they were fighting she should not have embarrassed the guy like dat. Then again it is not her fault it's my friend who could not take his eyes of her melons nor take to his own advise, the girl was obviously immature.

The next time I called and she picked up, it was different, it was now 'Mrr Foolissshhh' you have a phone call" (not a joke). Well things are getting better abi at least he now has a prefix.

There and then I decided not to call their house again, I'll rather email or send letter, can't stomach any more name calling although J boy messed up but still...

Moral of the gist, walk the talk, you are an Epistle.

Till later