Long and Short of it

Hello Peeps,

How una dey. Praise God from whom all blessings come.

Kajiko 2009 would be an interesting year, that much I know.

The long of it is that I am hot like faya, suddenly folks in the non cyber world see me as the encyclopedia to all their questions. Ok may be that is a bit of exagerration sha but it does feel as if I am very much in demand.

The short of it is I am not being in demand on the babe level o, just for my brain and minimal IT skills. I have given up explaining that I am not an IT person....kpom.
Anyhoos it would be nice to be in demand on the babe level sha.....squash that don't need the drama of babe demand just a supply of a cool headed, God fearing, brown sugar of man with no games because I have also kissed date goodbye.

I wonder why :- On new year day, Mz 30+ had two separate discussions which were exactly the same on relationships. I wonder what that was all about considering I am the last person to put nose inside other people's relation and to make matters more eerie it was on new year day. Imagine starting the new year discussing other people's relationship...abeg o let it not be sign of things to come, I am so not Dear Agony Aunt.

Small Gist : - Another New year surprise, one of my peeps was sorely vexed when a friend sprung the marriage surprise on him on New year day. According to him, they use to discuss their singleness and all that matter together. Next thing you know dude is leaving him behind to go and marry worse still it's not it was impromptu wedding 'cos of the long counselling and protocol the guy must have gone through. Felt sorry for the guy, I thought it was only we girls that did that kind of thing. But peeps mi at the same time I don't blame the dude who kept his business close to heart, he must have good reasons...maybe he has seen AIYE before a.k.a Winches, Fiends because come to think of it he (the one getting married) loves to pray the fall down and die prayer a lot...nuff said.

I am packing my boxes, this Ajala girl is going to Gidi, do I hear an Amen. Yes o ma peeps before you blink your eye I don reach that side of the equator only took me like 5 months to get my act together abi, I should have gone since summer blogger reunion but kno. Anyway OUR TIMES ARE IN GOD's HANDS.

Till Later

Year 2009

Happy New Year Ma Peeps,

Ikira(Adulation)x9 for Baba God who has caused us to partake of this New Year.

Father I bless you from the isale patapata(the very bottom) of my heart.

To all my fellow bloggers, the readers, the perusers HAPPY 2009 to you all.

In the manner of counting, especially for the human race, the number 9 is significant, moreso for the expectant mother. It represents the completion of gestation and month of Delivery for a new offspring to be born.

An expectant mother is picky about what she eats, where she goes, and what she does. An expectant mother is Nesty i.e. making her surrounding, clean and homely.

This year folks watch what you say, eat, do and the kind of folks you hang out with. Take time making your spirit, soul and body homely for your maker

Remember delivery is often accompanied by birth pangs and discomfort, this is soon forgotten once delivery occurs.

This New Year you will take Delivery, Deliver and be Delivered.

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