Blog Carnival

Hi Peeps,

Thank God, Mz Sandra is back but not after I had to use take my Legzuz to work and that on two very cold winter days.

I may just carry on with the Legzuz, that will be doing my bit for the enviroment na plus hopefully help my quest for fitness...phew. But it ain't eazy ma peeps.

Did you know there was a 7 day carnival going on?!

Swing on by to the crib of Daddyz Gal to read from bloggers giving you the low down on different parts of their body.

Oh yes and I also feature introducing you to my... 'Lips!

Update just because I know some folks can't be bothered with links, see the Ode below:since some folks will not click link, I have pasted the ode below...
Nectar and honey that's what comes to me
Anytime I think of you
Perfectly formed, Pouting with every pose I take
The sweet nectar of you may cause many to fall
But I choose to keep your nectar
And like a hardworking bee turn it to honey
Healing and Soothing
The words that come from you
As you team with my sponge and pearls
You cleanse, you wash, you nourish
Yes my lips drip of honey
Satiating the ears that anticipate
With sweet wild honey
Rise and be healed it drips
So are the words formed on my lips
Like the balm of Gilead you will heal many



Hi Peeps what's popping

Thank God for the gift of blog, it gives me opportunity to rant when I need to. Thank God for the gift of boredom and time otherwise how else would folks sit down to actually read this.

Mood: Babanla major upset
Reason: Sandra, more bills
Sandra has really outdone herself o, causing major embarrassment for 30+ in the public. To think that I took pity on the her to give her the chance when the previous bloke gave up on her pimping her for peanuts.

BACKGROUNDShe was a bit of gamble considering her state when I met her and the pittance that I was commiting in cash, well I had no long term plans for her. However there was a particular day when we were cruising down, suddenly her shoe hit something and it came apart. Anyhoos I decided to buy her 2 brand new (a replacement and the other for spare). Well the dude fitting the new shoe (s) I bought, called my attention to Sandra's booty, where a brand new tyre complete with jack was hiding (under the carpet). I had earlier told the guy I had no jack nor spare, (he must have thought I was a bird brained woman). Ehm I am too busy with life to be checking under carpet for spare tyre and jack. I don't know why it has to be hidden under a carpet in the first place.Anyways after this incident, realising the underestimation I had for her, a new level of respect developed (hey, a spare and jack demand respect na). Also decided to rock her a bit more than earlier planned at the same time giving myself more time to save for a gengencious upgrade.
Lately I had been harping on the need for an upgrade and made the mistake of discussing this while driving Mz Sandra , it must have touched her nerve or is it suspension. So of course Mz Sandra waited till Friday morning to demo craze for me.

Early in the morin just as I am manoevoring to the reception area to get a temporary security card, the noise came 'Kriunch Krench', muutering "your days are numbered" I pressed gas to continue movement and managed to move 0.00000000001km. Don't even try it, more gas..... VOOOOOOOOM, kno, Sandra was as still as Olumo Rock. Close investigation revealed that driver side tyre had partly disengaged itself from the rest of car. Like the kid who decides to jump when every other kid is sitting still for the class picture - knowing fully well it was only one shot per class.

Wharra mess! right at the T junction in front of my office. "Sandra is it me you decided to advertise with disgrace like this". I was so tempted to dump her arse right there and just walk away but did not want my name to be in the next office newsletter for causing grievous accident to her colleagues by abandoning her vehicle.
Long story short I reluctantly called the mechanic to come and take the idiot to the garage asking casually for an estimate, "will get back to you he said". Kpatakpata (at worst) double digit figures. That is how the poxy guy called me around 5pm as I was coming out of one of those brain freezing meetings that derobes me of my saneness with all the fakeness and grammar blowing.

Garage man: Your car is on the ramp now, I will be fixing the suspension, gear something, ball and socket joint something and it will cost 275 excluding VAT. Note that they are suddenly repairing 3 things.
30+: "So what is the Status, how soon can i get the car and am I getting any discount on that amount?".
Garage man: "Will see what I can do".
Fast forward 1 hour later, as I am packing up to go home, brain is thawing slowly as the affairs/stress of the day begins to lift off my head.30+: "Flipping Heck" I suddenly muttered out loudly, "that winch of a car is costing me how much again?", . "How much did I buy the ramshackle car in the first place?" "Olopa o". I dialled garage frantically "this is sosoliso garage, we are now closed for the day, for emergencies....".
30+: "Dem jazz me how did I agree to pay that" ......BLANK
I can buy another banger with 275 ke.
I miss Mr Scopido, no VAT, no receipts all payment in cash, the guy will do work to suit your pocket/less.
On a normal day (excluding power suit, meetings and brain freeze) I would have done Naija style telling the garage man to tow the car back with heavy Nigerian accent. Instead I was yarning dust and asking for Status of car.

OK Sandra you don win this round, I promised all sundry that no money was going to be spent as I am saving all my love sorry money for Sandra's replacement. However since Sandra has chosen to fight dirty, she has another thing coming. The intention was to do the honourable thing by her as in give her away graciously to someone who will appreciate her but now I am selling her old raggedy arse off. I will use the life out of her but as God is my witness I am selling this sucker off, auction, ebay o, Woreva. Worse still I will take her to a car dealer and use her "ungrateful arse" as the deposit for ma new ride.
Moral of the gist
- No money/deal talk after a meeting especially post 5pm.
- Hell hath no fury like a car scorned especially when she has a lady's name.

OK rant over, the sun has gone down and I have vented my anger.
P.S - Inanimate object can hear word o but they don't read blog so I should be safe from any more of Sandra's embarrassment.

Los Angeles - The Finale

Hello peeps,

It's 2 weeks into the New Year already! This year is flying mehn but we shall also fly on the wings of the MIGHTY GOD from whom all blessings come

So here is the conclusion of Los Angeles trip gist make you hear word.

Rodeo Drive - Pick one answer.
a) I shopped so much till I dropped then parked my bentley, called Posh to come over so we can have tea at the Cafe a la Aroma.
b)I drove past and hissed saying "what is in the silly Rodeo drive sef it is not even that fancy and I am sure those folks don't stock my style"

Camarillo Outlets - Some good bargains here, you've seen the video from driving.

Universal Studio - Went for the Blast Zone, Shrek 4D, Terminator, Water World, Sound Effects, Jurassic Park, Studio Tour. All enjoyable experience but top for me was Studio Tour. Another cheesy clip below. P.S I recently found out windows movie maker on my system, so be ready to endure more cheesy clips from me in the future...ha ha ha haha/

Hollywood Star Walk - Not much to this one, we just walked up and down a bit. Apparently nominated stars pay $25k for the priviledge of their name on the walkway - so says our Tour guide. JULIA ROBERTS and CLINT EASTWOOD do not have a star on the walk of fame although DONALD TRUMP has one so I guess it's okay...

Hollywood Museum - Good thing this was part of the LA GO CARD thingy, if it was a cash over the counter, I would have requested a refund. It was quite below par.

Hollywood Trolley Tour - DRY: Tour guide trying too hard to be funny. Saw paramount studio, nickelodeon studis, CBS studio, I suppose the only highlight was we got on the grounds of Hollywood Bowl and got closer view of the Hollywood Sign.

Kodak Theatre Tour - 30mins tour but well worth it. I was able to rehearse my Oscar speech live. It was cool to hear some inside gist of the Oscars e.g. The stars are encouraged to go to the loo when commercial is on and their is usually a sit in guy/lady who takes their sit while they are gone all so the seat does not show as empty on TV....I'm like who cares if seat is empty or not.

Gauman's Chinese Theatre - Did not go inside the theatre just milled outside reading the hand/foot prints and writings from some of the stars. Missed seeing Will Smith doing his own imprinting (12th of December) dang.

Movie Stars Home Tour / Beverly Hills - Not even a sparkle did I see talk less of movie star. However it was nice seeing Peter Falk's house (I like the guy, his character can be annoying but i think he is adorable and quite intelligent). At at a point our Tour guide was telling us the profile of the actor who lives in a particular house ending with the statement "....he is currently in UK promoting his new movie I am Legend". "Will Smith!!!" my sister and I shrieked at the same time. Tour guide replied "wow I see our ladies from London are quite excited, I think I just made their day" "YES! Of course, WILL IS A BROTHER" came my response. "Ok?! Y'all heard her, they say he is their brother". She missed the gist. Woreva, abeg help me interprete to her the concept of A Brother with respect to awon temi a.k.a my peeps.
She was even more puzzled when we did not bat an eyelid at seeing David Beckhamn's house " ladies from London are the first Londoners not to comment on seeing David's Beckham residence" she questioned over her microphone. Wanted to reply that I am not a Londoner but ignore her as I was strategising with my sis on coming back to hang out with the Prince of Bel Air. David ko Peteru ni?!, we are talking Will he is talking David - 7up the difference is clear.
a)________________________ b)

I rest my aroye (gist) on Los Angeles, like they say where I come from, the end is close of cinema.


Happy New Year and Oh LA 2

Hi Peeps,

What a GLORIOUS GOD, more than anyone or anything GOD IS GOOD. No matter where we have been, where we are and where we are going GOD IS FAITHFUL and HE NEVER FORGETS!!!

Christmas and New Year was Great for me, it was totally stress free, no cooking/cleaning, no getting into arguments with the family, no overeating. Christmas Day was spent lazying in the Hotel and eventually going for the tour of Movie star homes then heading to Long Beach to have dinner at the Queen Mary's, the food was sumptous.
31st of December - Spent in London, went to church for the watchnight seervice and we sent words to the New Year, this is our year indeed. I see order and new creations unfolding in my life and in your life. New year day itself was spend lazying in bed at my brother's place, later went to see my mum.
Stayed a couple of more days in London before flying back to my village base.

New year resolutions - none. The last time I had resolution was probably 10-12 years ago. I make resolutions on as needed basis why wait till Jan, as they say 'Carpe Diem'.

LA - What can I say I enjoyed myself. I later found the internet access was just $10.

Armed with the Los Angeles Go Card, the places we visited include- Getty Museum, Santa Monica Pier, Sunset Strip / Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Griffith Park, Hollywood Hills, Camarillo Outlets, Queen Mary on Long Beach, Kodak Theatre, Universal Studios, Movie Star homes tour, Trolley Tour, Hollywood wax museum, Gauman's chinese theatre.
Summary gist for each place visited is below in no particular order (I will conclude the rest in next post).

  • Driving in LA - LA Drivers have no patience sha. Maybe it was because we mainly took the freeway ni o I don't know but just after 4 hours on the road come and see stress for my body. Picture this, Ikorodu Road having 6-7 lanes of smooth motorway, and instead of molues, tokunbos and some choice rides we have 70-80% SUVs / Trucks. Then imagine that the SUVs / Trucks are being driven with an added attitude of 'notin dey happen, insurance dey'. Now imagine my humble self who drives in a country where you sweat blood and money before you get your licence, any small mistake gets you points (not trophy point); She has not driven on the wrong side of the road (i.e. left hand) for over a decade, has not seen so many lanes on one road in her life, has forgotten that you can overtake from left, right, centre, front. You get the picture?! Even with the strong winds those folks were just going for it like mad. I was swerving ever so often because my brain kept panicking that I was on the wrong side, the wind was blowing heavily and those trucks were coming at me from every where, mehn I tire. I was so glad to return the car back and get on the metro phew. See video below, my speed was between 50-60mph on a windy night!!! yet even trucks were overtaking. The other language you hear me speak is yoruba, summarily I was just venting and saying I will stick to one lane no matter what (last) at the same time comparing the driving to Naija and UK.

  • Getty Museum - The maze garden and the views from this museum was the main deal for me. I must confess we only did a brief tour of the current exhibition which had a lot of displays about early christianity and war items (forgot the name of it now). Spent some time taking in the views from the terrace cafe and walking around the garden.
  • Jamba Juice Joint (As per Kimpossible) - There was one outside universal Studio and I visited. I had a smoothie but that was 2 days earlier, so it was not quite the Jamba smoothie. Gist was I had just finished Capuccino or somefink when I came upon the jamba joint so just could not down any other drink. Found another around Griffith park but it was closed :(
  • Santa Monica / Venice Beach (As per Allied & Mochafella) - Imagine 30+ with her eyes kongba and the buffet of people available for my watching consumption with a backdrop of the sea lapping on the shores of the beach. I could ride up and down all day just enjoying the scenery, wait...that is what we did. We rented bikes and spent the whole day riding the stretch of the path from Santa Monica to Venice, stopping only for lunch. As if that was not enough I got a free gift of watching the Sunset (see earlier video).


  • Griffith Park / Observatory (As per Jinta) - Here it was a touch and go deal. We only went there on the day of our departure and was advised not to bother going to the observatory as it was packed.

Till later when I conclude my LA gist, "I wish you a joyful and fulfilling New year. A New Dawn has come"