Los Angeles - The Finale

Hello peeps,

It's 2 weeks into the New Year already! This year is flying mehn but we shall also fly on the wings of the MIGHTY GOD from whom all blessings come

So here is the conclusion of Los Angeles trip gist make you hear word.

Rodeo Drive - Pick one answer.
a) I shopped so much till I dropped then parked my bentley, called Posh to come over so we can have tea at the Cafe a la Aroma.
b)I drove past and hissed saying "what is in the silly Rodeo drive sef it is not even that fancy and I am sure those folks don't stock my style"

Camarillo Outlets - Some good bargains here, you've seen the video from driving.

Universal Studio - Went for the Blast Zone, Shrek 4D, Terminator, Water World, Sound Effects, Jurassic Park, Studio Tour. All enjoyable experience but top for me was Studio Tour. Another cheesy clip below. P.S I recently found out windows movie maker on my system, so be ready to endure more cheesy clips from me in the future...ha ha ha haha/

Hollywood Star Walk - Not much to this one, we just walked up and down a bit. Apparently nominated stars pay $25k for the priviledge of their name on the walkway - so says our Tour guide. JULIA ROBERTS and CLINT EASTWOOD do not have a star on the walk of fame although DONALD TRUMP has one so I guess it's okay...

Hollywood Museum - Good thing this was part of the LA GO CARD thingy, if it was a cash over the counter, I would have requested a refund. It was quite below par.

Hollywood Trolley Tour - DRY: Tour guide trying too hard to be funny. Saw paramount studio, nickelodeon studis, CBS studio, I suppose the only highlight was we got on the grounds of Hollywood Bowl and got closer view of the Hollywood Sign.

Kodak Theatre Tour - 30mins tour but well worth it. I was able to rehearse my Oscar speech live. It was cool to hear some inside gist of the Oscars e.g. The stars are encouraged to go to the loo when commercial is on and their is usually a sit in guy/lady who takes their sit while they are gone all so the seat does not show as empty on TV....I'm like who cares if seat is empty or not.

Gauman's Chinese Theatre - Did not go inside the theatre just milled outside reading the hand/foot prints and writings from some of the stars. Missed seeing Will Smith doing his own imprinting (12th of December) dang.

Movie Stars Home Tour / Beverly Hills - Not even a sparkle did I see talk less of movie star. However it was nice seeing Peter Falk's house (I like the guy, his character can be annoying but i think he is adorable and quite intelligent). At at a point our Tour guide was telling us the profile of the actor who lives in a particular house ending with the statement "....he is currently in UK promoting his new movie I am Legend". "Will Smith!!!" my sister and I shrieked at the same time. Tour guide replied "wow I see our ladies from London are quite excited, I think I just made their day" "YES! Of course, WILL IS A BROTHER" came my response. "Ok?! Y'all heard her, they say he is their brother". She missed the gist. Woreva, abeg help me interprete to her the concept of A Brother with respect to awon temi a.k.a my peeps.
She was even more puzzled when we did not bat an eyelid at seeing David Beckhamn's house "...my ladies from London are the first Londoners not to comment on seeing David's Beckham residence" she questioned over her microphone. Wanted to reply that I am not a Londoner but ignore her as I was strategising with my sis on coming back to hang out with the Prince of Bel Air. David ko Peteru ni?!, we are talking Will he is talking David - 7up the difference is clear.
a)________________________ b)

I rest my aroye (gist) on Los Angeles, like they say where I come from, the end is close of cinema.



Nyemoni said...

First! LOL..Yes, they still do the shakara on posting 1st LOL!

Nyemoni said...

2nd Too! Gosh see me acting like a teenager!

Jaybabe said...

Wow! This gal had so much fun...am i jealous? Nope! Just wishing i cud have a tour like that someday...again, wellcome back!

Nyemoni said...

OK, let's act civil here...(Clears throat)

So they pay 25k to have their names on the walk of fame? Am I always the last to know or what? I never knew, I thought some comittee deemed them fit to have a star on the walk of fame and that was it...RUBBISH...Takes all the feferity out of it for me!

Girlfriend, nice pixs! Abeg make we see you face small now ;-)
As for the question on Rodeo Drivem I pick B! LOL..Nice one!

Believer said...

Welcome back, it seems like you had LOADS of fun. Anyways we are glad to have u back..2008..a year of uncommon testimony. Remain blessed

Afrobabe said...

you really had fun though....hmm..love ur hair..lol..the part I can see.

Queen of My Castle said...

Awww, I wished you would have had more fun. Those tour guides, I swear sometimes they can be really annoying with those really stale jokes.

I second Afro's comment...loving the hair.

30+ said...

@Nyemoni, Lmao "let's be civil indeed" you are such a clown. Yes o they nominate them then send letter or somefink after which they cough up $25k or no star for them...I don't blame Julia and Clint jare. My face they come wait na maybe in 3 yrs time.
Why B now are you tryna say me and Posh could not have had Tea.

@Jaybabe, ahww don't be jealous now, that is why I brought so many pix and videos so you can be part of the fun....I suppose it's not the same sha. Very soon your dreams will come true. In fact it's already in the making now with the audition and stuff.

@Believer - Thanks amen, we will have a definite and tangible 2008 mega testimony.

@Afrobabe - Thanks I was just feeling like a G with my hair. I know I should not ask but seriously how's reading and you need to come and give me 411 after the exams...I am curious.

@QOC - Honestly speaking, that Trolley Tour was as boring as they come. The guy was doing my ears in making silly jokes about his wife (which I think is non-existent) e.g My wife was cut in half at that house of magic to your right now I have double trouble ...... Helllooooooooo where is the humour in that?!

The Last King Of Scotland said...

whoa.....someone had fun!

Lighty said...

i wish i had as much fun as u did. sad to even say i didnt av any fun @ all. hiss. am happy for u 30+ but take note, am secretly beefing u here. i wish it were me in ur place. well sha, e go beta.

darkelcee said...

is that part of your head? please show the face naaa! lol

You had fun but i can think of 1 million and one things to do with my $25k then to get a bloody name on the walk of fame?

these celebrities can be mental case sha. i am sure before long it will be for "gbogbo ero"


Hope you are back to base?


Anu boy said...


i wanna be like u oh...

nice one oh

Rinsola said...

I see u really had a great time. Okay i'm loving the half hair, half earrings and half shades i see, but how can i love the full look when i can't see it in full? (don't mind me jare, but mind me a little). Howz ur week coming?

30+ said...

@TLK - Sup brother how is it going, I just say may I splash on myself a bit na.

@Lighty - Don't beef just think of the Visa Bill that will hit me soon and console yourself.

@Darkelcee - Back to base long time, even me self I am watching video to make myself smile. Work is a bit hectic right now.

@Anuboy, it does look like the whole world shey. It is easy all you lagos big boys wey no wan spend :)

@Rinsola, I mind you a little Miss Penny Proud. Well at least you know colour of my hair...lol

Jaycee said...

ahhhhhhh....I loved the universal studio video. I felt like I was there live...woohoooooo...(so that's how movies are made)..I wanna go too...

akin said...

Hey you.. sounds like you had a blast and a half. The missus has been wanting me to to go to The States forever, but I just have no inkling AT ALL to go.. Now, if only they had the Universal Studios in Canada, then I'd go..

So, how did it go with 'Posh' down Rodeo drive? :-) O

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

U are really havin' a swell time in LA...Who won't???
Next time plz spread d gud news so we can cum along wit' u...aight!!!

Allied said...

You really had fun.. look at how your hair is shining in the sun.. Oga oh

30+ said...

@Jaycee, finally someone feels they were there. Thank God you enjoyed it.

@Akin, listen we can collaborate and create one in canada..shikena.

@Miss Opeke, begin to save now, Dubai, Marakech, Spain are this year's desirable's. Maybe India as well.

@Allied - Catalyst of activator inclusive the hair was tripping like lottery winner.

princesa said...

Hey hey which kain end of cinema be dat ke?
Oya refund my money o! I still want more pics and gists,lol!

Okay babes am so truly jealousing you and which one are u teasing us with a side view of ur face na?
Although i can tell you are lovely from the little i see.
Anonymousity sef!lol!

mochafella said...

Good to see you had fun out here...with the 18-wheelers and RV's overtaking your "Sunday driver" self. Still laughing at the "legal" discussion about overtaking too.

Zephi said...

e be like say we follow u go this LA sef..you given it to us live and direct...why u cut your face na..lol

Jinta said...

the pics are really nice...

30+ said...

@Princessa - Ah thanks, you want more cinema oh ya recharge your viewing card

@Mochafella - Thanks for the tips, I really enjoyed myself. I hope those guys can't trace my address 'cos I broke a few lights and did some dangerous swervings.

@Zephi - Squint your eyes you'll see the face.

@Jinta - Thanks

Bukenzo said...

So much fun u must have had! Gud for u. I updated.

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ my wife was cut in half now I have double trouble. I could just envision you with this blank stare on your face. *insert cricket noises here*

UnNaked Soul said...

where u dey inside the whole parade, hen? oh! I know already :-D

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