Flooding hits UK

RTÉ News

"Power supplies have been restored to more than 43,000 homes hit by flooding in central and western England.

Makeshift defenses held back the floodwaters overnight and power is now reported to have been restored to many homes.

However, hundreds of thousands of homes in western England are still without running water.

Okay so I am thinking "why can't they make use of buckets to run after the water" abi if mountain does not go to Moses, Moses can go to mountain (QED).

I don't know when these people will realize my cabinet potential.

Till later, shalom.

Quest for Green Tea

So after my embarrassing episode with the jasmine watcha ma call it tea (see earlier post), I made a conscious effort to write down the name of the tea hoping to purchase so I can do proper experiment tasting at home. I mean I know i am not all that butterish but there's no way I am allowing some "not so ordinary tea" to disgrace me. I am bent on drinking that same 'nasty stuff' with all the daintiness left in me, and I'll make sure little miss note taker sees me in all my tea loving glory (I definitely need a life), it may sound petty but 30+ gotta do what 30+ gotta do, my rep is at stake here.

The tea is named Jasmine Green Tea, for goodness sake green tea alone is an acquired taste why will anyone want to mess it up with jasmine. Anyhow I could not find the tea in the stores i checked out luckily found they had some on the 2nd floor when our copier packed up and had to second floor. So i took 2 sachets of the jasmine and another one Japanese green tea. I made myself two cups one of each see pix below, one on your left is the Japanese green tea (classic) and the right one is the Jasmine green tea.

Verdict: It still tastes like s**t water, but I downed both of them (slowly after what seemed like eternity) consoling myself that: 1. It has fat burning properties (Nope, I have no proof of that) 2. It could be worse, I mean a time machine may transform me back to a kid and have my grandma coaxing and eventually forcing us to drink that horrible agunmu thing to prevent fever.

So this is round one, gonna try two more cups before showing off at the next management meeting.

(Agunmu is some horrid powdered stuff usually taken with pap).

Stress get levels

So it's Friday at my work place and it is "as quiet as a graveyard", hhmmm.......that saying is not totally true o, it depends on where the graveyard is located. There is one graveyard on old kent road right next to the bus stop and trust me it ain't quiet just the other day some dude was raking his head off because the bus pulled off before he got there, he was jumping up and down right next to those the folks in the land beyond. They (the occupants of the grave yard) don't get to have Sundays off either because there is a church almost opposite and as worshipers are trooping noise level escalate especially if the sermon was good, as you hear comments "today was wonderful", pastor really gave it to them" and others shouting goodbyes across the road, "sis J see you next week don't worry the lord is on your case".

Sorry I digressed, I have been reading so many blogs me thinks i have picked up a bad habit.

Anyway office is as quiet as a mouse
(don't get me started on mouse), I am bored stiff sitting at my desk all day long and quite stressed out as well because I had to shut down my system three to four times because NEPA keeps taking the screen light. Symptoms: my screen suddenly goes very dark while I a m busy typing or surfing no respect for applications. It doesn't die because if i hold the laptop up close to the office lights I can still see all my work.

Bottom line, this is frustrating and I don't need the stress. On that note I hail all the 9-5 workers who sit glued to their PC/Laptop all day long especially if your system is giving you headache, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you think you are stressed, think again,
stress get levels o enjoy the clips.

Speaking my language

You are blessed if you live in your home country or you are abroad surrounded by people speaking your native language. Where I am currently all I see is oyinbo people.

At work, I am the only black person and it is big big grammar all day; At home, my neighbors are oyinbo worse still they are not really English and I am sure they are practicing their English on me, always speaking to me when I am clearly not in the mood and asking me to interpret complex words.

I have made acquaintance with a few Nigerians here but they are all from the East and I have been banned from speaking pidgin to them (which would have been a bit better) apparently my pidgin English is nothing to write home about and I hurt their ears (that is what they say o). Personally I think say I fit get C4 in broken English for GCE easily biko, well I dey chill for them for now (sample, you can score me that one), so oyinbo galore continues.

On this particular day, I pick the phone to speak to my brother and the conversation goes

30+: "Hello ewo lo se" (" which ones")

Brother: "Hello sis, not much men, how wuz your day" (with his British accent, I know he is not posing, like me he can speak with British accent as well as Nigerian accent, you will never know whether na true or false, lol)

30+: "Se dan dan no ki o so oyinbo ni" ("Is it by force to speak English")

Brother: "Ehn, what are you saying don’t we normally speak English" (Nigerian accent comes into play)

30+: "Ani o so Yoruba" ("I said speak our language")

Brother: (Laughs) "What’s happening do you think SSS is listening to our conversation, don’t worry you are the least suspect when it comes to terrorism" (referring to latest happenings in London)

By now I was frustrated, I know we were made to speak English growing up and you got into trouble for speaking vernacular, but e don do now even the Queen has no game on me when it comes to English Command

30+: "Ani mo fe so Yoruba, oyinbo ti fe yi mi lori" ("Speak our language, English is attempting to turn my head")

Brother: "You should have said that now" (psssst, the guy is still speaking English)

I dropped the phone before he could finish, I was upset. Na wa for me o 30+, I must be stressed out.

I am convinced, I usually think in my language and it is stressful expending too much energy converting the thoughts to words I speak. Whatever it is, it’s getting to me and I want to scream in my mother tongue "E ko ara yin da si egbe kan pelu oyinbo lojojumo jo".

I mean what can be as sweet as my mother tongue, it is only in my language that one word will mean a thousand things. It is only in my language that people will be discussing and you will think they are fighting. It is only in my language that you yell like a crazy person just to say hello to an old friend, it is only in my language that you can say a person is "not well" ("O gbadun") and they will retort that you are mad ("Were ni e", the Were with emphasis) both parties shouting yet laughing and slapping each other on the back as if they just won a jackpot.

To buttress my point see my live evidence below, even the Oyinbo is jisoroing my language….I rest my case.