Flooding hits UK

RTÉ News

"Power supplies have been restored to more than 43,000 homes hit by flooding in central and western England.

Makeshift defenses held back the floodwaters overnight and power is now reported to have been restored to many homes.

However, hundreds of thousands of homes in western England are still without running water.

Okay so I am thinking "why can't they make use of buckets to run after the water" abi if mountain does not go to Moses, Moses can go to mountain (QED).

I don't know when these people will realize my cabinet potential.

Till later, shalom.


ababoypart2 said...

Its been a nightmare...Nice blog...1st time here.

Anonymous said...

1st time here!great page

catwalq said...

u gats it right
abi, how will u say God did not provide...

ye, b4 HE strikes me o. me am not there o

30+ said...

@pink-satin and ababoypart 2 thanks for stopping by o, please feel free to take any of the gifts (posts) available as a first timer present lol.
@catwalq don't stress you dey under insurance.