Stress get levels but GOD dey tanda - Part 2

Day 0 - Monday morning 30th of July
First thing in the morning meeting with one of the contractors need to clarify all this report they are sending me left right and centre. I started my laptop to open file for this guy o, that is how my laptop said I should try again, thought it was a joke. I rebooted it started showing me the bible code 01hy000uhh709 etcetera etcetera. I hol my laptop laid hands on it and prayed a bit; still nofink, contractor in my front expecting the query now, nofink. I rebooted nofink. You remember I had reported NEPA taking the screen lights before what I did not mention was that on two occasions it died and showed me this same blue screen and all i did was rebooted but this morning nofink.

Long story long, I carry computer go PC world to repair) because I use my own personal laptop hence I am responsible for the repair). The techhie desk guy started it up and said yes your hard drive may have a problem (duh). He started asking my postcode and putting my data on their system then asks

Techie guy: You bought it here didn't you
30+: No I bought it at another branch
Techie guy: I can only book it in for repair next week but you may want to called Packard since "YOUR WARRANTY ONLY RAN OUT ON 23RD OF JULY"
30+: Opens mouth wide and mouth formed to say F*** but I retreated (and lead us not into temptation). 700 pds down the drain?!.

At that point I just wanted to cry why did this ramshackle thing not pack up last week so I could have got an exchange. I looked at the techie guy in front of me, why did the silly guy have to inform me of the warranty expiration date. See I was not even thinking of warranty when i went to the shop in fact i did not go because I bought my lap top at PC world so I would have been happy to be ignorant of the warranty business. I am sure i saw a monster with two horn laugh behind my back saying nah nah nah (but i dare not say that out loud they may say i have gone kolo).

I carried my comatose laptop back into the car, there was no point, leaving it they could not even book it in for repair till next week. I sat in the car park feeling frustrated.

God dey tanda - Rewind back to two months earlier (MAY 2007)
I had been concerned that all my work was on my laptop which also served as my DVD, music system infact it was on like 16 hours a day. Decided I need to do a big backup or buy another laptop dedicated to work. I bought a 4gb pen drive but as per me being concerned I was just procastinating. Then when I was ready to do the backup I could not find the pen drive again.

Fast forward 6 weeks later(2nd Week JULY 2007) : I was chatting to one of my colleagues and she started asking about backups and how do I do it. I replied I had not done any. She said her because her laptop had been playing up and I goes weird mine has been acting up as well. That day I turned the whole house upside down until I found the pen and did my back up pronto. Did another one a week later (i.e 22nd July).

Fast forward Day 0 minus 3 (Friday 27th of July) : After working for 9 hours non stop reading reviewing and writing report as I was about to leave work, I shut down the laptop and on impulse started it up again and sent my last work to my yahoo account. This was nearly two days work that i had been updating since Wednesday.

Call it providence, call it coincidence but I CALL IT GOD DEY TANDA watch my back. Peeps if i had not sent the stuff for my yahoo I for just carry my kaya dey go with no forwarding address of any sort.

  • Always backup all your work including your outlook mails.
  • Install anti virus on your system.
  • If you get a mail from Hi5 saying someone nudged you or wants to add you as friend don't click the link, go to Hi5 directly and check (this is my prime suspect).
  • Don't open any mail attachment unless you are sure of the source.
  • GET A GOOD ANTI VIRUS installed (repeat thrice).
30+ has spoken, Shalom


O.šeyï said...

OMG!!! I would have just cried?! That has happened to me on several occasions. I write some 18page paper and then my computer decides to crash! I agree girlie... back up back up! impt.

First time on your blog but i'll visit more often. : )

Thanks for stopping by mine!

100%Lighty said...

thx goodness u had a backup, that would have been a headache turn into migraine. well thank God.

i for one would neva write up a document without a usb stick sticking out my laptop, it has become tradition with mi. so i av neva lost my work.

and thx 4 stoppin by my page, hope to see more of u.

Anonymous said...

Your blog site is nice. Hope to visit frequently. Thanks for your responce in my blog.

30+ said...

@all Thank's y'all for dropping by my blog. And guess what as per my laptop...dry bones do leave again

30+ said...

I mean do live again

damsel in the desert said...

wow, na wa oh... how scary... thanks for that, i shall be backing up... and thanks for visiting me blog

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

nice blog
thank God for ur backup.....

laspapi said...

this worried me. My laptop's been kind of funny...

30+ said...

@Dmasel in the desert - Your are welcome
Mystoriesmytestimonies - Shey, if not for God
@Laspapi - Just backup all the stuff on your harddrive. Thx for stopping by.

rethots said...

Thanks for the advice.

Blogger said...

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