Stress get levels

So it's Friday at my work place and it is "as quiet as a graveyard", hhmmm.......that saying is not totally true o, it depends on where the graveyard is located. There is one graveyard on old kent road right next to the bus stop and trust me it ain't quiet just the other day some dude was raking his head off because the bus pulled off before he got there, he was jumping up and down right next to those the folks in the land beyond. They (the occupants of the grave yard) don't get to have Sundays off either because there is a church almost opposite and as worshipers are trooping noise level escalate especially if the sermon was good, as you hear comments "today was wonderful", pastor really gave it to them" and others shouting goodbyes across the road, "sis J see you next week don't worry the lord is on your case".

Sorry I digressed, I have been reading so many blogs me thinks i have picked up a bad habit.

Anyway office is as quiet as a mouse
(don't get me started on mouse), I am bored stiff sitting at my desk all day long and quite stressed out as well because I had to shut down my system three to four times because NEPA keeps taking the screen light. Symptoms: my screen suddenly goes very dark while I a m busy typing or surfing no respect for applications. It doesn't die because if i hold the laptop up close to the office lights I can still see all my work.

Bottom line, this is frustrating and I don't need the stress. On that note I hail all the 9-5 workers who sit glued to their PC/Laptop all day long especially if your system is giving you headache, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you think you are stressed, think again,
stress get levels o enjoy the clips.


UndaCovaSista said...

Just mentally trying to picture exactly where on Old Kent Road there's a graveyard. I used to live in the area (until God delivered me!) and i never notice any graveyard.

30+ said...

@undacovasista tis a small churchgraveyard , the stop after hong kong city (hmn i think that is more of new cross than old kent rd shey).

rethots said...

Well, what makes 9-5
bearable's the fact
that one's connected
to the web.

30+ said...

Amen to that, and Blogville is a keystroke away (lol). Thanks for stopping by.