Quest for Green Tea

So after my embarrassing episode with the jasmine watcha ma call it tea (see earlier post), I made a conscious effort to write down the name of the tea hoping to purchase so I can do proper experiment tasting at home. I mean I know i am not all that butterish but there's no way I am allowing some "not so ordinary tea" to disgrace me. I am bent on drinking that same 'nasty stuff' with all the daintiness left in me, and I'll make sure little miss note taker sees me in all my tea loving glory (I definitely need a life), it may sound petty but 30+ gotta do what 30+ gotta do, my rep is at stake here.

The tea is named Jasmine Green Tea, for goodness sake green tea alone is an acquired taste why will anyone want to mess it up with jasmine. Anyhow I could not find the tea in the stores i checked out luckily found they had some on the 2nd floor when our copier packed up and had to second floor. So i took 2 sachets of the jasmine and another one Japanese green tea. I made myself two cups one of each see pix below, one on your left is the Japanese green tea (classic) and the right one is the Jasmine green tea.

Verdict: It still tastes like s**t water, but I downed both of them (slowly after what seemed like eternity) consoling myself that: 1. It has fat burning properties (Nope, I have no proof of that) 2. It could be worse, I mean a time machine may transform me back to a kid and have my grandma coaxing and eventually forcing us to drink that horrible agunmu thing to prevent fever.

So this is round one, gonna try two more cups before showing off at the next management meeting.

(Agunmu is some horrid powdered stuff usually taken with pap).


Jumi said...

30+, you crack me up! So what is this? Tryna lose weight or tryna show your workmates say you sef fit acquire the taste? Abeg make sure you go see your Orthodontist in September o! I think braces can help people lose weight. It is barely one week and I don drop 3 pounds. And I no dey try o! My mouth dey under padlock as I don dey eat blended food so some kinda food no just appeal to me. Anyway, enjoy your week before my tori go long too much. :) Thanx for stopping by my "pad."

30+ said...

@Jumi na to show o, not only fit, even me self I be the mother of tea cuisine. Ope o weight loss is a sure banker for me to be encouraged in my quest for perfect 32 (LOL).

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