Rand, Random, Randomer

Hi Peepos,

No matter what comes our way, our lives are in the hands of the almighty. When I think of that it helps me to kulu tempa and chop chill. Once you know the driver of your car you fit sleep falala.

My week has been busy as can be.

All the work folks suddenly want a piece of me, well God dey and since they are paying my dough, I shall not complain.

Infact right now I have just finished presentation and have got all this folks around talking numbers, budgets e.t.c of course my heart is pounding because my boss is standing across from me as I type this. How naughty :). I am mastering the act of grandising simple tasks (a.k.a blagging) even me sef I fear, well that is what consultants do shey.

I have always know that bloggers like gist and my last post confirmed it, folks did not even spare that I was trying to be blogville idol host they still want to hear gist. Anyway show is over so I gat no excuse, work or no work gist must flow today so here goes.

Rand - Photography is a passion I am developing, I love taking pictures. Folks can do and undo with the technology available these days. But even me sef I was shocked at how they translated (note translate not transform) an acquintance of mine, so much so I first ignored her friend request on facebook thinking she was one of those "funny" people who add you without knowing you, eventually added her to my limited profile friends list sha when she persisted. I knew her name of course but not the face. It was like the proverbial yoruba saying "owo lowo Esau, ohun lohun Jakobu" ("Hands are that of Esau but the voice belongs to Jacob")
When I finally made the connection I just opened mouth, comments under the pictures also confirmed my reaction.

The translation falls somewhere between the two before and after pictures below


Blogville Idol has ended :( and it was a bit of anticlimax what with Pink S 's exit from blogville. It was fun while it lasted. I hope to post some of the bloopers I had while recording the sessions.
So I called one blogger and she immediately recognise my voice as 30+. I am thinking schwepps I have prolly been outed 'cos that means if any of the folks that know me in the real world hit on idol page they would have recognised my voice and go that is .......*insert my real name*.

Na wa o, wetin I fit do

Randomer - Got this in a forwarded mail (think I read something similar on another blog but can't remember where)
This morning on the NPR a lady came on air by name Betty Johnson who was about 90 years old. She explained when she was a teenager she was pretty flat chested and her mom began to worry that she might not get boyfriends so she bought her an inflatable bra. She was really happy about it and she set it to a size 32. So, one day she was on a plane in the Andes or something and as the plane began to elevate her bra got larger, it could not take the pressure. It kept growing till it became a size 48 and then it exploded!!! The pilot had to come out with a gun and they landed the plane so a bomb squad could check her out.
Peeps I laugh tire for this story.

Other Randomers
I went to see MAMA MIA, lovely movie all round, did not click that it was a musical until Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) sang the first song. Mama Mia was a pleasant medicine that has cured me of a horrible memory which occured some 6 years and caused a re think my previous resolution on musical movies. I absolutely loved Rosie (Julie Walters) and Tanya (Christine Baranski), Donna (Merryl Streep) also delivered. The film was an 8 out of 10, indeed MAMA MIA is a lovely summer movie and of course you get the bonus of hearing your ABBA favourites all over again. My friends had to calm me down when the dancing queen track came on -lol

Holiday is coming no more meetings o, no more reports o, colleagues goodbye, managers goodbye I am going to have a jolly holiday.

So much for gist will catch you later



Shubby Doo said...


goodnaijagirl said...

I can't believe pink lady is gone from blogville, just like that! I hope she'll miss it (and us!) and come back.

Afrobabe said...

Pink satin left blogville? what happened, hope she is fine...but what about her partner?

Didn't know you could put people on limited profile thingy, abeg how do u do that??

lmao @ ur voice being recognized, I wanted to put up the voice comment thingy but after this I no do again..

laughed so hard at the exploded bra...Mama mia, not really a fan of broadway...actually never bothered going to one...

isha said...

LMAO at the exploded bra. How you been hon? What happened with Pink Satin? *leaves to investigate*

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

LMAo at the randomer

kai aunty will you put me in your luggage as your going to this vacation..i am in dire need of a vacation by hook or crook.lol

princesa said...

Lucky you, i really need a vacation somebody!!!

What happened to Pinky?

Maybe i should leave too(not!)lol!

OluwaDee said...

lol! @ d babe whose bra burst. Its just unbelievably hilarious.

U did a fantastic job on BI'08.

Enjoy ur hols.

aloted said...

this na real random yarns...

lol on the exploding bra kai!

me too i want to watch mama mia o....

darkelcee said...

u title alone is cracking me up big time.

went top pinky's blog and saw the exit . o ga . hope she will come back or real.

i am starting my vacation too in august. i have been praying to God for strength to sleep thruout those weeks!

enjoy ur weekend dear.

kudos to u on blogville idols!

Kemmie said...

hey, y did pink lady leave? Really funny about the bra...the pilot thought it was Al-Qaeda.
*How are you?

Kemmie said...

hey, y did pink lady leave? Really funny about the bra...the pilot thought it was Al-Qaeda.
*How are you?

Kemmie said...

hey, y did pink lady leave? Really funny about the bra...the pilot thought it was Al-Qaeda.
*How are you?

Kemmie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shubby Doo said...

the joys of consulting… that is how me too I typed my last post at work… I hope my art of blagging doesn’t get me in trouble… I pray it never will… I guess as long as I deliver and keep customers happy they don’t harass me.

I think you have the before and after for Mugabe mixed up… a case of 'lost in translation' perhaps?!!!

Why you no like musical?… what happened six years ago? still debating whether to watch the stage musical or the film of mama mia…I watch lion king last week at the lyceum and it was fantastic (different but still kinda the same as the cartoon version).

archiwiz said...

Ah ah...where did Pink go?

And I don't understand the b4 and after look.

@ the exploded bra...LOL...Poor girl...If it was me (God forbid, tufiakwa...etc, ati be be lo) after resurrecting from dying the horrible death of embarrassment, I would have milked my mother dry of everything I ever wanted at that stage of life, for putting me in such a situation...Ahhh...the issues of parenthood.

archiwiz said...

Ohh, and have a happy, joyful holiday.

Chari said...

Mehnnn...techkinology I mus know u put peeps on limited profile thingie o.....

anti-climax is an understatement for pinkie exit....


hahahaha, that randomer gist about the inflatable bra na wa! Too funny!

anonymous gal said...

Rand Random Randomer??? chei i hv seen all sorts of names.
how u

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

could the randomer story be really true if it is that is hella funny.

wit mammamia, i would rather see that @ the theater sha. i prefer theater wen it comes to musicals. am sure it was da bomb.

sorry u've pack ur suitcases? datz the spirit.

believer said...

Egbon mi, hope you had a nice weekend. Please enjoy your holiday you deserve it. You did a great job on Blogville Idols, Ms 20+! Remain blessed

Anonymous said...

"owo lowo Esau, ohun lohun Jakobu"---lol! Haven't heard that in a while... :-)

30+ said...

@Shubby, kpa, kpa, kpa

@Shubby, exactly as long as you know your stuff and can deliver you can get away with a lot of things.

@Kemmie, don't know where Pink went o. Exactly he must have thought that, that is is why it was so hilarious.

@Acrhi, lol- ehn blame it on the mother now, when all she was doing was try to help

@Chari, will have to write a step by step for you guys

@SSD, how far, e don tey na

@Anongal, we should get a new blog dictionary.

@Lighty, I also thought it would have been better to watch at the theatre, but it was actually nice. I don dey pack o.

@Believer, shey it's me you are calling 20+, na you sabi


30+ said...

@GnG, I hope so too

@Afrobabe, opeke still dey o, I will write a step by step guide for facebook. Mamamia, it't the movie that I am talking about, trust me you would love it.

@Isha, I dey o

@Zephi, has it been that long, I thought you went on a holiday recently (Philly). My luggage is full.

@Princessa, True o babe you have never talked about holiday yet o. When are you going on hols.

@Oluwadee, hope you dey o, 10ks babes

@Aloted, I recommend mama mia

@Darkelcee, me too I hope she comes back o. So where are you going for your vacation.

Omosewa said...

LOL@the boobs story, wahala...

Sis mi, there's no he oh, mo wa very single, lol. Thats just a good friend being nice.

I trust you are well, im happy you're going on break soon, should be fun.

Photoshop does wonders, really.

Naapali said...

As the philosopher-minstrel, 9ice, put it: monkey yato si chimpanzee.
-so which one be this your FB friend, monkey or chimpanzee?

That your blogville idol voice sef, u sure say u no go borrow person to dey talk?

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

"No matter what comes our way, our lives are in the hands of the almighty."

That was very encouraging. It set me in the right mood to read the post.

And I sat back and enjoyed the reading.

You have a very creative and beautiful blog. It's exciting to be here.

Parakeet said...

Lol at you blogging at work and your oga is right in front of you. You get plent liver.

Am sad to see pink go but she has her reasons I guess.

The inflattable joke na real wa...is that for real? Lol.

Have a good week.

30+ said...

@Omosexy, don't worry you will soon be the opposite of singular i.e. you will be plural very soon

@Naapali, not really sure which one she is jare - lol. Ehn ehn so you heard my 'borrowed' voice on Idol, how comes you never left comment.

@Rita, why thank you, hope to drop by yours soon.

@Parakeet, plus including kidney and shaki

AlooFar said...

where all these bloggers dey go sef. 30+, you know I'm surprised that you sabi Yoruba ;)

Jinta said...

forgive my ignorance, are there actually inflatable bras? i've encounted padded ones a couple of times

Afrobabe said...

Still waiting for the step to step oh...

Didn't know mama mia had a movie..Na the theatre adverts full road....

fantasy queen said...

lol @ jinta. i'm thinking about inventing inflatable bras. now that'd be some heavy money maker.

lucky you, what i would do for a holiday...everything, including giving my boss a one year sleeping pill.

mama mia isnt out here,saw the preview and i cant wait to see it, i love meryl streeps and abba.

Smaragd said...

Mamma Mia eh? i'll watch it as soon as the chinese send their version down... (cheapskate eh?)

have fun on ur holiday!

Doja said...

Well done for ahving another sucessful blogville Idol. Keep it up.

tobenna said...

Nice review on Mama Mia.
Now I gast to watch this movie.
Well done on your Idol hosting.
You did a fantabulous job.

Writefreak said...

Wait o! when did pink satin leave blogville? Why now? And yes you did a good job as the host abi na hostess...
lol @rand, random, randomer
So where's the holiday at?

naijalines said...

Lol @ translation. Still cryptic but got the idea. Pink Satin is gone? She'd be missed.

Anonymous said...

hey- geisha's moved!
click to find me :)

FineBoy Agbero said...

Holiday is coming no more meetings o, no more reports o....

Agbaya ni e o!!!
Singing lyk a KG1 kid!!!
good 4 u sha. have fun!

Bombchell said...

lol @ the pictures. the first is for real, i remember the site where u can see more, and the work the artist did, I think the second was a joke lol.

Im about to start my photoshop hustle since I can do the first b4 & after. lol photoshop blogger profiles r facebook pics lol

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