An exeperiment


I am mandated to give thanks to God before all things after all it's by him and through him that I have my being.

From here on all that I write will be off cuff no pre mediation so help me Lord.


....sighs deeply

"drinks water"

Is SSD light in complexion or dark in complexion?

Huh what has that got to do with anything?!

Must be because I just finished reading her blog.

I need some genuine aboniki....there is one lying next to me right now and I think I may be runnig out them soon. I like the feeling that comes with knowing I have ample stock of aboniki. Does it mean I am an old woman.......Error that can't be right.

I know I look and act younger that my age. Actually I don't act, I'm just young at heart.

"drinks more water"

By the way where is Jinta and it's been a while since I visited Laspapi sef.

Ok this post is going to be bloggers biased 'cos I decided to experiment after doing blog rounds.

I wish something interesting will come to my mind so I can just blog it scandalous or not.

Fat chance


For real Bumight you are a case blog marriage and blog baby, even SSD is organising blog baby shower

"laughs all by herself"

Thankfully no one is around to hear me lol alone.

FB and FBA showdown will be nice and I will be the Funmi Iyanda interviewing both of them.

I am baised towards FBA, that man/boy/dude is "89*&^)($", as in I got no words to describe him

....wait wait it's coming to me now yes the boy is Kreative with capital K.

Talking of K, XSN comes to my mind.

Ok enough already this post was an experiment to see what I would write without premeditation but obviously I have been unconsciously meditated by the blog rounds I did before writing the post....

"drinks more water"

Verdict: Whether consciously or unconsiously all posts are premeditated?!

Or what do you all think?

Wait lemme see if something else will come to my head

Yes I see it now Naira is coming to my head

...false that is also premeditated by the picture of Saheed Balogun on Facebook with Naira notes.

"swallows the water playing around in her mouth"

Ah of course Jeremiah 29:11 is also coming, because I read it on two blogs this morning.

Ok I need to try this some other time preferably in the middle of the night straight waking up from a deep slumber I shall blog, that will be much more preferable.

Smiles mischieviously...oh the joy of having a blog

See ya later


Anonymous said...

Seen your therapist lately?

temmy tayo said...

U dont need a therapist

It happens to everyone I guess.

bumight said...

yels, u didnt don jasi , u missed the baby shower parry! but we saved you some food on oluwadee's blog, yels, she was the one that catered the parry!

simeone said...

this is hilarious..u made me feel like i am in front of you..nice one ....happy easter..

Good Naija Girl said...

Now this is a random entry!

(For what it's worth, I think SSD is dark in complexion.)

mizchif said...

I like this experiment!

I would say my posts are mostly premeditated though.Ok,make that seriously premeditated, cuz as soon as anything at all happens to me or around me, i'm already thinking of blogging about it.

Rita said...

Whether consciously or unconsiously all posts are premeditated...I agree with you, speaking for myself...

Favoured Girl said...

As random as it gets! LOL

I think about most of my posts before I blog. Sometimes I take too long to get to the computer and I "lose" the post.

How are you tho? Hope you are having a good Easter break!

Vera Ezimora said...

I hear that when a person reaches 30+, the person fit begin crase and she no go know sef

...Know anything about that?


Afrobabe said...

Naaa, not all posts are premeditated...most good ones my recent birthday post and you will understand seeing as it makes no sense even to me....

I used aboniki once and almost peed in my pants from the sensation...

Sherri said...

Happy ressurection Monday!
how u dey my lovely sis?

looove the sheer randomness of dis post.

btw, what's aboniki?

isha said...

Aboniki. Pls don't use that thing near me. My eyes are already watering just from your 'talk' about it.

Plain 'ol Robb is killer enough for me.

LusciousRon said...

You got nothing to write. That aboniki is scary. Oya go and premeditate a fabulous post.

darkelcee said...

aboniki signifies old age full time! tells hubby that cos he likes it while i DONT. Too hot stuff.

this post? no comment. how was ur Easter Holiday?

Kémi Penélopê said...

*There's always a message from even the most random post one writes...
My dear, you got me cracking up...

Olamild said...


Lady A said...

Yeah, I think they are premeditated. Good question, I never looked at it like that.

NaijaBabe said...

OMg, this is too funny

THIRTY + said...

@Anon, no I have not been able to see my therapist 'cos you booked all the available slots na - lol

@Temitayo, na experiment ko

@Bumight, chai the food will be cold by now o.

@Simeone, really that is an unexpected result from the experiment....I would log that :)

@GnG, You think?! Nyways like I said the thought just came

@Mizchif, thanks that is the way it is for most if not all bloggers.

@Rita, so my conclusion was on the right track.

THIRTY + said...

@Favoured girl, I can't even count how many post that I have lost by the time I finally sit down to right at the computer.

@Vera, no be only hear you go soon know see age 30 as e tanda dey look u, you almos reach na :).

@Afrobabe, please tell me where exactly you used the aboniki for it to cause peeing sensation - lmao.

@Sherri, I am fine. Aboniki is like Robb raised to the power of 1000%.

@Isha - Lol, you are a such baby ordinary Robb.

@Luscious Rob, premeditated post coming up.

@Darkelcee, no way is my love for Aboniki an indication of being old.

@Kémi Penélopê, glad I made you laugh.

@Olamild, how far?!

@LadyA, I agree

@Naijababe, thanks

Buttercup said... was like i cud actually see u..hehe

THIRTY + said...


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