Interval and Confession

Hello Folks

What shall I say unto the Lord, all I want to say is thank you Lord. That my eyes have seen this new month, dansaki re o Father Lord.

I want to confess that apart from the one time I checked on the blogger award thingy and saw a long list, I retreated to go and gather strenght and wisdom to vote (ok more like I was like whatt this is work, will log in later that night I forgot completely) and did not vote. 'Shaka shaka sho sho'* for us non voters (i.e. that is the opposite of clapping o) and a big gbosa for all the winners

Anyhoos I need to get some posts of my chest/box as per spring cleaning time now so here goes Spring Clean Interval - Part 1

Tip 1: Always rinse your mouth after eating Bran flakes or salad, infact after every meal for goodness sake bran particles stuck in Braces will not make you like a superstar, learn from brace wearing bloggers' experience.

Tip 2: To ensure that your fly is not at risk of being left open, always zip up before clasping the hook (hook clasping gives a false security that you are ok), experience they say is the best teacher, again learn from a bloggers' experience.

It is really distressing to hear the sludges of "who knows what" as it goes through the pipe after flushing on the first floor, I don't care that this is brand shining new edifice. You need to go and collect a refund from the silly Architect and put proper decking, sound proof or somethin on the toilet roof - concerned staff. P.S I am ready to go back to my old section in protest and will set up a picket line if you insist on torturing me like this. Who am decieving I probably just continue to tell you how airy and open this office is and keep agreeing with you that it fosters closer ways of working. Even though I want to throw Marvin's phone through the glass window for that horrendous ringtone he has refused to put on silent.

And another thing

I have said it once, twice, thrice and the next person who says I am in IT and should know what new version of Oracle is in the market may be mistakenly mulled by my fangs.

Why are folks so dull of hearing, 30+ can not repair your system, does not necessarily know what the programming language they used to develop your software, does not know how to make your PC work. My skills are limited to banging the laptop head, shutting it down and starting again. Just because I work with IT folks does not make me an IT person. Infact I am not IT.

Congrats Darkelcee and may the Lord bless you with muscles as you walk the paths of mortar carrying, yam pounding wives.

Chari, keep the faith, drink and baff with plenty cold water, you are able.

Till Later, love plenti


Gee said...


Gee said...

yes I am!!!lol

Good Naija Girl said...

Why must we wait so long for updates from our dear 30+? I'm glad you're ok sha.

You are forgiven for not voting this year but next year...kindly participate!

Funms-the rebirth said...

lol @ u not being in IT........

Anonymous said...

amin o amin aunty mi...I will try...the lord is ma strength

JustDB said...

LOL @ your description of walking the aisle!!!! Surely it can't be that bad...

simeone said...

yes o blessed be God.maker and giver of at banging the head of the head of the laptop , shuting you are in IT..lemme just say fortunatly ..i wont be needing ur

Afrobabe said...

Have you all heard??? 30+ is not IT so leave her alone...

lol @ mortar carrying, yam pounding wives...I on the other one shall be cereal preparing wife!!

isha said...

LOL, hasn't she heard of a yam pounder? It's the exact same result, minus hundred percent the stress. Lol.

LMAO at ur rants. Drinking water after a salad is not good enough, chew some gum. Learn from this blogger's experience.

LusciousRon said...

Right. Give them the IT person's number instead. Why can't colleagues switch their phone to silent when in the office? It's so bloody irritating!

darkelcee said...

lol 30+ please be an IT GURU now.

awww, I think he is calming down on the pounded yam thingy oh. old age is catching

thanks for the message

i heart you dearie

o ya bring your mouth to get a kiss.

Shubby Doo said...

how u dey wa for these people that that no sabi install correct flushing's the fault of the engineers

pele love

THIRTY + said...

@Gee: Oya 2 fine gala for you

@Simeone: Be careful yourself, I am not IT

@Afrobabe: Cereal preparing is ok as long as your husband is John Doam.

@Isha: Ehen chewing gum ok, I hear you

@Luscious: Shey at least if it's a lovely ringtone you can endure.

@Darkelcee: Here I am with my hug and "kiss on the cheeks" - Tori because I just read some post about girls and girls so got to make it clear.

@Shubby: O seun, I am fine

THIRTY + said...

@GnG: Don't mind me, I often forget about blogging this days

@Funms :), now you know

@Chari, Amen I am rooting for your stance all the way.

@JustDB, well it does feel like that.

aloted said...

which blogger wears braces? u?

Buttercup said...

This post just cracked me up!

Thanks for the tips. I might start wearing braces soon..

Have I told u that I love how u start all ur posts thanking God?

O'Dee said...

Who is disturbing 30+ with flushing noise??? Please report them to baba.

Howz things?

Lady A said...

Love the tips!
U r funny!

Mimi said...


joicee said...

I am co signing on tip 2....erm let's just say experience is the best teacher

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