IDOL '08 - *Shsh Simon*, Mz 30+ is talking


Are you ready for this?!

You know how I like to sing and praise Baba God every time I start typing a post, like right now that I am reflecting and singing that "he is the true Baba Ara ti o mo iyi omo" (the true father of wonders who cherishes his children).

Well y'all be hearing my skentele voice throughtout the Blogville Idol competition becasue

Mz 30+ is the HOST for Blogville Idol 2008

Thank you, thank you for those who are smiling with joy for me, and for the rest, skontolo your ears.

I have checked the rules, nothing stops the host/hostess from bursting a tune every now and then - lol.

Tell Simon Cowell, his job is not safe...........

Ok excitement down, I am thinking oh my goodness

What am I gonna say?
Should I phonetise
Or naijarise?
Or be very serious?
Or try to be funny
Or be razz?
Or all of the above 'cos I am a mix

I don't know mehn, but pray for me just like every other contestant.

I am not singing but I'm still kind of NERVOUS.

OK Tarry Plus, 1 mug of camomile tea and breathing exercise coming up.



OluwaDee said...


I'll be back.

UndaCovaSista said...

don't worry sis we got your back! Even if you shell self, we'll still support you! Lol...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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30+ said...

@Oluwadee, How bodi?

@UCS - Why did you have to talk about shelling, did not even think of that one before :(. Anyway I will just declare to blogville that it runs in the family and that you are really my sister - lol

@PINK, Will do, thanks

Tairebabs said...

lol at phonetise/naijarise! hilarious. If you are anything like this post, we are all going to have a blast.

LG said...

abegi, give us a mix or rather a merix of all of dem jare,
we r solidly behind u, nor shakin but i'm permited to laff once in a while abi *wide grin*

bumight said...

so that means you wont be singing for me? *pout*

what's ur email?

OluwaDee said...

Babe, do everything jor. We want razz, phone, funny...

Baba God is indeed the Baba to mo iyi omo.

Body dey inside cloth oh.
How u dey?

goodnaijagirl said...

Can't wait to hear your voice...I'm sure you'll be great!

I vote that you be a mix of all those options...we'll love it!

Jaycee said...

"Should I phonetise
Or naijarise?"

HA HA HAAAAAAAA...u're a trip, I'm cracking up real bad from those two lines. That's actually a good question...

Can u do both? Lol

UndaCovaSista said...

Lol! very funny...

darkelcee said...

30+ nothing do u

do everything to gether

We got ur back for real!

isha said...

Nice, I've done my share of hosting faux pas. So one time we were having our African Cultural Night while I was still in college. I got on the stage in this very nice booboo my mum had given me. I gave the President's opening speech etc etc. When I got 'back backstage'. I received a text from my best friend (a boy) - "I can see your underwear..."

So, some small shelling would be overlooked don't worry.

30+ said...

@UCS, You have heard, shikena

@Tairebabs, I am thinking to myself, no pressure shey.

@Bumight, mail sent with T&C to hear me sing.

@Lg, as long as you keep your laff under wraps, I will remix, merix and even obelix 4 u.

@Oluwadee, ok mixing coming up.

@GNG, my voice great?!

@Darkelcee, me I know you gat my back you will even shell with me to make me feel better.

@Jaycee, Well you are about to find out. Don't start tripping yet

@Isha, lmao you do know how to make a girl feel better.

FineBoy Agbero said...

Hey 30!
Thanx 4 stopping by o!
But why u wan contest sef? No be u be host or something? If Maurice Iwu contest for Presido while being INEC chairman, u no go shout? LOL!!!

Anyway, if u need my boys to scatter everythin and rig for u, na only paraga and small change o!

Debbie said...

Go girl, be all you can be, phonetise, naijarise, any how, just have a blast.
Simeon Watch out.

AlooFar said...

Just be ursef ;)

OmoIbadan Tuntun said...

U better come looking all pretty and ish, cos OmoIbadan is tearing down the roof with his fufu flavoured, velvety, Oja-ba believe imma baritone my way to the winner's podium...go check out my team...ema gba lodun yi!!!
By the way, just follow this link to my new blog..find out wat happened to ur homie...ema gbadun:D

Duchess said...

am watching out for go naijarise us at the blogsville idol.
first time here and i likey!

Charizard said...

if u are nervous wetin u want make I do?

Mehn i wan shit for bodii

Smaragd said...

i trust u jare Tharry plus...lmao

naijarise and phonetise all u want babe, u rock!

Simon has met his match.

pink-satin said...

mail me...who is that interested fellow!

30+ said...

@Smaragard, thank you jare

@Fineboy Agbero, Hold awon boyz for now :)

@Debbie, let Simon know o

@Aloofar, will do

@OmoIbadan tuntun, oga o aiye le.

@Duchess, why thank you very much.

@Charizard, abeg no shit for body o

@Pink-satin, will let you know

ejura said...

Ryan Seacrest in the house!!!!!!
I'm rooting for u all the way oh!
Don't forget me in these days of blog fame.

Sherri said...

u will be fab!

princesa said...

Congrats dear, u are indeed climbing the ladder,lol!
Who knows, one day u might host a real Idols competition.

Wish you all the best.

Manda said...

hiya swit, Come eat cake and pop champagne o! na my blogaversary!

Parakeet said...

Still never get the low down on this Idol thing, but will love to hear u do I get to hear u?

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL @ should I phonetise, or be razz.

Congrats. This should be very interesting. I wish I could sing. I might not be Naija in origin, but I am in spirit. LOL

Free-flowing Florida said...

am so waiting 4 7th!!!!! u'd b surprised, u might do so well dat u'd begged 2 b part of d contestant. hehehehehe

30+ said...

@ejura, forget you no way, just be nice to me cos I am the new cool - lol

@Sherri, 10ks for the vote of confidence.

@Princessa, na real ladder, shuo this one also a real one now howbeit virtual. I get your gist as in maybe silverbird will ask me to come and host something...true it may happen o.

@Parakeet, just stay glued to the idol page.

@QOC, yes I can see your naijarism, what with Emeka, Nnamdi and Adaora in the family. I hearby christen you OmoToke Amarachukwu.

@free-flowing florida, you think?! Nah you just tryna pump me up jare.

@Manda, many more to come in Jesus name

AJIKE said...

hi 30+
uve got all the suppot jare..carry go...solidly and rockily behind you
do ure thing!!!!
ps thaanx for the kind words on my last post, and yes i know that song!
ose my dear!!!!!!

Sha said...



pink gloves said...

thank God i know my levels/ limitations- i cant sing so i will be a bystander in this one. lol. Congrats on ur hosting gig dear!

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

Ma' Ryan Seacrest job no dey safe...!!! lol...wait until next season wey we go gife u Simon job u hear...

30+ said...

@Ajike, you are welcome sweete.

@Sha, 10k u

@Pinkgloves, thanks. I think you are being hard on yourself on the singing bit.

@MissOpeke, abi o, need to google Ryan Seacrest up

Afrobabe said...

mlmao...I can imagine you being nervouse and not even competing....abeg naijarise the thing jare...on second tots all of the above will work better...

Natasha said...

lol, I got to watch this now! I am sure you can phonetise and naijarise, Ramesey Noah does it all the time and on sometimes Jim Ike.

Jinta said...

be all of the above with the emphasis on razz

Mommy said...

Simon Cowell...your job aint safe.

Tears said...

nervous??? ya sure??? coz am SHAKING!!!! inside and OUT!! might even tell from my guys allowed vote right?? LOL!! *winks


Sasuke said...

Mother in the Lord congrats oh! there actually is no need to be nervous. i bet you have everything under control. nothing do u jare. we dey for you

30+ said...

@Afrobabe, ok no wahala.

@Funny, I don't like Iyke and am not a fan of Ramsey either :(

@Jinta, does razzness trip you

@Mommy, tell 'em

@Tears, lol abeg don't panic jo. I am nervous o just praying for Monday to come quickly.

@Sasuke, I don get title be dat, mother in the Lord. 'Nywayz 10ks

Jaja said...

e get things wey u go buy for me first, then my vote is yours...( salt, rice, garri and smoked fish plus stock fish (Cod from Finland)

Long time my sister, how bodi?

naijalines said...

So funny...Be all of the above but most importantly you'd be yourself and that is fab.

Olamild said...

Be spontaneous
Use jamo accent today
british accent tomorrow
naija accent next tomorrow


Just have fun and
be the best u can be = YOU

Godisalive said...

tx for stopping by hun. Hmm maybe i shud contest ooh lol in this blog idol self.

Ekoakete said...

Be yourself. You have the personality. I'm sure you'll be fine ;-)

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?


você é fantástico!

um beijo para você, meu caro amigo!

Deus te abençoe u Caro

podemos trocar os nossos link

r u disposta a fazer?

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?


você é fantástico!

um beijo para você, meu caro amigo!

Deus te abençoe u Caro

podemos trocar os nossos link

r u disposta a fazer?

UndaCovaSista said...

Er....excuse me?! So what were the nerves about? You did good, girl. Well done.Looking forward to hearing more :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
believer said...

Egbon mi, hope you had a nice weekend. It is well. I saw your comment, there is a book, can't remember the title now but will get back to you. For now, check

30+ said...

@Jaja, yeah been a long while
@naijalines, ok o
@olamild, okay will try to combo.
@godisalive,think it may be too late. you are welcome
@ekoakete, 10ks for the vote of confidence.
@Undacova, babes do you know how many takes it took to get that 3mins recording...

30+ said...

@Believer, 10ks for the link.

@UCS, BTW thanks and erm if I shell or something abeg hit me quickly on mail so I can rearrange myself - shey you remember my threat - lol

OmoIbadan Tuntun said...

57 comments? am I supposed to read thru all those?...I wish I got 57 comments too, I would just retire to my village and preside over town meetings:D

UndaCovaSista said...

That you peoples website is not allowing me to comment o!

Aphrodite said...

Heard you on the blogville idols page. You really sound nice Well done.

OluwaDee said...

tarry plus, nothing do you oh, practicals aint bad o. But abeg read small, just 4 d knowledge.

Good job on BI'08.

Afrobabe said...

You are killing the idols sound great...phonetics and up the good work...

UndaCovaSista said...

...ok, think 'john-rah', but pronouce the 'j' as you would the 's' in measure.
Hope that helps

kay-shawn said...

I'll be too glad to tell Simon Cowell for you that his job is on the line. There's a very interesting debate taking place on my blog. Would you like to join? Thanks

Parakeet said...

How u dey?, no new post?

Andy said...

U are doing a good job...keep it up.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to host, then damn it: you have every right to break out in tunes. Simon Cowell's goons have nothing on you. :-)

How body?

naijalines said...

You are doing a good job, dearie. love your voice. I don't understand what you meant by your last comment on my blog. Abeg expantiate.

pamela said...

LOl! You are doing great!

Uzezi said...

I'm lost on the Idol thing since I have been gone a while. So what's happening there?

ShonaVixen said...

a job well done girl!!u did a fab job