Ma Peeps,

To him who is able to keep us in Perfect Peace do I Kira fun.

Anyway Anyhow 30+ must yin Baba God.

As per post title, ok hold yourselves no one died again at least not that I know of.

Like someone replied in the comments to Orun Makanju "I shall not die but live and declare the Glory of the Lord". Most folks just stop on the "I shall not die but live", they are not mindful of the rest of the statement which says "and declare the Glory of the Lord".

Are you declaring the glory of the Lord with all you have, your body, soul and spirit or you just want to live for the sake of it.

Talking of which, Life is for living, living to me means all that I do speaks and demonstrate that there is a God. Like the preacher said it is better to remember Him while we are here on this earth because once death comes like "ti e ba e, oyo lo wa" ("your own has caught up with you" as in your are on your own).

There is a question that keeps bugging me. You know how we all go RIP (Rest In Peace) when someone dies, is it more of a slang or is it heartfelt?

IMO - I often wonder whether RIP is really the right thing to say. Would it not be better to say something like "Wow he / she died, all the best on the other side o". Yes now, truth be told I can safely say 99.9% of folks who say RIP to a dead person have themselves never died before and hence have no clue what is happening on the other side so why do you wish someone to rest in peace.

If wishing peace is a good thing, what will you do if someone wishes you Rest In Peace as you are about to go to bed....I can imagine some folks reaction will including cursing the fellow or saying back to sender - lol.

Speaking strictly from the scriptures:

Death is a transition, the place of taking off this earthly suit in exchange for another one. It is appointed for man to die ONCE and after that judgement.

When I leave this earthly suit, I imagine I will be giddy with excitement more than that of 4 year old on a christmas morning probably will fly faster than the goodness and mercy angels to embrace the Lord Jesus. One time I will sign up to join the heavenly choir kia kia, and be among the ones that will do orisirisi dance and rababa for Father Lord.

There was this dude friend of mine and it so happened that we where praying together, on a particular occassion. Suddenly the guy started praying loudly (he was leading) for his mum for like 10 - 15 minutes, no biggie shey. Well the said Mum died like 5-7 yrs ago or somefink. Initially when he started on that prayer point, I had to open one eye to check if he was for real and yep he was dead serious (no pun intended). Prayers like make her comfortable, let her eat the best of the food in heaven and wear the best, wipe her tears, let her be happy look back and be a mother indeed and thing and thin…along that line sha….

Although I was Amen, but mehn I did not feel comfortable "which kind alakoba prayer is this". I was counter praying inside my head "Father the living and the dead have nothing in common", "Father Lord I bind any mama from looking back and seeing me in the name of Jesus", "I bind, I loose, I take captive, I cover myself in the blood of Jesus"

Later when I asked him stylishly about his odd prayer, he said no prayer was ever wasted....okayee o. I remain unconvinced, he prolly was praying like that to make himself feel better about the loss.

So back to RIP, when you say the word do you sincerely mean it as a prayer and do you think it makes any difference to the dead person. How come we don't say things like 'Have fun', 'Enjoy yourself', 'keep a space for me' e.t.c

It's just bugging me

Why do we people spend time creating chaos for themselves and the people around them only to have Rest In Peace engraved on the tombstone. Today seek peace with God, yourself and with all around you.


aloted said...

it's a lie..i am first..on 30+ blog!! ki la ri?!!

aloted said...

men another thought provoking post...kai!
men to be honest i think i just say RIP cuz everyone says it o..but sometimes i think about it too..that is it everybody that is resting in peace on the other side...?

yes o...i totally agree that we should not only live but that our lives should bring glory to God...that is one of our purpose on this earth.

men thanks for this post o...really got me thinking...

Free-flowing Florida said...

dat title did get me, i admit oh. i was just wondering 'who again?' cos MM just told me of d wife of a friend dying. d woman gave birth 2 a bay 2 months ago, did d naming 2 weeks ago. she died yesterday! of what? food poisoning, they said. huh! dis is really sad cos it's a new marriage. very sad indeed.

2 ur questions: "Are you declaring the glory of the Lord with all you have, your body, soul and spirit or you just want to live for the sake of it?" i've gone 2ru many phases in my religious life (one day, i shall blog abt it). i've believed staunchly. i have disbelieved staunchly. & now, i simply just believe. i believe n God, n Jesus Christ as his son & as MY chosen way 2 God. I don't n any way think dat even n my atheist days dat i wasn't living 2 d glory of God. i was, i just ddnt know it. I was living den, so dat wen i now believe i'd know indeed dat there is a God & i couldn't do it all on my own. everything on earth & n heaven sings 2 d glory of God. Trees don't volutarily do dat? Rivers don't. Including human being. dat u r alive is a testimony 2 someone else. dat u could do everything evil thing u could & still b loved by dat same God u so believe u despised, daz declaring d glory of God - u just ddnt know dat was wot u were doing! even wen i do wrong, my life is declaring d glory of God. dat He is so merciful dat He could still keep me alive irrespective of my sinfulness.

as 2 d RIP, i don't like 2 think abt death or dead pple, so i don't wonder if they r resting n peace or pieces. after all, i can never know 4 sure until i myself am dead. in good time, dat information shall b made available 2 me.

chi-grace said...

"Goodnight, RIP, see you in the morning"
....i no fit laff, good one.

Anonymous said...

i know what u mean. my mum's pastor apparently tells them not to pray for the dead - not in that way anyway - cuz they're already gone.
i suppose its just a courtesy to assuage the conscience/feelings of the living really.

fantasy queen said...

i guess we just say R.I.P cos thats the easiest words we can say. we really dont mean it literally, or do we? well i dont anyway. i say it just because.
(and if anybody dare tell me that when i go to bed, na fight oh..sho, the kind of prayer i'll fire before i sleep)

as for the guy and his weird prayer, my opinion is he was lost in shock, cos no christian is that naive to think all that. even the catholics who believe in pogatory dont pray for good meals et co for the dead.

Jaycee said...

Can I tell you how much I loved this post? I don't think words would suffice...

Selah: "Why do we people spend time creating chaos for themselves and the people around them only to have Rest In Peace engraved on the tombstone. Today seek peace with God, yourself and with all around you." This is an excellent meditation for today.

Truth said...

good post.Bro prayer leader does not understand that after death its judgement.He was missing his mum and the best he should have done its to feflect back at the time they had together, and not to bug others about her food and whatever wereever she has gone.RIP has become a slogan for those who have departed and i have always found it difficult to say it.You are blessed.

LG said...

lollll@keep a space for me'
babes, e get as dat one sound o' :):)
bottom line is....
i sooooooooo luv dis post
thanx for d word, real sober reflection

RIP til next post :)

30+ said...

@Aloted, Silver and Gold have I not to give so here is a virtual hug from me to you for being the first to comment.

@FF, Sad to hear about the mother may God comfort those left behind.

To your breakdown, you have a point and to a great extent you are right whether or not we are conscious of it we are display of God's glory. However the scripture that I mentioned said ...and DECLARE. Declare being the operative word. Think of the ways you declare your love to soon to be and you should get my gist.

@Chi-grace - It does sound funny shey :)

@Geishasong - My point exactly we saying it more for ourselves than any

@FQ, nobody wants to hear it o. You think the guy is still in shock 6 years after the death.

@Jaycee, thank you I had been sitting on it a while

ShonaVixen said...

Selah: "Why do we people spend time creating chaos for themselves and the people around them only to have Rest In Peace engraved on the tombstone. Today seek peace with God, yourself and with all around you."

This is so true, we have to initially set the right foundation with God, then within ourselves before we look @ others...your post was very great and inspirational!!

Rita said...

I think R.I.P are just words we came to this world to hear people saying. So we followed suit. It sounds very diplomatic to say when someone dies but here's some origin about it

If we truly believe that when people die, they go to heaven, then we should be saying something like, "may he enjoy himself..." but imagine saying that to a widow..the way she will look at you eh...

As for your prayer partner, I feel he needs enlightenment in this u were not in agreement with him :)

Thanks for the reminder to seek peace...I liked the way you started with "To him who is able to keep us in Perfect Peace..."

Funms said...

saying RIP hasthought proving post... thanx

LG said...

lollll@keep a space for me'
babes, e get as dat one sound o' :):)
bottom line is....
i sooooooooo luv dis post
thanx for d word, real sober reflection

RIP til next post :)

LG said...

lollll@keep a space for me'
babes, e get as dat one sound o' :):)
bottom line is....
i sooooooooo luv dis post
thanx for d word, real sober reflection

RIP til next post :)

Favoured Girl said...
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Red Sapphire said...

I must say very thought provoking.its my first tyme commenting and reading ur blog, and i find it just the way it sounds(matured,grounded and deep)...

Favoured Girl said...

Very nice post. You got me with your title, I was hoping no one close to you died.

I had never thought deeper about those words "Rest In Peace" so this is thought-provoking. As a Christian, I believe that if I die before Christ comes, I'll be welcomed into my heavenly home by lots of smiling angels, I'll meet my Father and my Saviour, I'll be reuniting with people I've known on earth who went ahead of me, I'll be singing, dancing and rejoicing so that's hardly resting! I guess people just say RIP because that's what we hear everyone else saying.

And I don't believe people who have passed away have any business with what's happening on earth anymore. So I too would have been uncomfortable with the prayer that brother was saying. He was probably praying to soothe his own feelings.

Hope you're good dear.

30+ said...

@Shona vixen, glad you were inspired.

@Rita, thanks for the link will check it out. Of course I was not in agreement with him my stance the LIVING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEAD. Let everybody mind their own side.

@Funms, thanks babes

@LG, abeg mind yourself o why RIP till next post na.
You know what immediately I saw that comment I just said out loud I reject in Jesus name ...LMAO. I am laffing hard at myself here mehn.

@Red sapphire, thank you and welcome to my blog

30+ said...

@Favoured girl, I just missed your comment. I am fine. Our thinking is the same. See you changed your profile pix.

Shubby Doo said...

the beginning of this scared me sha...

Rest in peace...i could accept someone saying that if i was a doctor and stole away for a nap during a night shift... but not to bid me goodnight...hmmm

i think people mean it (or want to mean it) but they are not sure how best to express their sincerity to another when it comes to loss...saying RIP is simple and apt...i see the term as part of the final farwell... as in please don't be troubled at what you left behind...all will be fine...God is in in peace.

People have conversations with God, with angels… normal

Some people converse with… dare I say it… with the spirits of loved ones lost… I think it is more to do with calming/ reassuring the person living than the one that is gone.

I don’t see why you would pray for the dead as such…they are already at God’s side… so that one stumped me sha

Afrobabe said...

Lmao @ the reactions you would get if you told someone going to bed to rest in peace…hahahahahhaha
You try oh, I would have busted into lafter one time at that guy’s prayer….kai, no wonder I sabi enter trouble…

LG said...

buahahahahahahahaha see dis woman o'
abi no be u say make dey cultivate the habit of saying RIP???
for ur info i sent d comment twice so u no go miss d message *wide grin*
norrin do u

princesa said...

This post made me think, thanks babes.

When i say RIP, i mean let their ghost rest on in peace and not rise to haunt us the living,lol!

Buttercup said...

hmmm i've never stopped to think bout what RIP cud actually mean..i just say it to actually wish the dead well..

eeya, i dont evn know what to say bout ur friend n his prayer..

isha said...

Deep stuff. Thanks for this.

30+ said...

@Shubby, I know some people mean it (or want to mean it). The praying is definitely for their own calmness or conscience.

@LG - I guessed so too, so RIP

@Princessa - Lol abi me I like your thinking.

@Buttercup, stop and think about it now.

@Isha, thank you for thanking me.

Omosewa said...

Ahhh that bobos prayer was extra weird, but like you said he's making himself feel better prolly.

I think Rest in peace might be commonly used because of the myth of ghosts.Lmao@keep a space for me, hmm, maybe not.

Sis mi, im fine o, i'll update soon.

OluwaDee said...

We chase chaos, cos we r restless, n we always want something more.

How body?

Parakeet said...

Food for thot right there...especially the last bit. I'll go think of it.

naijalines said...

Probably dooes make a difference to the living as well as the dead. 'Rest in peace', to me means one is hoping the deceased is in a better place...which they may well be if the death was a release from pain/illness.

Still it offers some comfort to the living that their loved one is ok where they are. RIP has more metaphorical and philosophical significance than the words on the surface.

Lady A said...

Yeah, that prayer was kinda wierd. He needs to study his bible. I was laughing at your counter prayer, girl that is something I would have prayed with the quickness. Isn't it interesting to see where some people are spiritually and what they really believe. That guy has no clue.

Sherri said...

sisi mi,
why were u countering the poor dude's prayer now?
he was praying to comfort himself. lol

one question:why do we need to clarify prayers for the Omnipotent?

i dey run comot..

how u dey?

30+ said...

@Omosewa, nice to see you on the page.

@Oluwadee, iyawo tuntun, body dey inside cloth

@Parakeet, yes o go on and meditate

@Naijalines, it most likely makes a difference to the living, I am unconvinced what difference it makes to the dead.

@Ladya, he definitely has no clue

@Sherri, okay o why would I not counter the prayer.

Debbie said...

This is soulful, and thoughtful. We are created for one purpose only to give God glory and our dying or living should all bring him glory. Yes our dying, for Paul said whether or live or die, that I may glorify him while our living is needful to spread the word and bring him glory, if we die for reason of loving him then may all glory be given to him.

Afronuts said...

LMAO! @ the prayer warrior.
Thats quite odd.

'Have fun', 'Enjoy yourself' - i can understand but 'keep a space for me' - haa..I dont think people will dig that one oh.

Its like one wants to die quickly lol!

But I dig the fact that why dont we say the other stuff? I thinks its because its a moment of sorrow and it wud be hard to say such.
Unless u loose someone u love and u say 'have fun' in a sad kind of way, it can't be a jovial thing


"Why do we people spend time creating chaos for themselves and the people around them only to have Rest In Peace engraved on the tombstone"

Wow, that's deep...

Thanks for sharing.

God's child said...

Love this post!! Our lives have clearly been written since foundation of time, and God has predestined us to walk down the path He created for us. To bring glory to His name is the reason for our existence.
Death on earth like you said is just a phase, as a believer our physical body gives way to the eternal one, and frankly we'll be in a better place anyway. We just have to always make sure that we arent living in sin in any way and to constantly ask God for forgiveness so we can always have the garment of righteousness. There are many "religious" people who wont make it to heaven, and I sure will not be one of them!
God Bless you my sister

Miz Opeke said...

I have to write that I really enjoyed reading this piece...It just makes you wonder...really! thanks for sharing...

30+ said...

@Debbie, The glory belongs to God alone.

@Afronut, I guess it sounds odd

@SSD, You are welcome

@God's Child, thoughtful, and I will be among those that make it, AMIN

@Opeke, Thanks

NaijaBabe said...

Hehe..this is a rather random topic..but yeah the RIP is a bit err...I'd rather say somn similar but not the exact words.

As for your friend...evn in islam, it is said that a child that prays for his dead parent paves the parent's way to paradise as the parents sin are forgiven everytime the child remembers to pray for them...but anyway...its funny what u did. I do find it uncomfortable when I overhear people's prayers...makes me a bit errr