Can't Sleep, HONESTLY

Hi Peeps,

I am always amazed by God's mercy, kindness and endless love, it is more than I an comprehend. Thank you Lord
Can't sleep, it is 2.50am and I have been sitting by the laptop forever, hopping all over the net and what's not.

Right now I kind of feel like I can not be bothered, been here before and can't imagine what God must be thinking. You will think this babe has learned how to cope in situations like this. When things don't go the way you expect or want.

No doubt that even this too shall pass....but before that, I can blog it.

Watched clips of the Obama vs McCain debate and boi it seems like Senator McCain's feathers are being ruffled by "That One". I am excited that this is happening in my time, new history in making.

How can somebody get on your nerves even without trying, is it possible?! I know I am speaking in codes but for my future reference it's got to do with G.....

My consolation is the so called lessons I am learning as maturity sets in.

I don't like doing expenses and taxes :(.

Need to hit the gym big time, the pounds are catching up on me and have the unfair advantage of post holiday and London binging. Gym kit - check, willingness - check, mojo - none. The shorter days and longer nights settling in do not help matters.

Thank you Believer for the award of honest blogger, sniff sniff .

I pass the award on to the following bloggers who in turn should ideally pass it unto another 7 other bloggers (although I can see a few rule breakers on my list so we shall see)

  • Undacova
  • Princessa
  • Uzezi
  • Napaali
  • Flourishing Florida
  • Shubby Doo
  • Darkelcee
Secret agent 30+ loves her blogger friends on facebook, especially the new ones *wink* - lol.
I need to get my groove back sharp
Till laters


good naija girl said...

I hope writing this blog entry allowed you to catch some sleep!

(Nice cartoon by the way)

Take care of yourself and congrats on getting back to the gym...maybe the mojo will show up once you darken the doors of the gym. :)

Jaycee said...

LOL @ "That One"

McCain is in some big TROUBLE! The whole world stopped when those words tumbled out of his mouth...

"This too shall pass..."

DiAmOnD hawk said...

the secret to the gym I think is sometimes having a partner that you're accountable to...

I dont know why everyone is going ga ga over the "that one" comment.. to me it's not a big deal... I mean... we all talk like that at some point when referencing someone and it's not a demeaning statement... but anyways the town hall meeting was extra boring... let's hope round 3 has some zing to it!

sometimes when I wake up extra early.. typically around 2am... my mom says... God is trying to talk to you...

Have a great wknd chicka...

fantasy queen said...

i couldnt sleep last night either :(, and of course sleepliness brings about thoughts of irrelevant worries.

dont know whats bothering you, but i guess the only bright light at the end of the tunnel is the thought that it'll pass soon enough.

i love obama no doubt and i loath maccain's smirkish attitude towards him, but sometimes in my quite moments i ask myself 'is this dude overrated?'..i've almost gotten lynched by this statement. lol

about facebook....its not fair oh...someone, cant remember who ranted about bloggers who're on fb with their blog identities, i'll soon protest too:o)

Rita said...

Very hilarious picture...

Was really moved by the words "...been here before and can't imagine what God must be thinking..."

Truly, no one gets to be an expert at facing any kind of matter how many times...the only things is that with experience you know this too shall pass and the darkest night must see the day...

Take care and may God's comfort remain with you...

Shubby Doo said...

egbon thank you ...hope you sleep well tonight sweetie

ShonaVixen said...

hope you managed to sleep well and didnt count those sheep for too long!!

aloted said...

awww...congrats on ur award..

men i didnt watch the presidential debate o...was busy sleeping..nawa

Naapali said...

Thank you.

Aijay said...

I've had little or no sleep for a couple of days... freaking jet lag!

Anyways take care of u darling... this too shall pass.

Also excited about the US presidential election... God is doing His thing!!

bumight said...

close your eyes..

repeat after me...1 sheep jumped over the moon
2 sheep jumped over the moon
3 sheep jumped over the moon
4 sheep jumped over the moon
5 sheep jumped....

Uzezi said...

30+, look me straight i n the eyes and tell me that u really believe that i am honest.

how do you know that now?

Thanks plenty o! I tell them I am honest to a fault and they will giggle. Shame on those people.

hope u r sleeping properly now?
if not, at night, just close ur eyes, and pretend that ur spirit is leaving ur body on a journey to visit ur bestfriend, and peep to find out what she is doing at that time of the night.

Debbie said...

I just can't wait to rejoice when I hear that Obama has won.
It's a tough road, but I hope he will come through.

NikkiSab said...

I heard dat debate was sth n really mccain just showed who he really is by his sentence..i wish obama luck.
wat made u stay up?
THANK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! For ur fab mail to me those passages helped me. God bless u luv.

Smaragd said...

oh well, dont know what to say. do as bumight

it is well o.

Doja said...

May be you already had too much sleep!

Believer said...

Egbon mi, it is well. He gives his beloved sleep, well we keep learning and growing. Have a blessed weekend

Believer said...

BTW wish you were in London, i need some motivation as well to hit the tracks and start running again!!

30+ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30+ said...

@GNG, well I went to sleep like 3.45 or so. When are you coming back from Naija?! Enjoy yourself

@Jaycee, AMEN

@Diamondhawk, well I am looking for a partner around here but none so far, my housemate is a lazy one so no hope there. Thanks and have a beautiful weekend

@FQ, nothing much was worrying me, I just kept up late goofing around and suddenly my sleep went away and I could not find it again. As per FB don't worry I may do an exclusive sometime in the near future :), still heart you though. Will heart you more if you take me to Dubai with you - lol

@Amen, Rita. Spoken like a true wise woman.

@Shubby you are welcome

30+ said...

@Shonavixen, yes finally at close to, thanks for stopping by.

@Aloted, how now

@Naapali, you are welcome

@Aijay, doing the disappearing acts now she post now she does not :). Jetlag huh? Where have you been all this while.

@Bumight, you don't say, is that the Dokita's prescription or Bumight remedy?!

@Uzezi, yes I am looking into your closed eyes and saying I think you are a honest blogger. Me I don't know about imagining my spirit leaving body o, is that not astral projection?!

@Debbie, it will be a monumental occassion to see Obama sworn in.

@Nikkisaab, you are welcome, glad you found them useful.

@Smaragard, thanks how are you been a while.

@Doja, not really I did not sleep too much

@Believer, even if I was in London I may be in the south and you will be in the north. Why don't you move up here to my city it is much smaller and condusive for jogging - lol.

bllk wolf said...

ur not the only one who ends up staying up at night "wondering"!!!
neways i been doing that for months,
ur lucky u know u got friends(even in here)
next time ur up hit me up on mi number..
i cud use company
no arguements (krosses heart).

Mak said...

You're too chill to be 30+.
Thanks for writing

Free-flowing Florida said...

Tomorrow free-flowing florida becomes FFF & Shotmusinz becomes Ruffin' It. Don't miss this ...

rethots said...

"How can somebody get on your nerves even without trying,...." because he (McCain) can believe it for the life of him that he would be slugging (the exalted seat) the presidency with "That One" a person of colour (African descent) for that matter.

Can you just imagine.

Sherri said...

pele o
hope u get ur grooooove back soon o

darkelcee said...

awwwwhhhh you gave me an award? how sweet.

but you know my request now...... unveil pleaseeeeeee.


Nice guy said...

sounds like theres stuff u didnt say that caused ur sleeplessness...Anyway hope its all good

UndaCovaSista said...

Thank you!

Kafo said...

did u see the debate tonight
hmmm obama seemed a lil lost at times
but three more weeks and then we will know

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