Hi Peeps,
Just because God cares for his own, his eyes are on the tiny sparrow and he watches over us, I submit to you that he is worthy to be praised. No one like him, none like, no one.

Call it coincidence, call it God speaking to me, call it random but the scripture I ‘Happened’ to read today is Isaiah 58 can not be more clear and relevant to Blog Action day against poverty.

I finished reading and lay on my bed thinking of practical ways to implement, what could I do right now I enquired in my heart only to find myself navigating to Simeon’s blog again and noticing the BLOG ACTION DAY AGAINST POVERTY and voila

In the midst of our very busy lives and the World news with all it glitz, scandals and charade, there is a reality that only gets to be heard / seen of on 2-5mins infomercials and even that is Infrequent.

There is something fundamentally wrong in a child going to bed hungry for days on end. What makes it even more unbearable is the fact that the food is available but mismanagement, greed and non chalant attitude of 'A FEW' results in the wastage and subsequent denial of these provisions for those who need it.

One thing is sure, there are enough resources for everyone on this planet to eat and have their fill every day. In the beginning he saw everything and it was good, the creator provided enough for his creature to eat and satisfy their hunger.

It may sound that my post is biased towards food and hunger as opposed to Poverty, my line of thought stems from the Yoruba proverb that says “ti ounje ba ti kuro ninu ise, ise buse” (once hunger is cured, poverty has little or effect). Nevertheless I am mindful that poverty can be and is relative to individual.

The post is not geared towards the details of horrors of poverty, it is more towards "what part can I play to eradicate poverty". So here goes


  • Share Love - While poverty as is widely known/thought of may not be very visible in the Western world, there is a well masked poverty “Poverty of the soul”. There are many that wake up and go to bed without any form of love shown to them, start with your neighbour, find out their name without being too intrusive, give a smile. Adopt a penpal from afar and write encouraging letters to them. Share your faith.
  • Share your substance – Support a charity that is poverty oriented, you can start with as little as £3 pounds a month. Declutter your wardrobe and give those things you will never wear to someone who has none to wear. Volunteer your time a few hours a week.


The earth as been given to us to maintain and preserve it’s resources.

  • Avoid wastage in any form.
  • Avoid over eating or cooking what you can not eat and if you do, please preserve left overs.
  • Use compost bin if you absolutely have to throw food away.
  • Recycle as much as possible it helps preservation.


  • Be an ambassador in your own way. Challenge friends, families and all around you to do the same as above. Put up a post on your blog if you have one. Put up a message on facebook. Every little helps. Ask your leaders in the place of worship on what they are doing to make poverty history.
    Especially if you are a Christian the gospel of Jesus Christ means the true good news (Luke 4:18). Good news to the poor is not just preaching on a Sunday or lifting holy hands and ushering in decked up attire.
    To the poor good news is providing their needs and showing them how to meet their own needs so churches are to actively give to the poor (see John 13:29). Remember Faith without works is dead.

A few good charities are listed below (there are many more)

Disclaimer: I support the first 3 on the list and have interest (non financial) in the first one.

You should also visit

If you are already doing any or all of the above, how about raising the standard just a little bit more.

Have a fab week


darkelcee said...

hmm, this is a clarion call to serve. God help us oh. i think you have set my heart in the right direction today.

this post made a whole lot of sense.

Nice day

aloted said...
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aloted said...

totally feeling this post! just read jaycee's post on Make poverty history as well...

i like the actions you have set out..i need to print it out.

God bless u!

Rita said...

These are beautiful suggestions...and am so touched...

Liked your words "..there are enough resources for everyone on this planet to eat and have their fill every day..." So so true.

Sherri said...

talk about out of mouth of two or more witnesses...!



Thanks for sharing this. How you dey?

naijaleta said...


Naapali said...

Preserving and sharing are two worthy goals.

I like this new look, austere yet soothing.

AlooFar said...

Thanks for this.

... why do i think we can save the world through blogging? ;)

Jaycee said...

I really love the Yoruba proverb that says “ti ounje ba ti kuro ninu ise, ise buse” (once hunger is cured, poverty has little or effect).

I like the idea of encouraging a pen-pal...if u have any ideas of how to get pen-pals in need, pls feel free to share with me...


ShonaVixen said...

i loved this post and agree that preserving and sharing is the route to take! I support Make Poverty History and as JayCee says if you know about the penpal info do share with us!!

Kpakpando said...

i love this post, as citizens of the world, we should care more for those we share this world with.

OluwaDee said...

This is so true, we can all do something to alienate poverty.

Parakeet said...

That's a wonderful call...well done. Thanks a lot for dropping by to check up on me. I'm doing great.

God bless and have a fun weekend!

Beyond said...

very thoughtful post.....guess clearing out my closet won't be a bad idea....afterall, its beginning to look like a junk yard .....

thanks so much 4 checking up on me.... am doing alright .... aw about.... hope u r doing great

Femi B said...

Amen..we all need to help everyone in need. It is our obligation to be our brothers keeper. However am I being racist if i only truly want to help the nigerians in need?

DB said...

thanks for dropping by
it's good the times we are able to come out of our own personal troubles and think of those of the world at large.
thanks for this clarion call and bless as many who heed it.

NikkiSab said...

Dis is beautiful. Besides contributing to dese organisations I tink we shd also help d poor in our own environment. visit orphanages too. U r blessed n thanks for waking our conscience

aloted said...

You've received the "I love your blog" award. Please check my blog for more details

naijalines said...

What's with the new look? It's easier to read.

Poverty is a scourge that can only be eradicated by a lack of greed...a feat that's practically impossible for most humans. It's true though that by us all doing something about it, we chip away at some of the suffering caused.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the reminder, it's so easy to be wrapped up in our little world forgetting there are those who have it more tough than us.
Well done, and thanks for stopping by my place of refuge.

archiwiz said...

I like the new layout. Very pristine, and clear.

Olamild said...

May the lord bless us so we may be a blessing unto others

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