Mixed Emotions

Ma Peeps,

I CAN do everything through him who gives me strength.

Thank you Lord for strength for today and the hope for tomorrow.

On confirming the election result, I was in a sombre surreal mood. On the one hand trying to comprehend that the next president of United States is BLACK as in my own colour yeeerrrekkkke! On the other hand I was reflective on the "I can" slogan.

Is that it? Just like that, is that how history is made, reckless abandonment of status quo in tireless pursuit of unimaginable ambition / dream.

An opportunistic and strategically planned move that capitalises on the weakness of the way, things are currently being run.

Sheer HARD WORK (in form of tireless campaignes) and the support of all around in whatever way they can. Not taking any little help for granted (donations of $2 not considered small).

My own reflection has got me thinking on what things I COULD have done and what things I CAN now do and must now do. Like everyone I have been inspired by the victory no doubt, Obama just proved Phillipians 4:13 to be true.

So watch out for 30+, yeeaaaahhh because SHE CAN!

Still on the election gists, Nigerians have a sense of humour, I don't know how folks come up with stuff like the funny headlines some to my inbox (see below) especially the last two.

If USA was Nigeria , today (a week after election)'s papers Headlines would read something’s like: ·

  • Don't celebrate yet, McCain tells Obama (TELL magazine)

  • Concede defeat, Obama urges McCain (Punch Newspaper)

  • 20 opposition cadres riot (The Sun Newspaper)

  • McCain Demands Vote Recount (Vanguard Newspaper)

  • Elections rigged - Palin (Guardian Newspaper)

  • No evidence of manipulation (NTA News)

  • The Church declares elections free and fair (News Line)

  • There will be violence if we lose; McCain declares (LTV 8 news)

  • Election results for Arizona , Florida , New York awaited (Channels News)

  • Trucks with suspected ballot papers crosses into USA from Mexico (Tribune Newspaper)

  • "McCain is an opportunist - Go back to your farm" says Biden(AIT News)

  • I will not accept results, McCain tells Obama (MITV News).

  • Democratic Party will rule the USA for the next 100 years - Clinton Declares (ThisDay Newspaper

  • Area Boys 20 killed, 30 injured at New Jersey Polling Booth )(Daily Mirror)

  • Obama: ‘I will soon roll out timetable for Royal Blessings’(PM News)

  • Several Ballot Boxes Missing at Phoenix , handwork of ‘Obama Boys’ - Republican Party(gatewaytv News)

  • Heavy Security at INEC H/quarter, Commissioners flee. (Newswatch Magazine)

  • $900million for Feeding and Wardrobe Allowances for Obama’s Daughters Justified (Presidential Spokeperson)


  • MIO NI GBA O!! - McCAIN (Akede Agbaye)
Location, Location
Bloggers sha! I said no one should ask where I was in my previous post, yet some folks could not resist, I understand :). Anyhoo while in my secret location I opened Allied's blog (see below) and saw some strange words, checked mine and a few others and it was all the same. I panicked and asked my hostess why my computer was messing up, until she reminded me where I was...

I got myself a new camera, it arrived today and am quite excited.

Till later


Favoured Girl said...
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Favoured Girl said...

Yep, so many people all over the world have been inspired by Obama's victory.

LOL @ those Nigerian headlines. The sad thing is in our present political landscape, they would probably be true. And they would drag on and on for months.

How are you doing 30+?

The poets voice ~~~ said...

"MIO NI GBA O!! - McCAIN (Akede Agbaye) "- LOOOOOL!!!
those Nigerian headlines are absolutely hilarious..but its a bit sad because there's some truth in there.

bumight said...

lol @ the elections headlines.
i cant see what I'm supposed to see on allied's blog!

aloted said...

lol..those elections headlines were something else.

ok now u have given us a hint but me i still dunno wat language that is o..lol.i know it is not french sha..

NoLimit said...

lemme guess...language looks like German to me...either that or dutch language...correct me if I'm wrong...
lol that came to my inbox as well...did any body get the Aso=ebi one?lol....too funny...enjoy your trip o...

InCogNaija said...

lmao! @ the headlines...i can see that really happening. lol!
anyways, i agree with you on thr yes we can situation...anybody can truly do anything...with determination and focus and most importantly, God!

30+ said...

@Favouredgirl, I am fine o.

@The poet's voice - it got me cracking up as well

@Bumight, I was giving clue as per my location with the foreign language.

@Aloted see response to Nolimit below, mrs curious :)

@Nolimit, spot on as per the location. Yes I got a text about the aso ebi.

@incognaija, "determination, focus and God" very important

princesa said...

LMAO @ the headlines.
Really funny but sad when you really think about our situation in this country.

Changed ur layout??

So you were in Netherlands?

Anonymous said...

Loving your spirit darlin!ay, its infectious... kip being positive

lots of love!xoxo

darkelcee said...

that alaroye headline is a trip! kai! naija peeps?

Na God go help us for this country sha

Jaycee said...

New camera...yippeee!!!

Oh yes, you can 30+!!! I'm looking forward to you establishing every one of your dreams, according to God's good will for your life. Woohoo!!!!

Jaycee said...

Bring back a souvenir for moi, k?

titi said...

hello there. nice site

Kuesoom said...

Hey 30+ email me when u get a chance....



FFF said...

those headlines na true oh, no joke. ok, i ddnt read d previous post but now am curious. where u go?

AlooFar said...

hahahaha... very funny headlines.

LG said...

# MIO NI GBA O!! -kinda reminds me of 'falae' vs 'obj' *sigh*

Shubby Doo said...

i am laughinh at those headlines but in truth i am also sad...when will we (Nigeria) get there?

lol...your browser changed the words because you were in another country...that thing has freaked me out...next time try accessing afro's page...google's warning will be a different language

30+ said...

@Princessa, Yes I changed the layout, e don tey when you come this side. Yes you are spot on as per the location.

@Tallies, thanks

@Darkelcee, Amin o. Meanwhile omoge when are you updating your blog now.

@Jaycee, yes sweetie and thanks for the prayer.


@Kuesoom, okayee hope all is well?!

@FFF, you should have got the gist from the clues now and my response above.

@Aloofa, wuz up there

@LG, shey

@Shubbydoo...I was being a bushy never been to a place where English was not national language.

kike said...

I always enjoy your blogs. God bless you real good.
Daughter of Encouragement

simeone said...

reli funny ,, especially the last two/// i believe you are doing fine..remain blessed

Jinta said...

the nigerian headlines are quite apt

Allied said...

i see the strange words too.. Does that mean we are both in ....?

ok, meet me outsite that kiosk, in front of iya obinna's shop okay?


MIO NI GBA O!! - McCAIN (Akede Agbaye)

Believer said...

30+, 30+, how do you do? Thanks for your last comment o, I am already singing the new song. Egbon mi, how far? You can truly do all things through Christ who strengthens you

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL @ the headlines! That is hillarious. What makes is funnier is that it is true.

azuka said...

Those headlines sound just like Nigeria :-D

Tears said...

And YES she will!! been a min aunte!


Kemi Penélopê said...

LoL @ d Headliners...!!!