O compatriots, it's been so long

Hello Burriful peeps,

Counting 11 months of God's faithfulness, he is worthy to be praised. God is near to them that are near to him, at every corner if you incline your heart, God is near.
If you are saying or thinking that you can't seem to find this near God, my question to you is, have you checked his word?!

Imagine you have a neighbour you like so much, not that you are close close but the times you hang out to have coffee or what's not it's usually very good and tight. One day you turn up to their door with your mug of coffee and suddenly their house is under lock and key you knock and knock (comments upon comments) but no reply. No letter left for you no forwarding address just cold break and you have to go back to your house with your cold cup of coffee while wondering what happened.

Well that is how it feels sometimes when a blogger just ups and leave without any prior warning.

Phhew, that is off my chest.

I know I did not give gist about my short break, well because it was uneventful, it could have easily been me going to the other end of town. I mean I went by air and was there within an hour and mostly stayed indoors. Although there was an official dinner which I attended and it was fab.
The food was fabulicious plus they served some Suya like that which took me straight to Sabo in Nigeria, it was off the eazzy. The company of folks I was in, the music, the MC and all was tight.
Talk about knowing how to take care of guests, these folks were on top of the game.

We had to stand up for the official national anthem at one point (the high commissioner's arrival). Now, maybe it was the fact that it's been so long I sang the national anthem officially or the fact that I was in company of very notable and respectable Nigerians I am not sure, however I felt quite emotional as we sang. More than a few thoughts including hopeful ones went through my mind concerning Motherland, Nigeria.

That was the highlight of the short break, rest of the days was spend just lazying around, doing a bit of personal work/study and general catching up on gist with my hosts.

Ended up missing my return flight because of too much gist, so decided to come back by overnight coach, that was also uneventful till we got to UK border.

I was not a happy bunny when the driver woke everyone up to get down for immigration control. Especially as we had to step out into the cold before going inside the control office.

My turn came and lady at the counter looked at my passport, looked at me then, looked at the passport again then asks me my date of birth (bear in mind that I just woke up from my relatively comfy sleep)...I answered her by asking "What is the date of birth written on the passport?". A 'don't mess with me this early morning' scowl accompanied my answer just for emphasis' - lol.

Miss Adamant goes "Yes I know the date of birth on the passport, just need you to confirm". I mumbled my DOB and she said "thank you", and then smiled "you are so lucky, you look nothing like your age".

In my head I was thinking 'whatever' but smiled wryly while managing a muffled thanks. Later chided myself for being such a grump when all the lady was doing was her job.

Anyhoo back on coach, then 10mins later had to disembark yet again because we were now on the ferry and apparently we are mandated to go walk inside and get on the ferry deck. "Why can't these folks just let me sleep in peace, if I am on the coach which is on a ferry surely it is the same thing". The driver did not agree and insists we all have to vacate the coach. So off we go and I start wandering around avoiding temptation of buying anything on deck talk about being overpriced hmmph, even the need to spend the remaining euro on me was not strong enough.

45mins later we get to Dover and proceed back on the coach off the ferry and continue the journey by road. I must have slept for only 30mins or so when some Essex boys (see reason below) starts to demo craziness insisting the driver stop on the motorway for them to get off.


Driver tells these yobs that his destination is Victoria and he can't stop for obvious reasons. The boys fariga, insisting that they live close by (hence my conclusion that they were Essex boys, cos it was around that area and the accent as well) blah blah. In short when they insisted they were going to kick door open and jump out of the moving coach, while sitting behind the driver shouting like loonies, the driver complied and they got off.

Ope o I breathed a sigh of relief that, at least it was not a ploy to get the coach hijacked as I feared. Thing is while the drama was foing on all I was thinking of was one Abuja trip I went years ago and the coach nearly got hijacked by armed robbers.

From the on it was smooth sailing till we reached London, where I had a few days stop over before travelling down to my end again.

So that was how I spent my last holiday.

Thanks Aloted and SimeonBaba for loving my blog so much they passed the award below to moi.

I pass it on the first 9 bloggers to leave a comment on this post

Till later


LG said...


LG said...

thanx 4 d award dear'
its well deserved...Oops i meant u really deserve it :p

LG said...
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ShonaVixen said...

so do i get an award?!?...lol....oooh the joys of Essex boys...lmao

AlooFar said...

You sure deserve the award. You're a fantastic blogger.

miz-cynic said...


darkelcee said...

i guess its sometimes not easy updating that's y u get to some blogs and nobody "is there"

hmm niaja anthem, dont know if i can still sing it correctly sha.

so i got the award too? hippeeeee

bumight said...

I feel exactly the same way when a blogger leaves. and if its a blogger that i have a crush on, I feel Jilted!

Favoured Girl said...

Welcome back 30+. I'm guessing you went somewhere in Western Europe shey? I've taken that coach journey before and I swore to myself - never again! At the border in France, the officials sent in sniffer dogs to check for drugs. The dogs foung drugs on three boys, they hauled us all off the coach, we stood in the cold for hours while the foolish boys were being interrogated, customs officials had to check our luggage again ... some loooong drama!

Hope you had fun on your trip and you are happy to be back!

Writefreak said...

Awww, to think i only narrowly missed the award..i must be faster next time!

Welcome back from your trip, sometimes it's just good to have a laid back one

Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

Since LG posted twice, and the deleted comment, I think I can still claim the award, no? Thanks 30+, I knew you would agree. I so feel you on that blogger thing, It is scary, to think you build this relationahips with these people and they just leave without so much as a peep. Ehn, horrible. I would be so sad if you are super close to someone on here and they just suddenly stopped blogging. ummmmm

simeone said...

o.k, interssting post..
why would a blogger just vanish..not nice and disrespectful..ur lil vacation wasn't all that boring now...

aloted said...

what an eventful holiday...thank God u are back safely

ehn hen i gave u this award even before simeone o...anyway it's been long so guess it's easy to forget...

Jinta said...

the journey appeared to be more eventful than the holiday. lol

Jaycee said...

Your journey was actually eventful...

Glad everything went well at the end of the day, thank God the train episode was not a burglary. And thank God you're back!!!! *shines teeth*

THIRTY + said...

@LG, your award is double for being no 1.

@Shonavixe, of coure you get an award.

@Aloofar, thanks

@MzCynic, I don't know the wahala of blogger, naijaleta complained of the same thing. Hopefully it's all fixed now.

@Darkelcee, I know it can be difficult sometimes but the blogger should leave a note now...like I currently have writers block will be back sometime in the future or something like that.

@Favouredgirl, sniffer dogs ke, I would have caused a scene because me no like dogs like that o.

@Bumight, so is/was there any particular one you had a crush on *winks*

@Writefreak, You did not miss the award, you were actually the 8th blogger. So recieve your award now

THIRTY + said...

@Temite, yes o it does feel horrible, as if one has been left in the cold.

@Simeonbaba, Thanks for the award again. Folks stop blogging for different reasons but you know they should just drop a note to their readers now.

@Aloted, chai oh my dayz, let me go and adjust myself and my post right away. Sorry hun I had forgotten kpatakpata.

@Jinta, you can say that again.

@Jaycee, thanks for shining teeth on my safe return o - lol.

princekay123 said...

Nice blog here.

What's ur DOB? Are u sure u didn't piss in ur pant when the lady insisted u must tell her? LOL

aloted said...

thank u for re-adjusting ;o)


lol! Glad you are back!

femme said...

considering i am one of 'those' bloggers who just upped and left- sorry.. abeg no vex.
been lurking and reading though. you have to be the only Nigerian to cry at the National Anthem.

Pink Lips said...

And you say your holiday was uneventful, at least the events happened on ur way bk. I feel you on bloggers who just disappear like that!!!

archiwiz said...

I totally agree with you on the feeling you get when a blogger leaves.

Its funny but I'm still weirded out by the different layout of your blog. And its been some time since you changed it ohh... I don't know where my brain goes sometimes.

Sherri said...

did u bring some suya back?

lol@ "the don't mess with scowl"

how u dey?

bllk wolf said...

i think the question should be
what makes em leave.
fact is if we can , we should be a lil more concerned about a fellow blogger.
people have issues to deal with,
u know we all came in here for different reasons,
some came to gist,
a couple to feel luved;
a few to let out their emotions,
some to play evilish-devilish,
and others to get a new life and live out a fantasy.
lets ponder

bllk wolf said...

i think the question should be
what makes em leave.
fact is if we can , we should be a lil more concerned about a fellow blogger.
people have issues to deal with,
u know we all came in here for different reasons,
some came to gist,
a couple to feel luved;
a few to let out their emotions,
some to play evilish-devilish,
and others to get a new life and live out a fantasy.
lets ponder

THIRTY + said...

@Princekay, thks. Nah, when my hands were clean like person that used omo, why should I fear.

@Aloted, you are welcome

@SSD, thx sweetie

@Femme, hmn hmn hmn. Abeg next time drop a small note that you are on hiatus. Shuo so I am on my own on the anthem thing?!

@Pinklips, yes now it seems the journey was more eventful than the holiday.

@Archiwiz, stop being weirded o, lol

@Sherri, for where, suya that was denied entry to UK :).

@Blkwolfie, true words. However what happens when you drop comments after comments and the blogger just doesn't reply, that is what I am talking about. I have found by experience that Bloggers are generally caring and loving when one opens up.

@All, we should show more love and concern.


Just checking in

omonaikee said...

nice blog. perused thru it, found it interesting...

Funms-the rebirth said...

i want some suya...... actually, im going to go make some!