30 days of Thankfulness - Day 19

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I was taggged by Bimbylads

This is Day 19th of Thankfulness Chain

I am thankful for the gift of Jesus Christ, whom I discovered through pages of the Bible, no cajoling from anyone, no hard message from the pulpit, you are real to me and I will never forget the day you stepped into my life the summer of 1987. Over the years you have been the anchor of my soul MY SAVIOUR, MY MASTER AND A TRUE FRIEND INDEED. Thank you JESUS for coming into my life, lifting me from a place of lowliness to a place higher than I, I love you so much, you mean the world to me.

I am thankful for the gift of my family, they are my greatest fan club.

I want to thank God for the gift of the pilgrim lifestyle because he is pushing me out of my comfort zone and expanding my horizon.

I am thankful for the gift of Blogville because I found friends and dare I say another family like no other and an avenue to share, bless and be blessed.

I want to thank God for the gift of humour because I can laugh at myself and make others laugh at the same time.

I am thankful for the gift of waiting because in it God is working out the fruit of Patience.

I want to thank God for my job because it is Purely God's compensation.

I am thankful because God never forgets.

I want to thank God because he rewards.

I amd thankful because he is the God of EQUITY AND JUSTICE.

I want to thank God for the gift of my emotion because even though it gets on my nerves that I feel/empathise so much it is God's way of ensuring that I just don't walk away.

I want to thank God because "won seun, anu won duro titi lai" ("he is good and his mercies endures")

I am thankful because he is "Ariroala" ("The mystery that speaks in dreams")

I want to thank God because he is "Aji pa ojo iku da" ("He changes times and season")

I am thankful because he is "Atobajaye" ("with him life is worth enjoying")

I want to thank God because he is "Emmanuel" ("God with us")

P.S - You don't have to wait to be tagged, thank him anyway


Bold and Beautiful said...


Babe am so so so thankful i could shout the roof off,I look back at the year and i marvel,I join u to say am thankful.

Aijay said...

When I say ur comment on my blog, I was like "What has 30+ done to me o? Chei! So I have to update." Lol.
Its all good babes. I'll do it. Many reasons to be thankful.
See ya!

Anonymous said...

Ariroala men 30+ yoruba is deep!

Dat got me thinking

We should all be thankful for all and more. plus we are all still laye and laiye(alive and well)

Hp i tried. My yorus is rusty lol

Nice blog

darkelcee said...

Whao! this is awesome

i am proud of you sis. you know how to thank God in Yoruba

Very ok!

Hopeful B! said...

enjoy reading your posts, love your cheerfulness and thankful heart.

30+ said...

@Bold and Beautiful, gone to your page and that thankful post sounds so like I wrote it.
@Aijay, what thou doest do quickly no time wasting you are long overdue one post per month gal!
@hopeful b!, thank you
@Jummy, you tried
@darklcee, you are now tagged to go and do likewise.

princesa said...

So for which day have we been tagged now? Tomorrow 20th??
Its now tag me I tag you abi??
Any way I like this.
Am doing it rightaway.

Believer said...

We really thank God for His mercies and his faithfulness towards us. Not one word He has promised concerning us can ever fall to the ground. Thank God for you as well. Have a wonderful week. Really loving this new template!!

Jaybabe said...

Wow! I love this too. Think i'm goinno do it soonest. Even though we'll write all that we are gr8ful and thankful for, we still can't stop thankin Him bcoz everyday, He impacts our lifes in a very compalling way. We need to keep on thankin Him every hr of every day.

Very nice post.

30+ said...

@Princessa, yes o
@Believer, how are you
@Jaybabe, girl long time go ahead let us thank him.

akin aworan said...

Yoruba ijinle!!

I'm thankful..can't thank the Almighty G enough...

Isi said...

congrats my babes! u have made God ur all in all. nothing better than that!
thanks for tagging me. i go try do my own tommorrow

Omosewa said...


30+ said...

@Akin, I dey try now
@Isi, thank you will block your blog tomorrow
@Omosewa, Amen


My sista. May i join you and everyone else in saying THANKS BE TO GOD for despite the troubles, the stress, the pain and even discouragement, his light shines through to guide us to the safety of his arms! Amen!

Ugo Daniels said...

Thank God for blogville :)

Jinta said...

Someone sent this to me and I stuck it on my office wall:

Happy moments, praise God
Difficult moments, seek God
Quiet moments, worship God
Painful moments, trust God
Every moment, thank God

Nice 'un.

Allied said...

I love your thankful post. He is indeed Atobajaye.

Oba Arubgo Ojo ( The acient of days)

Alawo tele orun

Oba lana, Oba loni, Oba titi ayie rare

Ekiniwo Judah

Eleburu Eke

30+ said...

@Solomosydelle, thank u my sis.
@Ugo, thanksgiving going on all around.
@Jinta, mos def I am feeling that.
@Allied, wow you got me tripping big time for baba God o. Eleti gbaroye, Eleti lu kara bi ajere, awamariidi, ijinle ife, orisun iye, alade ogo, oni bata ide....make I stop now.

OLAMILD said...


bimbylads said...

God bless u dear. Thank you Jesus .. love u too :)

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

God is really too too much. Gosh Lord with all the languages in the world, the tongues of man created, present, past and future, if we were to stand and thank you in one accord, it will never be enough to fully declare your praise.

So with what we have we are saying thank you Lord.

30+ said...

@Olamild, Thx
@Bimbylads, Amen :)
@The life, It is amazing reading all the thankfulness post

Olamild said...


Iba re o oba eleburu ike
Oba to so le aye ro
Gbani gbani tin gbomo re ninu ofin
Eleti igbaroye
Oko awon opo
Baba awon orukan


Olamild said...


Iba re o oba eleburu ike
Oba to so le aye ro
Gbani gbani tin gbomo re ninu ofin
Eleti igbaroye
Oko awon opo
Baba awon orukan


GERALD said...

I have been tagged but i am good for what to do...

Afrobabe said...

hey babes, how is it going?

30+ said...

@Olamild, na wa o see as you are just hailing Baba.
@Gerald so go and put your post up and get off the phone.
@Afrobabe, I dey o.

Obinwanne said...

big sis, thanks for stoping by, have ot been able to do the 30 days of thankfulnes thing, cos i had a bad an realy sad day, so m getting over it, and i will make up for it, thank for stopping by and the support....good news;:::::i finihed my exams..(did i hear u say Thank God?

Oracle said...

Thanksgiving is in the air.
Itz everywhere.
God is personally gonna grant bloggers their heart's desire.
Itz good to remember God's deeds.
Check out mine http://sparklingoracle.wordpress.com/

30+ said...

@Obi, Thank God for you o, even more cause to thank God when the excellent results come out. I am positive. Don't dwell to much on the sadness LOOK UP.
@Oracle, Oracle funny I came upon your blog yesterday but not dropped any comments. Take care