Meme On

Trust you are all keeping well. I am good settling well in my crib. Teeth is healed well still get the odd bleed sometimes sha.
A big shout out to my home girl MOMMY it was her Birthday yesterday, please drop by to celebrate with her and give her your well wishes. OBIWANNE my Blog Bruv also celebrated on Friday 9th (that boy knows how to enjoy sha).

Gist dey but it is not flowing in my head right now plus I promised some gist on mumulicious guy, I have not forgotten. Anyways for now I will join the Meme club.
So here goes my first Meme which I 'borrowed' from Rinsola’s page who borrowed it from FG who borrowed it from I don’t’ know who. I also borrowed it from Aijay's page.

I am...: Blessed and Divinely favoured

My ex-boyfriend was...: I don't do Exes (the term irritates me). If you mean the guy I dated last, he is fine and we are good friends - they all are.

Maybe I should....: Invite my folks over here for Christmas

I love....: To Daydream and Fantasise

I don't understand....: Why people dwell on negative things so much

I lost my....: Lovely Earring (lost one of the pair. got a few like that and can bear to throw away the other pair)

People say I'm...: Funny and Different

Love is....: The Greatest

Somewhere, someone is....: Reading this post and imagining what I look like

I will always...: Find a reason to rejoice and smile

Forever is....: The mercy of God

I never want to...: Die Unfulfilled

I think the current President is....: Yaradua (innit)

When I wake up in the morning, I....: check time, say thank you Lord and snooze some more.

Life is full of...: Parables

My past is incredibly...: Interesting and Rewarding

I get annoyed when...: People don't respond to needs right on their nose.

Parties are for...: Dancing and Good food

I wish...: I could feed every hungry child, if just for a day.

Tomorrow I'm going to...: Clear my room and do some shopping

I really want some....: Amala and Abula with fish right now

I have low tolerance for people who....: Cheat others and are Slimy.

If I had a million dollars...: Get myself a good accountant and Investment manager put them on my payroll full time, a lawyer (part time).



GERALD said...


GERALD said...

may be to understand some one well you need to dwell on his negativity...

X-mas....@ ur place...
can i also invite u..@ mine foe x-mas?

GERALD said...

God should see you through those pains of the teeth

princesa said...

Am second, yay!!!!lol!

People say you are funny and different eh??
Am going to add-sweet, affectionate and special.

Enjoy ur week dear.

darkelcee said...

'Somewhere, someone is....: Reading this post and imagining what I look like'.... VERY CORRECT COS I AM

How are you?

Allied said...

Lol.. i am with darkelee. I did the same thing. I also love to daydream.

Olamild said...


30+ said...

@Gerald, Hi welcome to my blog and thx for your comment. How about dwelling on the positive to know them better.
@Princessa, ahew that is so lovely of you thanks.
@Darklce, LOL I just knew it.
@Allied, let's dream on jare
@Olamild, thanks

Rinsola said...

Maybe i should be that guest u'ld invite over for christmas?
And please, could you share and expantiate on that interesting and rewarding past, 'cos it seems it would help someone somewhere out, abi kilo feel?
On that issue of shopping tomorrow, tuesday, ARE U SERIOUS? on a week day? Have a fufilled week ahead.

Obinwanne said...

how are you and how you dey? just dropping by to say hello and ofcourse i wil take care of her...(u know who right?) ....i'm off to ym books

Zephi said...

ahh 30+, you gonna take me shopping too? broke ass student like me needs some luv ya know

am glad your teeth is healing

cally-waffybabe said...

Girl, thanks a lot for your birthday shout out to me on p's. Sorry also about your teeth. I hope you feel better soon.


30+ said...

@Rinsola, Why not infact you are formally invited.It is just food shopping now. On my past it's all about learning from it.

@Obiwanne, yes you do that.

@Zephi, my small coins will not be
enough for Executive Student like you.
@Cally, thank you and you are welcome

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Nice blog hon, happy belated to mom, chk me out sometimes if u can


oh my, I have been MIA for a while. What happened to your teeth? Let me go read up. Sorry, my sista. Stay well oh!

Arewa said...

lol@ When I wake up in the morning, I....: check time, say thank you Lord and snooze some more.

30+ said...

@Torrance, thx for stopping by
@Solomonsydelle, welcome from your MIA
@Arewa yes o

Fatoumatta said...

lol...nice post gotta say...tnx for coming by

Isi said...

eeyah! and i'm having amala right now o! with sarki, edo, eran... 3o+ are you salivating. LMAO!

Isi said...

eeyah! and i'm having amala right now o! with sarki, edo, eran... 3o+ are you salivating. LMAO!

Onome said...

she does music in her profile!! nice!!!:D how did u do it?? just want to thank u for stopping by again..:)

Pix Gremlin (akin) said...

Interesting read you got there, lass.

30+ said...

@Fatou, you are welcome
@Isi, that is not so nice, see me drooling. I am not feeling the saki and meat thing sha (teeth).
@Onomsy, thanks just check and register to create the widget
@pix gremlin (akin) - Interesting!

Afrobabe said...

glad u r better...

sure u r spotting some nice looking teeth

My greatest fear in life is also dying unfullfilled..

princesa said...

I tagged you on my blog babes.

Enjoy ur weekend.

Mommy said...

I am so feeling this your new template gurllll.. Thanx for the shout out. I almost got deaf lol. So abeg na which one be amala and abule abi na abula. Isi what is sarki, edo eran ehn...ehen and gurllll what or why should any game be called SUDOKU? Wetin that one mean? Today is question time for me and you MUST answer me oooooo...otherwise, just welcome the latest terrorist in the house. *twisting mouth with hands at akimbo...waiting for an answer*

Ugo Daniels said...

You bet we all are imagining what you look like ;)

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

I Like you

Lighty said...

aspa ur blogville lil sis, do i make the cut for xmas dinner?
finding a reason to rejoice, we have that in common.
amala and abula, 30+ do u imagine it hot too??? as in very hoooot u're burning ur fingers in the process.

laspapi said...

catwalq said she likes you. So do I. I skimmed through the 'dentist' post. I hate thinking about teeth removal.

Jaycee said...

loving the first song on ur playlist

bimbylads said...

what is abula o?

30+ said...

@Afrobabe, we will not die unfulfilled in Jesus name.
@Princess ok will check it out.
@Mommy, Amala is black pudding, starch based like fufu them. Abula is a mixture of gbegiri(bean stew) and ewedu (draw vegetable soup). SUDOKU game is Japan/china based name cos that is where it came from.
@Ugo, keep wondering
@Miss Catwalq you ain't bad yourself.
@Lighty shey hot amala and abula felefele, infact you are indeed the true sister of 30+. Abeg come over for Christmas (although it now looks like I am flying on Christmas).
@Laspapi since we are liking, me like u 2.
@Jayce, thanks
@Bimbylads, Abula is a mixture of gbegiri(bean stew) and ewedu.

Florida said...

First timer here, love your blog. So colourful. Love ur style too, very conversational. If i'd a million dollars, i'd get me an investment manager - i think i'd double as the accountant & lawyer sha.

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