Dentist and Needles

Hi Peeps,

Hope you are all doing great. Happy new month. Thank God for his mercies from January to November.

I had to go to the dentist for what I thought was a follow up appointment on my initial consultation on Monday. I have been procastinating getting braces so I can sort my teeth overcrowding and finally took the plunge last month with an inital conultation. The "follow up appointment" was on Monday.

At this junction it may be worth mentioning that there are some things that don't sit well with 30+; PAIN, NEEDLE, DENTIST are top on list among others.

Like earlier this year, I went to get a jab and the drama that ensued is fresh on my memory. My sister and I were both getting the jab so she had her own first. When it was my turn she come and see action, my sister had warned the nurse that I was scared of needles but she was going to calm me down.

The nurse was not prepared for what happened next. While my sister was holding my hand, looking in my eyes to comfort/distract me, I made a mistake of turning and caught sight of the long pointy thing as she tapped it.
Katakata burst...bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 30+ started to howl, as in hand holding head mashing leg on ground.

It took another 5-10 minutes, a few failed attempts, lots of cajoling and distraction from my sister coupled with speaking in tongues (not out of spirituality but fear) before I was calm enough to get the injection. Suffice to say I left quite an impression on some nurses as well as patients in the waiting area who heard my voice. Thankfully I have not had to go back to the GP again.

Dentist: It is the Zzzzzzzzzzz noise and the pain which always heads straight for your brain. When I had to remove my wisdom tooth, mama 30+ had to come with me(yes I no get shame) even though she was living a bit far, this was a desperate situation and she knew (bless Mums). The dentist too got a free show and even mama 30+ joined me to cry.

She wonders how I will cope with child birth, with the way I am, I assure her she will be on standby with my husband and they will both forgive me for whatever Transpires.

Anways so I was not prepared for Monday, I assumed it was a further consultation since appointment said 15-20mins consultation. How was I to know they can remove TWO WHOLE TEETH in 20mins. Maybe because it took longer with the wisodm tooth, then again that was a "complicated procedure"

Imagine MY HORROR when the dentist smiling said

“Ms 30+ , so I will be removing 2 teeth, the left premolar blah....

"2 Gini" I eyed the door knob far away from me and my jacket in the corner as I made a mental calculation of Hop, Step and Jump out of the chair. Alas he was already towering over me as he touched each tooth about to be dislodged. "Why is he smiling, what is funny in removing someone’s teeth" "Mr man if only you knew how close your nose is to the teeth you are about to dislodge and the ease of my teeth latching the very tip of the NOSE you may reconsider the smiling"

"Ohaew" was all I could mutter.

I maintained, started to pray silently and psyche myself up confessing positive things in my head. The calming screen attached to the ceiling was a bit helpful and I was starring hard at it while my hands were gripping the side of the chair almost to point of tearing the leather.
I must not cry hear today o, nobody to console me o, I will not cry, I will not cry...

Singing halleluyah, eyes closed so I didn't have to see the needle first aaarrgh....Numbness in the jaw...........then came the ZZzzzzzzzzz.

All that happened next was a BBBllluuurrr as I tried hard to go to my happy place.

About 10-15mins later, two teeths sent to their demise and 105 bucks out of pocket, I managed to maintain my cool, no actual tears just mist and I was feeling sorry for myself. Not sure why, whether it was
a) Surviving a needle and dentist ordeal all by myself
b) The demise of my teeth or
c) My lighter bank account.

Two resolutions for me after that experience
1) One of my kids will be ENCOURAGED VERRYY STRONGLY to be a dentist so we can save ourselves a small fortune on trips to dentists.
2) Let me save that other one 1 for inside stomach.

Till Later, stay safe



Zahratique said...

Ouch! Dentists really are freaky people! and they make a fortune off us too!

PS when that pikin of yours is a dentist shebi I will get special discount?

darkelcee said...

HAAA, pele dear,i can feel you.

my fear of needle is worse ,i have not been injected in the last 6 years and b4 that time it was like 10years. i mean i dread needles.

Had to go for blood test sometime ago cos of one bloody school protocol, i allowed like 25 people behind me to go for their test cos i was scared shitless.

when it was my turn, i started howling like a baby.

come to think of it whe the needle finally entered my vein nothing happened.

So why do i dread needle so much?

i really don't know how i will handle pregnancy cos i heard you will take injections for you and the baby.hmm guess i will be swallowing my drugs abi? and one bad thing i no dey like swallow drugs too. Guess my case is complicated.

Can you talk now? cos i heard your motuh will be too heavy for any movement. pele dear.

30+ said...

@Zahratique, why not as long as I get my own commission

@darkelcee - You must be my lost twin o. It is not the pinching it is just the side of that pointy thingy. Tablets I always break it into at least two before I can swallow.

Afrobabe said...

lol...shame on you..crying and disgracing your people...I personally prefer injections to tablet..they always seem to get stuck in my throat..

feather said...

forgive me, bt i found your story funny.but you know, i think everyone has fear of needles, its just a decision not to let the fear take over. you just have to learn to do the same.

Aijay said...

LOL!!!! OMG, I'm laughing so hard.
Sorry dear, such is life.
Dentists & all kinds of docs are not my fave people.

Allied said...

Lol... Oga oh, a big girl like you. The doctor i fear is my gynecologist.

30+ said...

@Afrobabe, Asko. I don't like tablets either, except vitamin C (love those, I can chew it)
@Feather, I know the injection is not the painful thing it is the thought of needle going in my skin, i am trying.
@Aijay, don't like em one bit but they want to help you isn't it.
@Allied, this is is not about big girl o.

Zephi said...

my teeth began to hurt while reading your post...pele..

Carlang said...

So sorry dear.
I've got this fear of dentists.
Unless the dentist is some 30 year old hottie in a mini dress.

My teeth are all hers!!

Lighty said...


30+ said...

@Zephi, top empathy going on there abi.
@Carlang, what your teeth all hers, you gonna be chwing her or what (lol).
@Lighty, I am good now, mouth was just sore for a couple of days.

princesa said...

I have had 3 teeth removed so i know what the pain is like dear.

Will still sing for you anyway:

Cry Cry baby
You want to see ya mummy
Na Na Na Na Na
30+, the big baby


princesa said...

BTW, i love the 'efizi' on this ya new template o! Not bad:)

Isi said...

lol!!!!!! 30+ dey fear injection o! u be agbaya o! lmao!!

Pix Gremlin (akin) said...

I feel your pain! I spent New Year's eve 2005 on the dentist chair. What was going to be a routine dental treatment was a full extraction and some serious work done. No matter how many times in the chair, the noise of that drill really, really freaks me out! Ever seen 'Marathon Man'? Then you'll know what I'm on about!!

Pix Gremlin (akin) said...

Oh, by the way: there was no way a full grown man like myself is going to 'busekun', so I just growled like a dog. I nearly got into a fight with the dentist!!

30+ said...

See Isi and Princessa o, you are calling me agabya and singing for me abi, when you are suppose to be saying kpele for the horrendous trauma that I went through...okay God dey o.

Princessa thanks on the Efizi comment even I am feeling like Efizilicious

Akin shey it is that stupid grilling mouth and the fact that the guy towers over you like is gagging you or somefink. Yeah right you only growled with some MIST IN YOUR EYES abi.

BTW LIGHTY that your comment on sucicide is making me reconsider a dentist in the family o.

Rinsola said...

LOL, i'm laffing at u. Uh, i was wondering why i called and u wouldnt say anything, was about saying so why did you pick up then (don't mind my jare). Hope it's much better now? The renovation trend is on, i'm off to think 'bout renovating my page. Have a great week ahead.

UndaCovaSista said...

Lol! Sorry, but i just have to say it:
Cry baby bunting
Daddy's gone a-hunting...

I wonder how embarrased your sister was. Or is she used to it by now :o)

Mommy said...

tehehe heheheheheheheheheh!! hahahahahahahah! You dis're somfing else! Imagine agbaya crying for needle when she had not even felt the pinch...shame on ya!! hahahahaha

Hmmm...don't mind me oh!! I think I was worse than you. Went with my hubby once before we got married to remove my tooth. I no send... I just gripped the dentists shirt and screamed like a mad person.

I think and hope I have outgrown that. I was wondering how I would have my baby but everything went well. Everyone was just hailing me 'strong girl' cos I did not even cough. After the delivery they wanted to give me an injection so the placenta would come out. I just calmly told them I don't take needles lol After all the pinching pinching that had happened down there. DOn't worry, you'll get over it. Its a matter of time. I'm still laffing sha cos I just saw me in the dentist's chair. hahahahahahahaha Sorry love!

30+ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30+ said...

@Rinsola, keep laughing your own turn will soon come and I will report you to fada. Yes o get a blog makeover before the new year.

@Undacova, my sister is used to it that is why she warned the nurse, she has gone past embarrassment. It always goes something like this: 2-5 mins after the incident(s) she is angry, 5 mins later she is laughing at me and wondering when I will outgrow it, then I also laugh at myself as we try to rationalise and psychoanalyse the fear.

@Mommy, see all of you calling me agbaya. See pot calling kettle black, who is agbaya now you or me at least I did not grab the dentist shirt like a TYPICAL NIGERIAN WOMAN (LMAO).
Don't worry you will soon be put to test again, just start praying seriously now.

Arewa said...

ooh u poor thing... i hate going to the dentist because of the feel of that damn anesthetic and the fact that it always costs soo much. U go in there to do 1 thing and end up doing 2,3 and 4.
Kpele oh!

Olamild said...

i don't do dentists

Isi said...

babes, looooooooongest time! how far?

30+ said...

@Arewa, they are tew expensive, thank you jare

@Olamild, Pray you are not forced to Amen.

@Isi, what's up nothin dey happen except I hope to have enough teeth left for olda age. I dey come by your end now now.

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL!!!! OMG! I'm sorry, but it was toooooo funny o! Poor thing, I am sure you will be heavily medicated during childbirth, but I can honestly say that that is one pain that once it's over, the pain is gone.

princesa said...

Okay i came back to say sorry o!

Nyemoni said...

I don't know why this post left me laffin...Abeg o! Encourage your Ist born to be a dentist jor...You aint got nothing to lose...LOL..Thank God for November o!

Jezi Brown said...

I used to wear braces too and I had two teeth removed. I dont rememeber the pain but I KNOW i was in pain! Oh my gosh! to make it worse I went to a teaching hospital so it was a clueless student that "dealt" with me.

Aijay said...

Read this post again & it got me laughing.
Hope u're good sha.
Take care!

bighead said...

All that drama for needles. What if you had an injury that had to be stitched? All the poking; in-out, in-out...

30+ said...

@Princessa, apologies accepted
@Nyemoni, you are not the only one laughing o, everyone is laughing at me na
@Jezi, really I need to ask you if the thing works. Thx for stopping by.
@Aijay, see me o, na me you dey take laff, so tay you come twice come laff me.
@Bighead, now that is just wicked in out your head like big head, move from this blog now now.

Obinwanne said...

its my b'day today as i mentioned in my previous post, and my exams have started and its going smoothly and im happy for ur prayers.... ayway i just pumped im to demand a visit to my blog cos i deserve it, IT MY B'DAY IMAGINE.....SO I DESERVE IT for stopping by anyway...

acainto said...

LOL! Glad you survived! Dentists used to freak me out, but believe it or not, the more you go, the better/less frightening it gets (I think!)

30+ said...

@Obiwanne, I have gone to drop you a birthday message. You know when exams are over you should throw u blog parry for us, take care bruv.

@Acainto, the more you ke, abeg after this one I pray no more dentist. Anway which teeth is left to pull again.

Isi said...

er 30+ are u staring at ur dentiton in the mirror or what?! lmao!!! two teeth off can't spoil ur beauty.
oya update! lol!!!!!

Allied said...


BiMbyLaDs** said...

lol.cant believe Im just reading this

Ekoakete said...

Lordy! Pele o. I can sympathise as I've had many a meeting with my dentist for one thing or the other. Once just before starting a procedure to remove an in-growing wisdom tooth he explained he's going to have to cut my gum, remove the tooth and then stich everything back up. He concluded by sayin "This is the first time I'm doing this procedure but everyhting should go smoothly..." Why he had to drop that little gem while I was strapped to some contraption holdng my mouth open with a numb jaw and no escape I'll never understand. it all did go well thankfully.

30+ said...

@Bimbylads, where you been dey
@Ekoakete, LMAO oh my dayz, talk of horror. The cut into my gum too o when I had the wisdom tooth out.


Oh sweetheart! Pele oh! I had to have 2 teeth removed a month after having my second child. God knows how I got through.

You will be fine. And as for childbirth...I can't help you. lol!

Onome said...

heeheeheehee my dear..i too should see a dentist here in lagos but i dey fear....i cant stand pain also especially from needles..

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