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Thank you Jesus for Princessa's mum, thank you for Catwalq's talent on the Academie, thank you for protecting Lighty's broke arse and helping with her serious thinking, thank you for London Buki's mum because she is getting better everyday, thank you for bringing joy to Carlang, for Ugo's new job, for Bimby's creativity (happy ever after *winks*), for Allied who became a year older, for Aijay and her weird clients, for Isi's Monday tonic, for Nyemoni who has refused to update and all other bloggers, In one word, THANK YOU FOR BLOGVILLE.

Votes are in, and you've voted for a Blog makeover, so I go fishing for a new template, pray I find a better one....

Folks, I have moved into the more permanent abode I refered to in my post Prisoner in my home. After a lot of palavas and going back and forth, I moved in over the last weekend...phew.

IF you hear that I have a housemate it is by my own choice. One thing is sure I will not be getting any dude or babe who is more than 5ft 6inches.

I HAVE NEVER LIVED ON MY OWN, always had a flatmate, siblings, family, friend or someone living with me, hhmn.

At times like this I really pine to have a man, right the bulbs of the house are kind of different and I am thinking who is gonna change that for me. How do I sort getting some of the furntiture bits and such stuff. Don't get me wrong o when push comes to shove 30+ can do anything she sets her mind to but I don't want to.

Dear God send me an angel, not one of those who have wings (nah, no flying in the house), I mean a hunk of brother who will be more than happy to do all those manly stuff, loves me, has good genes (for the babies) but most importantly LOVES YOU.

My Neighbours: They are mostly Old Age Pensioners, how did I find myself in this place. Chai long pointy nose is not just there for show, dem dey nosey.
They seem quite nice and I already know the story of most of them. No thanks to Mrs I who voluntarily gave me the low down, I had tea with her yes already, I am having tea with em, small time y'all will hear that I am playing Bingo with them. I have made up my mind to be relevant in my community and spread the love to my neighbours. If I have to sit down hearing stories of their life and 1st world war so be it.

A light hidden is of no use.

Mr M gave me a fright this morning as he knocked on my car window, he apologised profusely for not responding well to my gestures last night (he lives across from me) aw bless his heart, he must have been watching me from the window (talk of free neighbourhood watch).

The area is very quiet and peaceful, I really hope to stay here for a while at least before having to move again.

Kind of getting weary of this pilgrim lifestyle, which way to go God.

Let me put in perspective, in the past two years I have worked in 5 different towns, although it comes with some perks and reward.

Some folks say it is not good for me to be moving so much, especially working in small towns like sosolios and kilimanjaro, "30+ you need to be where the action is (i.e. Jand), so you can settle down quickly".

Okayee why have I not 'settled down' in the donkey years I stayed in Jand, abeg step aside may I no jam you with my moto, duty calls.....

C'est la vie

On a seperate note altogether, can someone please explain their concept of deja vu?!

Princessa abeg carry your '32 pearls' from my dream o, the girl was just gisting away like there is tomorrow and this is me thinking this gal too like gist sha.

Till laters



LurLar said...

Hmmmm....can't wait to see ur template.

May God send u that special Angel u want.

Anonymous said...

Wow 5 cities in 2 years, you are good, I thought I was bad, thing is with work and being single one gets sent to all the ends of the earth....but I am not complaining, as long as the place is multi-cultural (which some parts of Ohio are not....)

Nice blog.....

Afrobabe said...

Ok, almost first....lol..
Moved? Well babes I dont think anyone moves more than me...I just get tired of seeing the same walls around me...My last place was a studio and I wasn't sharing, told myself I will never live alone again...Its sometimes truelly horrible...
Wish you all the best there though...By the way what is OAP?

Afrobabe said...

fuck, who be that annon wey just take my second place????

Take ya time oh.

Ugo Daniels said...

You know all you need do is say the word and i'll be right there doing all the manly stuffs. Yu know i gat yur back, right. One!!

confused child said...

In Jesus name.....(oya say Amen)
ehe father God, i ask that u send 30+ an angel not just any angel but 1 with dimples, no pimples, slight bow legs(sexy) and a very cute smile. This i pray o Lord! oya say Amen again.
Expect ur miracle b4 the 20th of december. abi is it 2 far?

Lighty said...

aww i like ur new house, makes me want to move.
well God has the hunk in store for u, who know he just might be the guy livinng on the next street, you know; the one u've never seen b4?

i cannot wait to see ur new blog.
and yes 30+ thnx to God for saving my butt.

@ugo, why don't u just move to England, that way u're here with all of us. seems like this is where u really want to be. lol.

30+ said...

@Lurlar, thank you

@Anon, exactly it is because I am single that I get to be sent to all these places, thx for stopping by

@Afrobabe, don't sweat it since you are bonafide blogville resident you are no 2. It is not easy moving from place to place and living alone is not the best. OAP means Old Age Pensioner

@Ugo, seriously I am with lighty, you need to fly over here o. I know me I got a brother in you but you live too far...sulking

@Confusedchild, no not at all 20th is not too far, bless your heart and I say a big AMEN.

@Lighty, if you say so you never know. Ok I am going fishing for the new template hope I find the one I like.

Fatoumatta said...

hey send me ur mail so i cld invite u to ma blog site pls...to fatimsani@yahoo.co.uk
nd good luck in ur new place...

Jaybabe said...

I been staying alone since i started work way back in 2001. Its gonna be fun. believe me. Though very lonely sometimes. But nobody orders you around. You don't knock off and hurry home coz you need to cook for someone. You play your muzic loud and move around the house naked without fearing that somebody might bagge(spelling) in. It's cool. You'll love it.
Good luck. And welcome to the 'staying alone world'.**hugs**

30+ said...

@Fatou, I have sent you mail

@Jaybabe, don't congratulate me yet, you never know my next post may be I have got a housemate (lol).

Isi said...

babes how far? i'm happy for u o! don't worry, the correct bros wey baba God don destine for u will soon waka reach u.
the new blog design has gat to blow my mind away o; or i no go gree! lol!!
lovely week!

Zephi said...

no more crazy roomates..yippie
and as for the man, let us pray

In de mighty name of jisos

my father and my lord we bring our sister b4 you,30+
jehovah jireh grant her heart desires....
Let a fine hunk of a man with good genes, who loves you and comes in handy around the house and bed (clears throat) cross this fine ladies path...
lord we dont want the ones with wings cos they tend to leave quick..
baba lord, thank you for hearing us and answering our prayers....and the shush say


Allied said...

Lol at the angel. " no flying in the house" classic. Eyi to da ni olorun ma se. Better than angel sef.

I talk faster now that i live alone. It seems like i need to get all my words out before i reach my house cause it will be just me and the walls and i am not a phone person.

acainto said...

Deja vu-- that feeling you get when you end up in a new town again! I feel you; I've spent most of my life trading towns and cities and countries...hope you settle in fast...good for you that you're taking time to know your neighbours; it really makes a difference.

30+ said...

@Isi, me I don't know about blowing your mind, tried some templates yesterday and nearly lost my blog :(

@Zephi, thank you o for raising the prayer and I say a big AMEN

@Allied, okayee don't break the mouth speed limit o.

@Acainto, yes it does make a difference.

Nyemoni said...

Jesus sae me...I have updated my dear! I have! LOL...Deja vu is a feeling of having done something or been somewhere before in the sub-conscious...Most peeps describe it as a feeling of having done something in another life the way they are doing it now...I hope this explains it...Take care of you and I wish your new home will give you lots of wonderful experiences...may you have so much joy and layghter there..God bless babes...

princesa said...

Hey girl!
About that angel...he is on the way. E never reach your house yet but he is most definitely coming!Before Xmas too.

Wait o! You see me for dream abi wetin?? Have you been thinking about me too much? Talk true o! Which kain gist i dey gist sef?? Me wey no dey talk too much:(

Deja vu is the feeling that you are reliving some experience all over.

Queen of My Castle said...

Congrats on attaining your own place with no big burly funky flat mates! LOL...I hope you enjoy the serenity of living alone.

I was told that bouts of deja vu are only affirming that you are on the right track spiritually, as your spirit man has already been there before, and now your natural man is walking in the path already blazed by the Spirit.

30+ said...

@Nyemoni, we need to throw parry o on updating and other sturves

@Princess, Amen to that. Yes o you were in my dreams gisting away excitedly about something, I no even remember, it was good sha and you kept showing your 32 grinning from ear to ear. Maybe because I was thinking of you with mumsie's operation.

@Good then I am on the right track, because I thought that may be it like deep inside me I know I am supposed to be in this Town for a purpose. SERENITY hhmn...will be giving you gists as things unfold.

Unbiased said...

Awwww Congrats babe!!!! This is so cool. I never thot i would get used to living alone too but it is so cool. You come back home and stuff is as you left it. lol!!!
Some other x-rated perks of living alone but (Whisper) i cant say here. lol!!

darkelcee said...

sister, eku ile tuntun o (abi how dem dey greet for yoruba? .... lol)

see God knows ur desires as he is no farther than a thot away.

When the Lord turned the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.... that will be your portion in Jesus name.


Aijay said...

Lol @ ur nosey neighbours. Abeg allow them. @least they're better than scary Goliath.
Not to worry my dear, Baba God will answer ur prayer. He'll send that angel who'll adore u & in no time u'll be telling us tales of swweeeeeeet love. Lol. Yes, I love love-stories & I'm certainly looking forward to urs. ;-)

Rinsola said...

Thank God for your new place, and on the issue of that physical angel, "Oh Lord....................................." You need to know what i just prayed for, for you. It is well. Have a great completion of the week, and have fun putting things in order at ur new place.

akin aworan said...

Enjoy the new abode, lass.

How goes it, though?

Arewa said...

We Thank God for all the miracles that He has been performing in our lives and we pray for more miracles oooh. Amen!
Well done girl....now u will have peace of mind and no wahala from flat mates who walk around in thier boxers and so on...lol...all the best..x x

30+ said...

@Unbiased, did you keep of for 24hrs me thinks not. Xrated really!!! I think I know what you are on about though, it involves walking around abi

@darklcee, You tried o with your greeting and that scripture is on point.

@Aijay, BIG AMEN to that. As per neighbours at least I get free vigilante

@Rinsola, Bless you my sis, thx

@Akin aworan, I am good, tried leaving a comment on ur's n it was logging me out

30+ said...

Arewa, e seun o you were leaving comments as I was responding to the rest.


At this rate I am starting to feel like those Nigerian women at owambe going around and saying thank you and kneeling down for both young and old (lol).

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

My sister, am back and happy for you.
I cannot wait to have my own place...

Believer said...

Hi 30+..i'm kinda back, thanks for your concern. Congratulations on your move.Don't worry the Lord will bring you someone to "change the lightbulbs". It is well. hope u had a wonderful week. Remain blessed and highly favoured

princesa said...

I updated o!

Nyemoni said...

Oya now, my sis UPDATE! lol...(my turn don reach!)

Lighty said...

oya now, where is the new blog? it's like am on default to keep checking ur page to see if anything has changed. okay! ill be back.

30+ said...

@Catty, welcome back o

@Believer, glad to have you back was about sending SOS

Princessa, I don comment

@Nyemoni, wetin slow your role, lol because you have updated now you no go gree us rest.

Unbiased said...

OMG!!!! I want a spiced up blog to. Will you do mine? How much? A bowl of peppersoup? Seriously you gotta gimme tips i am green with envy. It looks super!!!!!

...toyintomato said...

..this template looks great!


**On my kneels praying**

You said we should ask and it shall be given unto us
30+ has asked you for a handsome, hunk of a brother with good genes for the babies
Give unto her as she desires
for in your wonderful name I pray

**Gets up to leave**

The Last King Of Scotland said...

liking ur blog...............

Onome said...

dis is long overdue but congrats...d Lord will soon bring u a good man(hope dat wasnt out of line)