Still Here

Hello Peeps,

I don't know what it is about praises but God does fearful and wonderfl things in praise it is no wonder I kira for him at the begining of each post, afterall there is no me without Him. Thank you father.

Still here even in the midst of my hustle and bustle of this world of ours I occassionaly remember I have a blog, maybe no more readers.

On this rare occassion that I am acutally sittting down on a saturday having just come back from a family portrait shooting and waiting to go and hook up with some fabulous ebis of mine I'm taking time out to drop a line and clear the cobwebs on my blog.

God has a sense of humour, just when I was praying to stop travelling I had to shift base yet again. But I am not going to even talk about that anymore else I start sounding like an annoying resounding cymbal. Afterall only the ones living get to shift base and do lots travelling. On that note may God grant the family of former President Yaradua succour and comfort in this their time of need.
Apart from that thirty + is doing fine, my photography is gaining leaps and bounds everyday, there is so much to learn and even much more to achieve.  I have been covering eventsnon stop for the past six weeks, three weddings inclusive.

I have to make a confession, the last two weddings I covered were so emotional, I found myself crying, it was so beautiful and quite moving. On one occassion it was the misty eyes of the hubby as his bride walked down the aisle that got me and the song playing in the background "from this moment on by shania twain, I tell you even Efunsetan Aniwaura (Idi Amin or Hitler if you have no idea who Efunsetan is) would have shed a tear or two". I had to hold the camera tightly to my face to camouflague my tear stained face...

On the other occassion, it was the bride clinging to her father crying as they danced to Luther Van dross "dance with my father" track. Before you could say jack what his face, thirty plus turned on the water works, this time I used style to move to corner to take my shots.

I know it's probably unprofessional to be crying like that but mehn I could not help it, there is something about weddings in the first place added to it lovely moments like the ones I witnessed, infact....

So anyhow if you are getting married or preparing to get married give me a shout, don't worry I will not come and cry you a river, I have a new strategy to add dark glasses to my photography outfit so you are safe. More than that there is juicy discount to good to resist for my blog family and readers, so give me a shout.

If you have not already done so join my fan page and do invite your friends to join as well, hopefully I will be adding gallery links of some of the events covered soon, so watch out.

In the meantime here is a taster.

Till later, it still moi, thiry plus saying


akaBagucci said...

lol..... nice one.. keep enjoying.... I think I was at one of those weddings... :)

Jaycee said...

Awww, I'm glad Aseda photography is making leaps. Thank God for that. Lol...Waterworks are normal during weddings...they're just so...emotional! Glad you're sharing your experiences with us *grin*.

UndaCovaSista said...

Congrats on your photo biz! If your blog has cobwebs, I think mine has grown into a!

Ms.O said...

Oh wow so happy for you! Just got into the photography thing as well, I am still learning. Weddings always come with very touching emotions. Hope you good! xx!

Shola said...

thank God for life, for progress and for weddings that still make us cry! *wink*

nyemoni! said...

Hello Old friend o' mine...........

Anoda Phase said...

lol @ "cry you a river"...weldone on growing ur photography biz...nice pic u have there...way to go gurl!

Thirty + said...

@Bagucci, tee hee hee, where you the guy doing....?

@Jaycee, you are welcome, so was that a hint about your own experience *wink.

@Undacova, I agree we prolly need bulldozers to clear your blog. What's new?

@Ms.O, I'm happy for you, photography is very interesting. Will be dropping by yours soon.

@Shola, thanks :), suspecting you with that wink?

@Nyemoni my dear friend it's been too long. How are you and the family?

@Anoda Phase, if I don't mend my ways I will soon be crying you an ocean eh

Good Naija Girl said...

I think it's beautiful that you get emotionally connected enough to cry at the weddings! I'm one of those people who will usually cry if she sees someone crying so I can relate to tearing up when you see the groom tear up!

I love the update on your business...may it continue to grow and grow and grow!

olaoluwatomi said...

Lovely! Just make sure you shed a few tears at yours:) E ku ise!

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