No one like me?!


Father I declare that you are my Valentine, there is no me without YOU, you make me all I am.

How are you doing ma blog family?. Been a while since I dropped by here

This post is as self involved as can be can, so please allow me.

Y'all know I claim to be a matured lady who is very single - Everybody choruses Yelz

How come everyone around me is more frazzled, come across as single ready to mingle but myself.

According to more than one source, I don't look like someone "who is single or even ready to mingle" (biko nu how do they look?), "It does not show on your face sha (this irks me so, as in what?!!), "I thought you have someone somewhere! (but why would you go thinking on my behalf).

My single lady friends make more reference to their single state, getting married, kids that I wonder if I am okay for not speaking or thinking about it as much.

So I had a self talk and these were a few of the reasons that I came up with
  • God told me he will settle me in my joyful matrimonial home hence my calm disposition to it all.
  • I am content with not being married for now because I have seen what how miserable a married woman can be.
  • I am somehow sabotaging myself and have made a pact with some unseen forces to remain single.
  • I am too Lacadesical to be bothered about singleness or marriage.
  • Everyone around me is doing the fretting and bothering leaving me no room or time to bother about it myself.
  • I am in denial of some sort
I do hope it's the first reason on the list, otherwise intervention may be required or going by my valentine it may not be necessary after all....hmmmn.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Valentine 30+

Myne Whitman said...

I think it often is the first. For me it was. Have a great week.

Good Naija Girl said...

I would love your calm! I'm learning to trust that as long as I keep telling God what my heart's desires are, I can leave this request in His hands.

At the same time, I feel like I have to do my part by being open to introductions, being social when I'm in the situation, and just generally being open. You never know what opportunity that God might use to bring you in contact with the one He has chosen for you.

Anoda Phase said...

I so believe it's the first...and I like ur calm disposition...

LusciousRon said...

You are not alone. In as much as I love the first, similar thoughts run through my mind!

I like GNG's comment

Sherri said...

it was #4 for me, kini big deal?

waiting impatiently for hot juicy gist about this falentine o

hope u had a fab day sha..

FFF said...

d bes option is one, of course & daz what i hope it is for u too. no need fretting abt getting married. wen it will happen, it will be effortless. like it was destined to be like dat all along, & u were just stressing urself up unnecessarily all those other times. yes, marriage is quite tough. it's not the romantic picture novels & movies paint. but it is also very rewarding, esp if u marry d right man. I love GNG's disposition.

joicee said...

Welcome back...I would go with number one...although in some cases number two may look quite appealing lol

LucidLilith said...

As a fellow 30 pluser, i can tell you the best way is to blog out the people who are doing all the fretting.

Also start dating actively for two reasons. Maybe you need the practice and also, to grow your social circle. I have met people I dated briefly but it never worked out and we end up being good friends and their friends became my friends.

isha said...

It's really interesting to read this today, cos one of my married friends told me the exact same thing yesterday. I was like, what do single people look like, and he pointed at one girl across the floor from us. Now, all I could note as the difference between this girl and I, besides the fundamental - we're different people bit, was that she was skinnier than I am, and we were sporting different hairstyles!

He goes on to explain that I look a lot more independent than she does. I don't look like I'm lacking anything, like I'm 'complete'.

Made me think about what it is that men notice. And before I was able to judge men for looking out for 'needy' women, it occured to me that women have been in the business of portraying 'i need you to complete me' images, to the men; so when they see a different image, they look away.

That said, I'm just gonna keep waiting for the guy who's not blinded (or intimidated - I don't like using that word in this context) by my 'not needy' self.

See epistle...

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

Happy married life....for in ur future home there shall be peace, joy and love in abundance.

and stop saying ure single the best is yet to come...for His ways are different to man.

doll said...

i like no 1

NaijaEcash said...

I'll say every phase in the human life is important. I don't see anything wrong with your posture of being SINGLE and SMILING.
I once was single, but now married, I'm happy I enjoyed that phase of my life.
If you put your trust in God, you'll not get disappointed.
cheers. - Nigerian Entrepreneur

justsoyouknow said...

How i wish that all single women out there who are cranky to aboard in the love train's last trip will declare God as their Valentines.

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harada57 said...
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