I would have loved

Hello Peeps,

The fact that God is good is not up for debate, I will just admonish that you join me sing halleluya for the good things he has done in our lives.
Ok this is really not an update becaue I just happened to click through to my own blog from another blogger and I had / have no intention of writing an update.
Right now, I have no writing juice nor zeal for blog whatsoever, even though there are few things I would like to blog about. For the life of me there it is not flowing, maybe because it's early in the morning, and I am at work.

But if I had the mojo to update ......
  • I would have loved to write about the gifts I got for my birthday and how I spent the day.
  • I would have loved to write about how pleased I am with myself clearing my backlog and some new skills picked on photoshop.
  • I would have loved to write about Brides and false eyelashes - the danger it poses for your photographer and your wedding pictures.
  • I would have loved like to talk about wigs, the half ones, the full ones, the lace ones e.t.c. and what happened when my favourite half wig went missing for 48 hours leaving me stranded....it was not funny.
  • I would have loved to rant about how annoying this 'girl' is - the one that likes to peep over my shoulder and read my stuff and how bizarre it is that she just walked past now and peeped over my shoulders yer again. How I would really like to give her a konk on the head or twist her ears (ouush) like my integrated science teacher used to.
But like I said I do not have the zeal to write a post just yet.

So till later


Funms-the rebirth said...

Thanks for still updating us...good to know you are doing well...:)

ShonaVixen said...

I so understand where you're coming from..I was co-erced into updating and one of those people is the commenter above..lol!! but glad to know you're ok :)

Myne Whitman said...

Well, meant to or not, this is still an update. :):) Well done and please tell us more on the fake lashes.

Jaycee said...

It's true that this is still an update, like everyone said.

I wanna know about brides' false eyelashes and wigs. Lol.

Anoda Phase said...

fact is u still managed to update, unlike some of us...

NoLimit said...

You've been highly missed!
Hope you get your mojo back! :)

Thirty + said...

@Funms, thanks, well done on your new business.

@ShooonnnaaaVixeeen, been quite a while, good to read from you.

@Thanks Myne, I suppose it is an update still eh. Will gist about the fake eyelashes some other time.

@Oh Jaycee the wig and lashes are similar mishaps. I will sandwich into another post.

@AnodaPhase, so try my style, go and do likewise.

@NoLimit, aww thank you. just need my mojo to coincide with when I have spare time.

mizchif said...

Well i guess we shall just call this a teaser then.

Hurry up and come and tell us abt your wig and brides with false lashes.

harada57 said...
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