Some Loose ends

Hello people,

All thanks be to God who has helped us this far from the beginning of the year till date. Eleven months don waka we still dey carry go, even though some have said goodbye to the Ville, we know they are alive and well off the ville. It's enough to thank God for.

Before the year runs to an end, I need closure on some posts....

Sandra eventually died or better still I put her down when the time for annual check came, I just could not be bothered with the bill. I am now on the lookout for a replacement like yesterday. As it is I would not be able to splash out like I expected because well it's not yet harvest time for the money tree behind my house. More so, I don't know if anyone ever told you but my oh my "Photography is expensive". Please don't let me recount the loss of 430EX flash that dipped £200 in my pocket....issshhk it still hurts. Suffice to say, Sandra's replacement will be modest.

Dentists and Needles
I have had a start stop relationship with my dentist, so started treatment but yours truly have missed so many appointments because of the numerous travelling I have been doing this year, I have clocked up some tidy frequent flier points yeeaaaaaaaahh. Nevertheless I must now rekindle the relationship and sort this teeth out once and for all.

Sex, Kids and lies
On that issue of sex, kids and lies, the more I seriously think about it, the more I empathise with my mum's sex education delivery to young thirty+ "Now that you have started to see aunt flo, don't get close to boys or else you'll get pregnant". It was enough to scare me off being a visual person that I am, anytime a guy as much spoke to me all I kept seeing was my tiny frame falling down due to the weight of pregnancy (quite naive).
That kind of education won't work on these Internet age kid. Aside from telling him or her to be careful and preserve their body I really would not know what to say. My conclusion is that I will cross the bridge when I get to it or better still may I never get to that bridge as in my kids will all be straight up about their books and manners till they are matured enough (so help me God).

Till later, Happy New Month