Hi Peeps,

Spring is here no doubt, a change of season, time to shine and enjoy the outdoor. Remebering that God changes times and Season I give him thanks.

Quick Tip: Water is your best friend don't be afraid to drink up to 2 litres each day starting today, put a bottle on your desk and drink slolwy throughout the day. It does wonders for your skin and may be more effective than buying one silly small jar of Biotherm cream for £39 (must have been jazz) which only becomes a dressing table artefact.

People I am going bald and it is not funny at all.

The hair itself is long, luscious, full black and healthy or so they have told me. Only trouble is this description is fit if you start observing/view my hair somewhere about a quarter way from the forehead. Nice people call it baby hair, I call it early signs of baldness (as in my hair is going in reverse, receeding hairline e.t.c.)

I googled up and found two products Lenzi’s request and Boundless tresses which are 'supposed' to be good . Guess what they are available in the US only. No UK shop seems to have it (at least online)

Ok, what is wrong with this UK folks self, half the good stuff I want are in the US and I can’t order without an address in the states.

Last year I saw some gorgeous Jewellery that I wanted to order online but the company will not deliver internationally. My only friend in the US panicked that his over sensitive wife might start trouble if he takes delivery for me. She will start asking questions and he will have to ‘fess up that it is 30+ his teenage sweetheart that she suspects he still carries flame for.

No thanks to Napaali’s Beloved and Pink gloves I started whiling away time on target only to see some good stuff which again you guess right. I also spotted some good quality stainless steel pots to buy on another website and again ….can’t be delivered internationally …aaargg disgusted.

Not that I did not try, knowing I was going to be in NY last June I tried ordering stuff and getting them delivered to our hotel so we can pick on arrival. Pssteew for where they refused o, did not even bother trying in LA.

In short any sharp brained woman there who can help me out with either Lenzi’s request or Boundless tresses in the US or better still an alternative that can be gottten from the UK. Biko, this is a distress call before all my head finally assumes permanent position for reflecting the Sun’s glory.

US bloggers you can hit me o, especially if you are close to Miami, my brother will be there in May and I am sure he can pick up the stuff for me if you live close by.

In other news, it’s good to see Tminx back in full blogging mode, seems more bloggers are spending time outdoors now and have neglected blogville. Now Anu has gone for NYSC, Jinta is rationing his post, well Uzezi's post you need visa for that, while Darkelcee, Obiwanne, Zephi and Lighty there own is residency permit you need. Isi has taken off at least she warned of taking off. SOS to Ms allied, Rinsola, Nyemoni, Mommy. Pink S spice it up with Blogville Idols now, Academie can't wait.

Much Love


Music in my ears

Hi Peeps,
Have you ever wondered why God commands us to praise Him does he want us make to make his head swell....The answer may lie in the way we feel when we praise him. Next time you lift hands to praise God observe the state of your mind and the changes as you praise of him gets higher and deeper.

So I have been rocking my music even more than ever na 'cos I was feeling like that you know (see previous post). BTW, thank you all thanking me and for the concern e.t.c let all passion be resurected o Mr .....gry.

On that note E ba mi gbe oruko re "Emi ni to nje emi ni, OLORUKO NLA, EMI NI MASE BERU" ("Help me to lift his name, the one who has such a BIG NAME, the one who says IT IS ME DO NOT FEAR").

A little digression (or not). I don't need no Butt Bra, I'll rather smext the looser who thinks multidadding is cool and with all my work approximeetings, Protirement seems a juicy option now. At least I am not a salad dodger, the scales says this chic is 12lbs lighter. Please pass some salad to the nicotine using generation XL kid looking at me like expecting some skinship. Booohh, UCS pay up where's my gift.

Confession Time: Sowwwy Asa fans with all the rave's going on, I am just not feeling her like that. Strange considering the fact that I dig Lauryn Hill & Tracy Chapman with whom she has music sameness (allow my grammatic error). Maybe it's because there was too much hype before I actually listened to the music, therefore I had no chance of Falling in love. I know she has symphony, soul, voice richness blah blah but ......

Now Wande Coal - don't know what happened but I just happened (lol) upon his Ololufe track and whhhhhhhatt!, je suis smitten. Albeit there is the small snag of the one line that says "ti iku ba de se o ma ba mi lo?" (if death comes will you go with me?), I ain't following o. It's got nothing to do with the fact I love life tew much, just of the opnion that I gats to stay back and look after his kids and the props you know *wink*. So I change it to "ti iku ba de jowo ma lo" ("if death comes please go ahead alone") - Lol.

Anyhoos my own ololufe aint dying till his old age when we are Grey, Fulfilled, Surrounded by our children, grand children and great grandchildren.

And then there is Gongo Aso (translation: Gongo = uproar, A =will So =sprout in order words "an uproar will sprout"), what can I say about the song except that the day I heard it, Gongo So and Kputuku wu in my heart. Even now Gongo is still Soing and kputuku is still wuing in my heart for the song.

Topping the charts for me however is track 2 from the Albumn Intimacy (by Funmi)this song is DA BOMB as in I opened the waterworks 1st time I heard it. It's nearly 4 months since I first heard it, the song is still driving me to heavenly ecstacy and I still turn the waterworks anytime I listen to the song meditatively, because folks 30+ knows where she is coming from, she can not shout (phrase borrowed from pink gloves - lol).


Did anyone attend FOL? You prolly saw my guy Mike on the Sax or (is it Trumphet)....chei, I just wanna hire him for a night and let him serenade me while I give a dance to Baba God...
Mike just in case you are reading can I hire for the night, honest no indecent proposal here just wanna be serenaded.

"kputuku awu": another way of saying sprouting of an uproar


Why I light a Candle

Hi Peeps

Been a wee while. Trust the One who created you is keeping you. No one can take care of you better than the one who made you for this I consciously choose to thank My Maker.

Been feeling a bit melancholic this past week because of some blogs I read and did not just feel like posting. To top it all Friday had me despairing about cycles and how I am aching for a change. Got my music in full blast all day now let the word be playing into my ears.

I have learnt that the Devil is a liar, you only need a small trigger for negative vibes to take over, No I will not allow it. I know enough not to allow that isshhh.

WE ARE NOT PERFECT BUT PERFECTED IN HIS LOVE. Whether you believe it or not, it is the Truth and that settles it.

In my melacholic state and thinking about London Buki's mom, I got curious as to why folks light candles for remembrance, prayers et al. Below are some of the reasons I discovered:

  • Because we love, and candlelight is a reflection of that love
  • To provide comfort in our sadness, soothe our sorrow, and heal the hurt of loss
  • For sanctuary, the aura of candlelight creates a place to meditate, pray, and give devotion
  • For solitude, contemplation, and reflection.

So, I am lighting a candle
  • To show that I love all my Blogger friends, especially the ones feeling down in the dumps right now, don't stay there Get Up because THE ONE WHO MADE YOU LOVES YOU.
  • For London Buki that God will comfort her and her family
  • To remind myself that a melancholic state of mind is perfect for praying and meditating on his word.
  • To reflect on Colossians 1 v 22, indeed I am free from accusation.
In case you haven't, please stop by London Buki to show some Love, after 5 years of battle her mum has moved on to Glory.