Music in my ears

Hi Peeps,
Have you ever wondered why God commands us to praise Him does he want us make to make his head swell....The answer may lie in the way we feel when we praise him. Next time you lift hands to praise God observe the state of your mind and the changes as you praise of him gets higher and deeper.

So I have been rocking my music even more than ever na 'cos I was feeling like that you know (see previous post). BTW, thank you all thanking me and for the concern e.t.c let all passion be resurected o Mr .....gry.

On that note E ba mi gbe oruko re "Emi ni to nje emi ni, OLORUKO NLA, EMI NI MASE BERU" ("Help me to lift his name, the one who has such a BIG NAME, the one who says IT IS ME DO NOT FEAR").

A little digression (or not). I don't need no Butt Bra, I'll rather smext the looser who thinks multidadding is cool and with all my work approximeetings, Protirement seems a juicy option now. At least I am not a salad dodger, the scales says this chic is 12lbs lighter. Please pass some salad to the nicotine using generation XL kid looking at me like expecting some skinship. Booohh, UCS pay up where's my gift.

Confession Time: Sowwwy Asa fans with all the rave's going on, I am just not feeling her like that. Strange considering the fact that I dig Lauryn Hill & Tracy Chapman with whom she has music sameness (allow my grammatic error). Maybe it's because there was too much hype before I actually listened to the music, therefore I had no chance of Falling in love. I know she has symphony, soul, voice richness blah blah but ......

Now Wande Coal - don't know what happened but I just happened (lol) upon his Ololufe track and whhhhhhhatt!, je suis smitten. Albeit there is the small snag of the one line that says "ti iku ba de se o ma ba mi lo?" (if death comes will you go with me?), I ain't following o. It's got nothing to do with the fact I love life tew much, just of the opnion that I gats to stay back and look after his kids and the props you know *wink*. So I change it to "ti iku ba de jowo ma lo" ("if death comes please go ahead alone") - Lol.

Anyhoos my own ololufe aint dying till his old age when we are Grey, Fulfilled, Surrounded by our children, grand children and great grandchildren.

And then there is Gongo Aso (translation: Gongo = uproar, A =will So =sprout in order words "an uproar will sprout"), what can I say about the song except that the day I heard it, Gongo So and Kputuku wu in my heart. Even now Gongo is still Soing and kputuku is still wuing in my heart for the song.

Topping the charts for me however is track 2 from the Albumn Intimacy (by Funmi)this song is DA BOMB as in I opened the waterworks 1st time I heard it. It's nearly 4 months since I first heard it, the song is still driving me to heavenly ecstacy and I still turn the waterworks anytime I listen to the song meditatively, because folks 30+ knows where she is coming from, she can not shout (phrase borrowed from pink gloves - lol).


Did anyone attend FOL? You prolly saw my guy Mike on the Sax or (is it Trumphet)....chei, I just wanna hire him for a night and let him serenade me while I give a dance to Baba God...
Mike just in case you are reading can I hire for the night, honest no indecent proposal here just wanna be serenaded.

"kputuku awu": another way of saying sprouting of an uproar



darkelcee said...

first on 30+ blog?


darkelcee said...

30+.... "ti ku ba de jowo malo"lollllllllll well during marriage the statement is till death do us part abi? so my sis i second that.

and he aint dying till all ur teeth don fall comot maybe by age 300? lollllll

i didnt like Asa too but my brother is a fan and it is his national antem to and fro work. gat no choice but to like. and my fav is waheediii, omo sekina......funny track.

lemme go listen to funmi sha. to know y my sista is opening waterworks.

30+ said...

Baby Gurl, you must have your mat by my blog - lol. Abi no marriage in heaven ke.

Bukenzo said...

Am second, and pleased. I luv Wande's ololufe, its so beautiful. Really proud of him. but that ti ku ba de line is totally silly. Once he gets to that part, i always say, you are on your own. lol.
Asa is okay but i think she's over hyped. thinks its cuz her style is a bit unusual. Truth be told sha, naija artistes are doing well right now.

UndaCovaSista said...

Lol! Ok well done sha, but the competition closes on the 14th of April 2009, after which date the winner will be announced, yada yada yada...

I feel you on Asa as well. I appreciate her talent but i dont feel compelled to go out and buy the album. Funnily enough i was listening to it in someone's car the other day and enjoyed it (esp waheedi like darkelcee) but i',m still indifferent.

And i'm hiding behind you when her fans come to get us!

30+ said...

@Bukenzo, true jare let him go on his own no marriage in heaven na, which ones. Naija is happening, just wanna see more of 'em on the International level.

@UCS - See your life outside, you must be joking by fire by force you must send my gift this week. 2009 ko 2009 ni.

Looks like we will need a big bonker to hide us all from Asa fans (lol)

Sasuke said...

ta lo fe ku (who wan die)wande coal just dey talk im own jare no be for nija hear wife go die follow im husband. she go tell am say 'honey if we both go who will take care of the kids?'

OluwaDee said...

@ last sm1 who doesn't feel the whole the land is green by ASA. Me too i know she's got soul n all, but the song is kinda empty.

I attended FOL n i saw/heard ur guy mike on d trumphet. lol.

Will listen to track by Funmi.

Lvli week deariee.

Anonymous said...

i like that yoruba song jare!!!Asa is aight tho!!!i havent really taken time to listen to het

pink gloves said...

I am feeling all those songs u mentioned. I know what u mean about ASA, cause of the hype it kinda put me off her, cause I am a Soul music lover.

Lol @ ololufe, i cant stop singing that song, and then the Remix of why me. lol.

I cannot shout oh. lol.

Free-flowing Florida said...

nah, am not a fan of Asa. I tot she ddnt sound Nigerian enof. @ first, i tot it was some new american singer dat is being promoted to death! Although i kinda like 'fire on the mountain', but it's certainly not something i'd play over & over

30+ said...

@Sasuke, my sentiments exactly

@Oluwadee, the land is green ke, tot that one was TY Bello. So you know why I am asking Mike to come serenade moi.

@Pinksatin, you haven't taken time to listen to her and she's tight abeg leave that matter come and convince me when you have listened to her properly.

@Pinkgloves, me too I can't shout. I love reading that in your post (everytime)

@Freeflowing, everyone is now coming out (i.e. non Asa Lovers) lol

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Hey 30+ i still love ur blog and thanks for the music.

ejura said...

I thot I'd been on yr blog before but nw it feels like it's my first time. Nice blog, colourful too.

When I praise God, I feel kinda encouraged. Like I know someone's got my back. Sometimes I just feel so light and even burst out laffing...It's amazing how God reaches out to us when we praise Him abi?

U take care!

Jaycee said...

Lolll...30+ just wants to be serenaded!!!

Hmm...I think there's a scripture says that when we praise God we are elevated. I feel elevated from a low place to a beautiful high when I praise God. Self-benefits.

Wande Cole's Olulufe..pure bliss!!!!! dancing song!!!! Loll @ opening the water I'm off to listen to Intimacy...don't think I've heard it b4!

Jaycee said...

In addition, My hubby ain't dying before we both get grey hairs (not before his time...) :)

30+ said...

@A Kel, you are welcome my sister

@Ejura, you probably been on my blog before I changed the template. 10ks for stopping by. Exactly that is it, no longer you thinking of yourself or putting your mind on the "matters/issues" but on God.

@Jaycee, shey no dying here o.

Hope you understand yoruba 'cos the song is in yoruba. True self benefits but what is the reason why you feel elevated. For me it's cos when I sing to God it is no longer about me, I can be free to fly, float or whatever as my being is concentrated on me. That's 4 me but I feel where you are coming from (I read the TERC post on praise).

Orientatednaijababe said...

Where have u been? I left a message for u on Aijay's blog and was expecting u to fire me back, but no response. I guess u accept!!

I only like one track on Asa's album, everyone is going crazy bout her; including my i am into 9ice, d'banj and co for now....I want to dance, dance, and dance even more.

The "Funmi" song is very moving, i didn't know wen i started shaking my bumbum....i had to stop the track so i cud get back to studying.....abeg keep all these fab tracks coming.

Have a lovely week.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

dude, you say asa wat? lets just leave there know what..everyone kant like everything...with that being said, i still luff you

neways, why are you so razz, i mean deliciously razz? i love it

Wande coals voice makes up for his worowority..he is a talented dude though

I am not following anyone to the grave, em shey jesus died for us all already? and does not mean I love you, but jesus loves you

and you so lost me on that random part..what were you on about? lol

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

which one is this funmi song..i wanro hear it..who sang it and where can i listen?

anonymous gal said...

neva heard the funmi song. i think Asa rocks.
im in love wit 9ice.Dbanj o my let me not make this decent blog x rated. ooh Dbanj

princesa said...

lol! i had to type that in caps:)

You want a man to serenade you at night enh 30+?!

soupasexy said...

lol @ butt bra, y dont u need

girl u so funny...but i like gongo aso and wande sha..really nice!

Smaragd said...


i didnt like ASA for a long time,moreso because everyone was playing her songs at work, but i was forced to listen once and now, "I'm a believer"! lol (ti m ba nke, t'ojo ba nro, fi mi sile & Waheedy are my faves) but i wont attack u sha.

same wiv Gongo Aso, but i "roffed" Wande Coal from the word GO!

which one be Funmi?is it the Gospel singer?

i feel u on worshipping/praising God, works wonders for me.

all said, will def be back!

Afrobabe said...

lmao...u actually took the dare undacoversis put up???

lol..u r not serious...hmmm now I feel challenged...

Afrobabe said...

lol @ undacove...did I just see 2009???

Here I was thinking I'd been left off the hook...

fantasy queen said...

asa, i didnt feel before, now i'm a convert for a couple of her music i.e mr jailer, fire on the mountain.

gongo aso...wasnt feeling the song till i was called a slacker, now i'm the loudest gongo aso player

whats afrobabe talking about? going to dig, i need to share in the joke.

Believer said...

Egbon, how far? Your posts are always like a breath of fresh air. I can always smile and relax whenever I come here. Remain blessed and have a wonderful weekend, will look out for all the tracks mentioned and I feel you on Asa...not such a big fan.

30+ said...

@ONB, defeat ke, I gats plans that you know not. Go back to reading kiakia.

@Zephi, mee to I kno my razziness is topping charts at the mo - lol. The randomnesss was a challenge from Undacova. click on the pix/icon on post to listen to funmi

@Anonimous Gal, never heard Dbanjs song. I gather he sang a song that has no long thing inside and he is xrated abi. So let's leave that one.

@Princessa, me too I am coughing with you

@Soupazexy, my butt are perks na.

@Smaragard - Welcome to my blog and thanks will swing by urs sooon.

@Afrobabe, don't mind that gurl she wants to do 419 for us.

@Fantasy Queen, maybe there is hope that I will fall too.

@Believer, smile and relax jare. Have a gr8 week.

Ekoakete said...

'Sup Nubian Princess. I can tell from your post you're in a good place, long may the good vibes continue. I heard Gongo Aso track and was left wondering what all the hype was about? Maybe I need a few more listens, just like you need for Asa's album :)

ablackjamesbond said...

I ain't following o. It's got nothing to do with the fact I love life tew much...i guess urs is an undying luv

UndaCovaSista said...

@afrobabe - lol...yes o! so get to it, girl.

30+, its not ya fault o! I'm the one that's 419, abi?

Sherri said...

there is a depth in asa 's songs and style that has to be felt and seen with the mind's eye.

am loving gongo aso lots..

how u dey lady?

TaureanMinx said...

Maybe Asa will grow on you. I love her music. The others are excellent too, this is the first I'm hearing of Funmi. Roasto! Lol

30+ said...

@Ekoakete, Amen...ok we trade places I listen to more Asa you listen to more Gongo

@ablackjamesbond, heare hear could not have put it better myself.

@UCS, get with the program 419 is now a term of endearment not :)

@Sherri, ma cherie I dey kampe

@Taureanminx, pleasure seeing your signature. Y'all have to wait to see if she grows on me