Hi Peeps,

Spring is here no doubt, a change of season, time to shine and enjoy the outdoor. Remebering that God changes times and Season I give him thanks.

Quick Tip: Water is your best friend don't be afraid to drink up to 2 litres each day starting today, put a bottle on your desk and drink slolwy throughout the day. It does wonders for your skin and may be more effective than buying one silly small jar of Biotherm cream for £39 (must have been jazz) which only becomes a dressing table artefact.

People I am going bald and it is not funny at all.

The hair itself is long, luscious, full black and healthy or so they have told me. Only trouble is this description is fit if you start observing/view my hair somewhere about a quarter way from the forehead. Nice people call it baby hair, I call it early signs of baldness (as in my hair is going in reverse, receeding hairline e.t.c.)

I googled up and found two products Lenzi’s request and Boundless tresses which are 'supposed' to be good . Guess what they are available in the US only. No UK shop seems to have it (at least online)

Ok, what is wrong with this UK folks self, half the good stuff I want are in the US and I can’t order without an address in the states.

Last year I saw some gorgeous Jewellery that I wanted to order online but the company will not deliver internationally. My only friend in the US panicked that his over sensitive wife might start trouble if he takes delivery for me. She will start asking questions and he will have to ‘fess up that it is 30+ his teenage sweetheart that she suspects he still carries flame for.

No thanks to Napaali’s Beloved and Pink gloves I started whiling away time on target only to see some good stuff which again you guess right. I also spotted some good quality stainless steel pots to buy on another website and again ….can’t be delivered internationally …aaargg disgusted.

Not that I did not try, knowing I was going to be in NY last June I tried ordering stuff and getting them delivered to our hotel so we can pick on arrival. Pssteew for where they refused o, did not even bother trying in LA.

In short any sharp brained woman there who can help me out with either Lenzi’s request or Boundless tresses in the US or better still an alternative that can be gottten from the UK. Biko, this is a distress call before all my head finally assumes permanent position for reflecting the Sun’s glory.

US bloggers you can hit me o, especially if you are close to Miami, my brother will be there in May and I am sure he can pick up the stuff for me if you live close by.

In other news, it’s good to see Tminx back in full blogging mode, seems more bloggers are spending time outdoors now and have neglected blogville. Now Anu has gone for NYSC, Jinta is rationing his post, well Uzezi's post you need visa for that, while Darkelcee, Obiwanne, Zephi and Lighty there own is residency permit you need. Isi has taken off at least she warned of taking off. SOS to Ms allied, Rinsola, Nyemoni, Mommy. Pink S spice it up with Blogville Idols now, Academie can't wait.

Much Love



Afrobabe said...

I am firstttttttttttttt...heheheheheheh

Afrobabe said...

yeah..blogville is getting emptier by the day....

darkelcee said...

haaa afro

i wanted to be first now why?

darkelcee said...


the truth is that writing is not so easy. there are so many things to blog about but no Stenographer!
if i get one i go dey update every day

Well thank God for Catawalq Academie i'm sure it will do wonders in blogville.

i am a naija babe to the core so if u want starch, garri, fufu etc holla me! lolll i will "ship" across to you.

darkelcee said...

ur hair, sweetheart just bone the hair.

my mum's hair starts from the middle and mine too is falling off small small(na my mama i resemble).

i used to spend so much money on it but since i ignored it. its actually growing back.

maybe you try that for a while. it might wor for you too

30+ said...

@Afrobabe, shey we need to do something to attract them back o.

@Darkelcee, Shuo bone my hair, ehn are you sure about that one...talking of naija someone said shea butter does wonders for hair and skin you fit hook me up.

TaureanMinx said...

Aww thanks for welcoming me back. I think you blog for a season, leave, get caught up in the world and then come back to blog some more. Have you tried PAK in Finsbury park...they have everything! And even if they might not have those exact products, you will find some good substitutes...The truth is that all these growth serums are not neccessary, just get a good Shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser and wash frequently.

TaureanMinx said...

Ooooh and take your daily vitamins.

Sherri said...

well, i happen to have a wedding to attend in ur neck of the woods next weekend..(am only coming for the weekend)
see if u can have it delivered in time.

Sherri said...


darkelcee said...

my email is ( for the shea butter)

Free-flowing Florida said...

my dear, i begin dey wonder o. nobody is updating again o (even u afro). wetin dey happen???

had problems with d international shipping thing too. it's a big pain in d ass, believe moi

30+ said...

@Tminx, you welcome. Ok will bear that in mind and drop by Finsbury nxt time I am in Laendon. I bought some silica vitamins, it's supposed to help.

@Sherri, will hit you

@Darkelce, dudu ye mi too o, will holla.

@Freeflowing, yeah is the world no supposed to be a global market place.

La Reine said...

I haven't been here in a while, so bad of me.

You can hit up - a bunch of people on that site, UK and otherwise, they may be able to help.

Aphrodite said...

Hmmm...have you tried Organic root products?
i hear they are also good like the hair fertilizer for instance.

princesa said...

Hey dearie,hope you are good.
i think we are in the same hairline balding dilemma.

Guess what i did recently, got myself some good old gbana(Indie hemp, make NDLEA no catch me o,lol!) and mixed it with my hair cream.

lets see how it goes but my hair dresser says it will work.

30+ said...

@La reine, I have just been on the Naapturality website and infact I have to say God bless you real good. I was laughing hard when I saw comments from people who have used eyepencil, mascara e.t.c to draw's good to know I am not alone - LOL.
The answer seems to be essential oil mix. Off to the herbal store.

@Aphrodite, yes someone mentioned organic root stimulator on the site. But first I am starting the essential oil treatment thingy.

@Princess - Where I for see gbana here now. Maybe in London but then I no get liver to go Brixton dey ask for gbana.
Maybe Undacova can hook me up :)

Smaragd said...

lol at ur comments.

shea butter (the local one) is really good so cld help wiv that alongside darkelcee(by the time we are thru, u'll prolly start

try eating veggies, carrots, olives etc, these are the main ingredients of the Organic root products.

i personally am into Dr. Miracle, Doo Gro products as well as the veggies now for maintenance(all of them just they take our money).

Lighty said...

lol about residency permit, and i try ohh. even wit dissertation and all i still show face small small. most tyms i dont leave comments but thru out this week my comments av been most places.

abeg dont go bald ohh.
plz any1 out there close to miami, help is needed. we dont want 30+'s beautiful hair lookin like the nastiness vivica a fox calls hair in 10weeks.

that aside, i hope all is well big sis.

Jinta said...

bald ke? can i see? is it just on the head?

Aijay said...

How u dey 30+? Real SOS...was also wondering wassup with Mommy...

30+ said...

@Smaragard - Short of turning to a goat I have been trying with the veg, in fact I bought carrot yesterday. But vegs are not so appetizing

@Lighty - You are trying, see you have an update already.

@Jinta - You this man, I shake head for you where else would I be going bald.

@Aijay- Abeg let's go to Mummy's blog with ECOMOG forces

Abimars said...

lol, was gonna recommend nappy forum or lhcf but I've been beaten to it. My hair started falling off recently not just the front everywhere so I cut off the relaxed bits (very brave) and I'm growing my natural hair.

soupasexy said...

abrg which website, y'all hook a sista up too abeg.
sorry for going bald...hope u get the stuff sha. but i still need the

Olamild said...

My hair's been breaking out for a while now and it is annoying

I will share a solution once I found one

UndaCovaSista said...

WHAT! Please explain why you think i can hook you up with gbana before i even consider responding. See me o!

30+ said...

@Abimars, wanted to cut it all off last year but my mom beeged me not to sacrifice all my hair for just the offending front bit.

@Soupazexy, it's

@Olamild, got a lot of info on the Nappy hair forumn. Essential oil mix is it.

@UCS, lmao. Don't go denying me now you were ready to hook me up the last time. I just had trouble getting down to Peckham to meet the Naomi Campbell look alike.

Anonymous said...

blogville is really becoming empty sa!its like most of them old bloggers have packed out of blogville!i was so glad to see tminx back but i fear once she is out of Romania she will pack her load out of blogville!30+ i dont have energy for blogville idol again!i havent even herad from 9ja opeke & ugo(last years co-producers) in a long time..i dont know if they will be interested in organising it again..

eya sorry them yeye people are not delivering to d UK

pamela said...


Jaycee said...

Lol @ ur description of going bald...may u not go bald did u find someone in Miami yet?

I think Rinsola posted something recently...she told me she was going to post...let me go and stalk her (he he). Blogsville MUST not give up the ghost!!!

Rinsola said...

lol, thanks for checking up on me missy, I'm back though. How've you been and howz ur search coming up?

anonymous gal said...

i hate seein an online shop wit all the things u want only 4 them 2 say they dont deliver internationally.
lol u are not goin bald.trully its baby hair-even though u are not a baby.

anonymous gal said...

i hate seein an online shop wit all the things u want only 4 them 2 say they dont deliver internationally.
lol u are not goin bald.trully its baby hair-even though u are not a baby.

Charizard said...

hmmn....for the hair...dont wait for the thing againjoh...shave it all off...seriously it works, the hair go vex start accelerating to the front...even pass ur nose sef..

hmnn..yeah abau the veteran bloggers...I think its the kiddy bloggers that r rockin blogville and ofcourse the regulars like afrobabe etc...

Zephi Fahrenheit said... need to move to the US..If you do, let me know, so we can spend the pounds you brouught from jand...It has a lot of value here you

Afrobabe said...

errrrmmmm about the gbana, when you get can u pls send some over here...honest it's for my

Queen of My Castle said...

I feel you on the whole hair loss thing. It runs in my mum's family, so I am on edge about it already.

I live in The States, but not close to Miami, but if you need me, just holla. LOL

pink gloves said...

if u currntly process ur hear with chemicals, now is the time to stop. go for natural products too.
I know that products like rogaine work, but u will grow bear-bear.

what a pity u cannot get the stuff online that easily. Sorry.

I hope the hair situation gets better, cause i know i feel lost without hair.

30+ said...

@Pinksatin, eh ya I can imagine it will take a lot of energy but I am available to collaborate sha and I am sure it will be fun, have a think about it.

@Pamela, you dey take me laff

@Jayce, Not yet but Sherri is hooking me up with some stuff.

@Mz Rinsola, you are welcome

@Anon gal - Which kain yeye baby hair is that one, thanks for trying to be nice.

@Charizard, so I should become well enemies are plenty but the Lord will deliver me from you all -LOL

@Zephi, I don't like the US enuff jo. With the way things are expensive in yankee, don't think my pounds will make so much difference.

@Afrobabe, how come I don't believe you...will hit you shortly.

@QOC, Thanks Hun will hold you to it o

@Pink Gloves, you mean I should let my go natural, the stress of managing it would me too much.

UndaCovaSista said...

Lol! go to Camden Town. You won't even have to ask, they will offer it to you outside the station...but if police catch you, i didnt send you o!

Funms said...

have u tried profectiv products?,... u can get in upton park....

Uzezi said...

haba, no visa for my place now? I am the queen of newest updates.that's a joke.

so what do u want from nigeria? i will send it through mind travel. gala or meaty?

Naapali said...

29+ Embrace the baldness and do you! Ain't nothing hotter!

Meanwhile, beware of Target. Once you get sucked in, it is hard to get out.

darkelcee said...

You've been tagged dear.

check out my blog for more details

30+ said...

@UCS, on my own ke, what happened to your braveness?! :)

@Funms, thanks will check it when I go to London.

@Uzezi, mind travel, shuo what will be left of you when your mind travels over here - lol.

@Naapali, embrace baldness abi, thank you such is your love ko. I know who to report you to. As per target lack of international delivery will ensure I don't get sucked in :(

@Darkelcee, think I have done similar before will look it up.

Uzo said...

I didnt know tminx was back in full blogging mode? Fab stuff

Anonymous said...

with no disrespect to you at all, (hand on heart) but have you considered just shaving? I'm sure it will suit you... :-)

Standtall said...

Since you are a Nubian Princess, it wont really matter whether you are bald or not. Will it? You will always look beautiful, wont you?