LA and Inspired

Hi peeps,

Happy new month to y'all, 2007 is packing her load, thank God for enduring mercy. The countdown has begun. For me on the one hand is the 2008 countdown, while the other is the countdown for my trip to the city of Angels.

Yes o, if you were planning to come over mine for Christmas you have missed it. This babe is flying her behind out for some good fun. I am so giddy with exctiement because this time I plan to have a proper holiday not those shopping trip frenzy that I have been calling holiday.

Here is the plan, you drop a comment on the must have experiences in LA city and I promise I will not dissapoint. Will visit all the places you mention and come back with loads of gist, okay not only gist but cyber gifts.

Anyways as I promised Allied, this is the piece her poem inspired me to write

Your name flashed on the phone

Without hesitating I called back and said

'I know'

Moments later we are sitting speechless

Taking in each other from the corner of our eyes

Old damn fools, fools in love

We were both on the High

We mused at the sheer Irony

All the while we played perfect harmony

Good music sweet for all to dance

Yet we only played to enhance

Hung up on perfecting each piece

We failed to see our masterpiece

I paused, looking forlorn then you turned nigh

You Knew

Your heart stopped beating and I heard you sigh

I knew

Last night, the Orchestra came crashing down

The fat lady brought the house down

You pleaded that I set you free

And I knew

When you love someone you let them be

If they are yours they will come back to you

Now I let out a tear

That you are nowhere near

As I breathed in the chillness of December

I went back inside, drawn towards the fire embers

Looking distantly at the grand fireplace

I finally knew

Thing is, you were never mine in the first place

© copyright 30+ - Dec '07

Take care and God bless, remember to drop the must do things in LA



Allied said...

Don't we always know? I love and Love the poem albeit it’s sad note.

Re LA I usually go during Independence Day, so watching fireworks at Mulholland Dr is a must. Since there will be no lights, I reckon you visit china town. That place is beautiful. Go to the grauman Chinese theatre. Rodeo drive (well I had no money, so all I could do is window shop). I think the walk of fame is boring... and i have never done the movie star homes. Go to Venice beach, it is not really the beach that does it for me but its boardwalk/side walk, it is very lively. Oh and the sunset strip.

If you are into universal studios and Disney, then u can go there for a fun day.

Have fun and please buy me SOMETHING REAL from rodeo drive.

Nyemoni said...

New post, new post...LOL
Nice poem, O my, I can't put my thoughts together like that... Enjoy your stay at LA, never been there so I can't tell you where to go! You just go, have fun and come back with tales of the place!

30+ said...

@Allied, Thanks a bunch for poem and LA tips. I will add those places to my list. What do they sell in Rodeo drive?

@Nyemoni, no wahala by the time I come back gist go full ground

darkelcee said...

30+ the comment you left on my blog was too funny. i am still laughing o. Abeg spare person now? lol!

as per LA i no know jack sh**t for there as i never go there before but talk of Olumo Rock for yonder( i go draw the map without

just stay safe , drink plenty water and enjoy yourself ok ?

i dont want to miss u on blogville this season so make sure u remain online real time.

the poem? na real or fiction? i'm having deja vu (is this my story?) lol

Love you sis.

Afrobabe said...

Now you make me wanna cry...I aint setting no one free oh....

Sparkle said...

"When you love someone you let them be
If they are yours they will come back to you"

...just wished for once, that that person would come back...

Nice poem...deep stuff

Zephi said...

such a sad poem

ohh weee. you are going to might wanna visit big bear. They have a skiing resort..I had lots of fun..its like an hour or so away from LA..beutiful scenery..ful of tall tall mountains

30+ said...

@Darkelcee, you are still commenting instead of update, oya go now now now lol.

@Afrobabe, you know even me i no sabi the one to believe anymore. But I suppose you can hold as long as they want you to hold.

@Sparkle, just as I said above, I sometimes wonder maybe you should not set 'em free in the first place because most times they never come back. However love is liberating is it not.

@Zephi, Ok I'm gonna google big bear up.

Lighty said...

i knew it
i knew u had it in you.
ahhhh 30+ and it took you this long to know?
am sure u knew but did not know i know.
well now u know ive always known. this mysteries of the unknown becomes known.
lol. abeg ignore the above, all na ranting.

aww i love ur poem its so beautifully constructed.

errn ehn.. asper ur blogville lil sis, let me write my LA present list.

i want:
3 pairs of shoes.
2 skinny jeans.
1 leather handbag.
a silk scarf.
is that too much of mi to ask? i can take off 1 skinny jeans if it is. lol!

if the load is too much, just drop my list and bring me back a huge hug instead, that would be long lasting.
muah XXX


So beautifully written. Pele.

Florida said...

Never been to LA, sorry no help there. Loved the poem though, esp the ending. But i don't believe in absolutes. That s/he didn't return to u doesn't say s/he was never yours. It just could be u had hurt them (knowingly or otherwise) that it's more painful being with u than without. Sometimes, a person returns to u, but so much water had gone under the bridge that u r no longer compartible or the attractive had fizzled away. Am speaking from experience here ... lol

30+ said...

@Lighty, I am happy you knew when I did not even know that you knew and now that we both know you knew and I also know we are much better of for knowing. Kerching!!!
Aburo that your list is long o but not to worry I am sure I can at least get one thing on the list.
Thank you

@Solomonsydelle, Thanks

@I don't always believe in absolutes either but in this case my mindset was based on absolute. Welcome to my blog.

princesa said...

Everytime I come here, I am amazed at ur talent babes.
Cant help you with the L.A trip ideas but have fun all the same.
Can we see pics when you return?
Happy 2008 in advance.

UndaCovaSista said...

Oooh LA? I'm green with envy. Have loads of fun. I feel you on the shopping frenzy taking over the holiday. It always happens when i travel with friends.
Don't know what LA itself has to offer in terms of attractions, apart from shopping and hollywood related movie star stuff. If you want more variety/culture you'll probably have to go out of town on day trips...

Queen of My Castle said...

Hey Sweetness!!! I am loving this poem. I know it might seem sad, but the silver lining is letting go of something that is not yours in order to receive what truly belongs to you. This is how I felt when my hubby and I split, sad but relieved that I had a second chance to meet the true destined lover of my soul.

As for LA...have lived in The Stated my entire life and can't tell you one single place to go other than Disneyland or Universal Studios. I am a sucker for amusement parks!!!! Have fun and yes, I am with sure to bring back plenty of hugs o!

Queen of My Castle said...

*The States

30+ said...

@Princessa, thanks for your comment. Pix of course that is a default I will flood my blog with pix and plenty gist. I am still around blogville sha.

@Undacova, Going to another town for day trips may be doable as I plan to rent a car.

@QOC, Amen to that silver lining. Universal Studios is a definite for moi.

GERALD said...

The peom is a killer....
holiday in LA....
Reach Kingstone....

Rinsola said...

So you mean to tell me i can't come visiting anymore? It's all good, have fun in LA and to console me, put up pictures when u get back. Nyce poem up there.Hope your week is coming on well.

rethots said...

...a fun-filled hols to you.

Jinta said...

Try Rodeo Drive. Went with my ex once and could have had a coronary for the prices. Need I tell you I raced out of there at the first opportunity?
Also the observatory from where you can see the famous Hollywood sign with the wonky 'O'.


30+ said...

@Gerald, Kingstone in LA?! Ok gonna google that too.

@Rinsola, Don't worry I may have my christmas later just for you. I am fine o, will bring plenty pixs

@Rhetots, thanks

@Jinta, thank you o, since you did not have the coronary you now want me to have pulmonary abi. Rodeo is out except for window shopping sha. Observatory good one

darkelcee said...

sista, i don update so make i go relax abi wetin remain? lol

thanks for thelove.

Olamild said...

Beautifully written
yet so sad

laspapi said...

30+ I agree its not advisable to hold anyone against his or her will. When the fat lady starts singing, close the orchestra and hope the show re-opens some day.

KimPossible said...

You are a great writer. I love coming to your spot. Keep it up, so we can keep coming back.

LA: Hmm...I enjoyed Rodeo drive the best. You have to make sure you come with LOTS of money. LOL! Because those people role up on Rodeo in their Bentley's and Limo's to shop for the day. But, even if you don't have money it's a great spot. Hey, I love smoothies, not sure if you do. I live in the "A" and all we have is Smoothie King and Planet Smoothie. However, LA has a place called Jamba Juice. If you appreciate smoothies you will LOVE Jamba Juice. You may already have one in your town and in that case...go to Jamba Juice and get a smoothie for me. :). I enjoyed the tour of the celebrity homes, only because ironically almost every celebrities house we went to they were out in the yard and we got to take pics with them (i.e. Rocky, Dr. Phil, Usher, etc) Interesting experience. I think it may have been boring otherwise. Also, going to the random movie preview thingy was fun. Random people will walk up to you and ask if you want to see a movie viewing. And they will tell you what time to be back at the spot. I think that is all I can think of for now.

I am so glad you are getting away for some fun for Christmas. I am actually not doing the traditional Christmas either. So, be safe, have a blast and enjoy your Christmas.

Keep in touch and drop by the spot.

30+ said...

@BTW, QOC I liked the way you called me sweeteness come and see me smiling like someone who won the Bingo

@Darkelcee, oya at ease

@Olamild, thanks

@Laspapi, I agree but how many producers hold on to past glories revelling the show when the curtain has long been closed.

@Kimpossible, you know what I have to just cut and paste all your suggestion into my list. Hhmn the ogbonge Nigerian in me started twictchin when you mentioned random people coming to ask me to watch movie preview and telling me the spot to meet them, I am thinking gbomogbomo. I know it sounds so silly but heck I did think of it.

30+ said...

FYI, gobomogbomo are folks who kidnap people for ritual.

Sherri said...

Kodak theatre is a must!
also pls visit our own toni payne's outlet i thinks it's on the strip (visit her blog for more info)
the grand canyon is nice and closeby(if u like things like that)

the wineries sounds like ur thing,
they're really nice ( u don't have to imbibe)Lol

universal studios and disney dey cool (if u like things like that)
their spas are overpriced tho

whatever u do, have a blast..

femme said...

i liked the embers and december part of the poem, but maybe u should have dismembered him. hehehehhe

hmm, where to go in LA?
i know id love to see beverly hills,belair and holmby hills.
oh, and sunset boulevard. but i think this sounds too touristy.
enjoy ur holiday.

Chizom said...

Wow! Just Wow!!

Mythots said...

As always your writing is beautiful in its simplicity and honesty, insightful and thought provoking..

I can so relate and for a second, i thought ur piece came in from my "archives"

Have a fun holiday!

funmi said...

I always thought u were a great writer... that was a beautiful piece!
*sigh*... reminds me of my fav question- "what on earth is this thang called love?". ...

Have a fab holiday and keep us posted

30+ said...

@Sherri, Kodak is most def on top of my list. Toni Payne noted. all other places noted as wel. Not to worry I will have have a blast.

@femme, the dismembering thing may just be a tad messy.Tourist is what I am now?!

@Chizom, Thx

@Mythots, aaw thank you, glad you enjoy my writing.

@Funmi, I sigh with you if you ever find the answer let me know. For now my own answer is Love is God and I do not think of the Man v Woman aspect. Thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

LA should be fun... i've never been though... :-/
A couple of bloggers live there... Mochafella and Guerierre(sp)

James Tubman said...

if you love somebody you don't let them go

you manipulate them into loving you

psychology works

30+ said...

@Belle, ok

@James Tubman, I totally disagree, with you how long will you keep manipulating somebody before they wise up.

Olamild said...

how r ya?

Believer said...

Haven't been to LA, so can't really recommend where to go. I really loved this poem, it got me thinking. Anyways, have yourself loads and loads of fun, you deserve it. Compliments of the season.

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Lovely Words ;-)

Aijay said...

How're u dear? Its been a while.
I love the poem. Well written.

Rodeo drive, if u've got some cash to burn. Me, I just window shop & go downtown. lol.
I don't buy knock offs o. I just like a good deal. Ok, I can be cheap sometimes. lol.
Universal the touristy things...walk of fame.
I'm sure u'll find loads of stuff to do.
Have Fun!!


I've been to LA twice but unfortunately do not have any great memories with respect to locations. Anyway, I am sure the other commenters have named some cool spots.

Have loads of fun, sha!

30+ said...

@Olamild, fine. Is that a sneaky way to say make I update

@Believer, same to you

@Kwana Aminata, thank you

@Aijay, abeg talk to me where is the downtown place, hook me up. I am not afraid to say I buy cheap

@Solomonsydelle, I will

mochafella said...

Err...saw your comment. I'll try to make this brief:

Cabazon, Camarillo - Both are outlets, 1hr east and west of LA.
Rodeo dr - Window shopping, except u r Posh Spice.
3rd street promenade, Melrose blvd, The Grove - All within LA.
Downtown - Don't know much about the shopping here, but its probably the best place along with the outlets for bargains.

Places to go:
Santa Barbara - 1.5 hrs west, beach and pier, some shopping, wineries if that's ur thing.
Universal city, Disneyland, Magic Mountain - Theme parks
Sunset blvd - Clubs, party goers
Artsy stuff - Peterson's automotive museum, Getty Center. There's also a bunch of museums in the Hollywood/Highland area.
Try Manhattan beach and/or Malibu if you go into a "mammy water" phase. There's also the Zoo and Long beach aquarium if you like animals.

Places to "people watch":
Kodak theater - Home of the Oscars, also has a view of the Hollywood sign.
Chinese theater - Right next door to the Kodak.
Walk of fame - Runs right in front of both theaters.
Venice beach, Santa Monica - Lots of activity and people walking around.

Let me know if there's anything in particular you are interested in that I left out. Prepare for crowds especially at the shopping spots.

Arewa said...

This is so touching and well written.....more of that please....
I know i went into hiding ohhh but im back now...just updated so haollar @ a sister.
Hope all is well with u.
Make 2007 carry her bag go make we see new year with plenty plenty blessings...!!

Jaybabe said...

Be very careful while touring L.A Come back in peace.

That poem is a WOW!

Afrobabe said...

you in LA now?????

little miss me said...

in the few moments i was able to detach my self from the sudoku game on your blog lol,i think its a beautiful beautiful beautiful poem(yes,one beautiful just wasn't enough) the way you play with words..its a sad theme but poetry is all about emotion.
have fun in LA!

30+ said...

@Mocham infact you are tew much thanks a zillion

@Arewa, how na, I don go holla at yours

@Jaybabe, will be careful

@Afrobabe, not yet in LA still got a 'few' days to go

@little miss me, thank you glad you enjoy the sudoku

Isi said...

30+ the poet! this is really nice. i don miss u well well!

Isi said...

...and yes do have a nice time at LA. love ya!

UnNaked Soul said...

lovely poem... lovely

Fo said...

nice poem...hwos u by the way??

Tayo said...

Nice poem! Which LA are you talking about? If it's LA-gos, I'll give you 1001 places to visit ... LOL

Anonymous said...

Interesting Poem.. Have a great time in the City of Angles.. (angles indeed.) :-)

Jaybabe said...

Just passed by checkin' on you..and of course for an update..!