8 Wierd Things

Howdy people,

Thank God that we are alive at such a time like this. "He whom has kept us this far will continue with us".

I was tagged by Princessa to let you in on the weirdness of 30+

Un: I like counting. It is borderline obsessive but not compulsive e.g. I will stand outside a high rise and building start counting the floors and number of windows it has. I will carry my coin box empty it all and start counting sorting by denomination. If you ever see me in church or a party stretching my neck as if searching for someone na lie, I am probably counting the number of people in that gathering.

Deux: I am no 2 biased. This to me is the mother of weirdness. If I am staying overnight in your house or a couple of days/1 week. I will not be able to do no 2. However if I come just for a brief visit and the white house is clean I have no qualms. I have tried and proven this weirdness many times and it still holds true.

Trois: I zone out a lot. E.g we are all together in a living room having a good gist and generally yarning. Next thing 30+ is all quiet, you have to tap her to come back. It is usually because a thought has come to my mind and I have to process there and then, it can't wait.

Quarte: I like watching cartoons. Although these days I don't watch any form of T.V. however when I do watch it, amongst my favourite shows are/were Rugrats (until they grew up - not cool), Arnold and Recess. Sshh don't tell anyone but there was actually a time I stayed up to watch teletubbies.

Cinq: I remember random things about people. E.g. I met you 10yrs ago and suddenly see you again my memory flashes all I see in my mind is Cat. Why because you probably told me you were having your cat neutered back then. I may not remember your name or where we met but remember your cat's name, or your aunty's birthday e.t.c

Seize: I do a lot of acting/stories in my head e.g. I see some folks in the supermarket and the guy does or say something bad, in my head I see that the wife did something yesterday and this was how she did it and why she did it. I also continue their story in my head, what will happen when they get home, who will say sorry. I also go ahead to write a story of how the man or woman grew up (remember I don't know these folks from jack).

Sept: My expressions are a dead give away of how I feel. Picture this you come into a room and tell a lie, 'involuntarily' my nose turns up and my eye says yeah right. It has no respect for who is talking, I could do the same in front of Yaradua and have gotten into trouble a couple of times as folks have reported that I called them a liar (not me o, my expression). I am working very hard to moderate it, these days you will hardly notice, except for keen observers (like my current boss).

Huit: I am a people watcher. We are at a party and everybody is grooving, even while dancing and laughing my eyes dashes round and I notice the smallest frown, the fake laugh, the one that seemed confused and will describe them back to you as such. Forget what they were wearing just say "the one that smiled least at the party" and and I will get the gist. I also 'used to' stare a lot so much so as a small child I was given a nickname to that effect. Presently I have now perfected the art doing it without the object/subject's knowledge so I no longer call it staring but "Observing".

Here goes I hereby tag darkelcee, undacova, bimbylads, jaybabe, onyiodchic, kimpossible, aminata, naijafineboy (hope he wakes from slumber). If you have been tagged before that means you still got some weirdness to share (lol) .

Thanks guys for all your comments my itinerary done full, blogville rocks. Mochafella you tew much, the guy gave me LA 411 in one comment. So I am packing my bags bit by bit may not be able to update till I get there. I do hope the room has Internet access as I will not pay any extra $5 for access after the $XXXs per night for the room. Need to check with my sis who did the booking. If there is Internet access then I will try to broadcast live from LA. If not have a FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS



Lighty said...

30+ film maker. when are you going to contruct my life in ur head? lol.
what are u doing putting up ur nose and twitching ur eyes? are u trying to say i aint got a life? am not liking this ohh.
lol. very very interesting weirdness. u're really weird indeed.

egbon. ive updated oh. am still mad busy, but for people like you, i had to update my diary.

enjoy packing, am sure u're really looking forward to ur trip.

Afrobabe said...

Babe am with you on the making stories on ppl you see around thing...I do it all the time, makes life more interesting

Then my expression...shit ppl usually know when i am guilty, used to wonder how my parents always caught me out as a kid

and yes I also love watching people, especially when they dont know they are being watched...lol..you learn alot..

KimPossible said...

I am with you on numbers 8 and 9. I can NEVER hide how I am feeling. My eyes get big or my body language will DEF give it away.

OMG! I LOVE to people watch. My people watching kind of fits into your number 7 too. I watch people constantly when I am out. I say to myself, they just had an argument. He abuses her, she is a drug addict. he is a murder and then I play their story out in my head. People watching is a very soothing exercise for me.

Great post. Come check out my blog today! Interesting topic.
Happy Friday!

princesa said...

Oh so you are ghoing to have fun at L.A and leaving me behind ehn??

Abeg no go do looku looku for there o!

Have fun and enjoy ur Xmas.

princesa said...


Sherri said...

i hope u plan on seing steven spielberg about dem characters in ur head? Lol
as for observing, abeg wear some mean sunglasses o, ur eye go see plenty in LA.

30+ said...

@Lighty, how'd. You bet I have already started constructing your life in my head. I have gone over to your blog

@Afrobabe, shey that is one of the reason I try to avoid trouble because you will just know who caused it.

@Kimpossible, unbelievable it is sooting for me too. Most times it's better than T.V.

@Princessa, you know it would have been nice if you were coming along. I go bring gist na so not to worry. Will try to limit my enjoyment.

@Sherri, if I could just get 5mins with Spielberg forget mehn. Next it will be 30+wood no more hollywood.

Arewa said...

Observer ke...U R A HUMAN CCTV...lol
About the cartoon thingie... ur not the only one oohh..I am a big fun of The Proud family and the Disney House of mouse...I know..im blushing now...lol

bumight said...

your #2 is actually wierd, and cartoons? sometimes they make more sense!

Olamild said...

# 6 is so funnyyy

UndaCovaSista said...

OMG!!! I love people watching too! My favourite places in the world are airports, hospitals and train stations. Fantastic...!

Lady A said...

It's good to see that I'm not the only one who "observe" people. I truly do find more enjoyment in wathcing people's facial expressions/body languages at parties or events.

30+ said...

@Arewa, penny proud is cool. My eyes are like CCTV o.

@Bumight, cartoons do make more sense. No. 2 beats me

@Olamild, lol

@Undacova, so you too-You have been tagged so go and do likewise

@Lady a, we have a lot of observers in the house o

KimPossible said...

Hey 30+,

Thanks for the tag. I love it! Check out my post. I answered the tag. :)


KimPossible said...

Hey 30+,

Thanks for the tag. I love it! Check out my post. I answered the tag. :)


Isi said...

30+ love. how nah. LA nko? i will make u a princess in the wierdness kingdom(remember am the queen), not becos u are wierd at all o, but becos i have the power to choose anyborry. so u'll be getting ur damask and beads by tommorrow. lol!!!!

Jaybabe said...

Of all the weirdest things i've red in Blogville, this is the weirdest of them all...LOL...30+ you are sooooooo weird. So very wierd. You blast my ribs by the counting thing. And the people watchin' thin'..oh my God!
I think you need help. Go home this festive. Have them slaughter a black he goat and get you baptised with its blood. Abeg!...lol..modimo wa me!!

darkelcee said...

Gosh! where have i been that i am no 18?

heeeeeeeeee(wailing) you for hint me that you wanted to update and i for comment before the update itself lands.lol!

lets join forces and produce a film

......u are automatically the producer/directed, writer and "actor"........lol


Melly Chlistmas! (to mimic my niece!lol)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i have been tagged and still have not much to say maybe im afraid

Simi Speaks said...

lol.. Now, I know am not crazy. I thought I was the only one who did #6!


hahaha, I do some of the things you do. Oh my, and I didn't think they were weird. Thanks for bursting my bubble =)

Florida of Free Spirit said...

Hmm, compared to u, i feel like d mother of all weirdos!!!! Well, i can't do no 2 either in other people's homes - i imagine it'd be stinking long after i'd gone home (lol), & that'd be too embarrassing!!! & too, i notice facial expressions or d slightest reaction like mad. My sis thinks am paranoid!!!

little miss me said...

i could have sworn i commented on this earlier..maybe i was dreaming
anyway i can relate to #3 and 4,i often offend people when i just zone out and have a blank stare especially during a boring conversation..
+ i love hey arnold! used to be one of my best cartoons..

you have a sweet weirdness,is there something like that or did i just make that up?lol its nice and familiar but in a peculiar way..

Jaybabe said...

Something for you at my blog. Go check out! Merry xmas!

BiMbyLaDs** said...

excellent on wierdness.. ill work on this for my next post.

30+ are u based in London? fancy a night out with other bloggers in a cosy restaurant, doing nothing but praising God? if u do... holla @ me!! lol. same goes for everyone who reads this..

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwww, you're not that weird. LOL People watching is quite fun I must admit.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!!!!


Zephi said...

have a wonderful time in LA..do tell about your exciting experiences...your not that weird..I can handle your "wierdness"

Jinta said...

Have a lovely one, 30++

Arewa said...

Hey girl just wanted to wish u a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year ..... Thanks for the love and suppourt... nuff love x x x

Bukenzo said...

Hi. Check out my latest post and my message to u.God's luv always

Bukenzo said...

Hi. Check out my latest post and my message to u.God's luv always

temmy tayo said...

Bottom line is u r totally weird.

darkelcee said...

Merry Christmas!

Where art thou cos i am missing you!

30+ said...


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