Whose son is he anyway?

See me see wahala, some craze going on blogville with folk’s argument and counter arguments about the mystery behind a particular blogger, babaalaaye, come and see ogidi epe and eebu (curses and insults).

The trouble began when rumour mongers started milling around that he is the son of the president of Nigeria, na so katakata begin. Anonymous groups say he should be made to pay for the “sins” of his father. O ya crucify him 12 inch nail like they did Jesus Christ.

Personally, the only thing I can think of is jealousy full stop. Psssssssssssst, the guy blogs good and I have cracked a few ribs at some of his write up, end of story. Mr and Mrs anonymous with all their anonymous children have been forced to hold fire as all the blog comments are now fully moderated, phew!!!

I think I need to start stirring up some wahala too, just maybe a riot may erupt and I will be suspected to be Princess Diana, after all many people still believe that the king (Elvis Presley) is still alive.

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Anonymous said...

hey 30 pls check out my page and 9ja opeke's page on the whole blog ville idol thingy...let us know what you would like to participate in