Blog Starts...

Got the idea of blogging cos i saw a friend's blog.

Been pondering on exactly what to write and i tot of pouring it all out, but even thinking of all that i will pour out made me to ponder more..........

Am i ready to take unsuspecing readers on the rollercoster ride that has been my life for the past few years. The true me and truthfulness of my experiences may leave the reader more confused, in fact i tot the blog will probably be more suited with a title loosing it.

Yes you heard it right.

Afterall the blog is a diary to share my experience under the shades of the net, no face just my voice speaking to thousands of unknown.

So I waited until i had a clear frame of mind, even if the truth was to be told it had to be told without the craziness that was then engulfing my frame.

Oh the liberty of being free to express your true feelings, experience without being judged by those watching your life.

Anyway, it pleased HIM to release me to write at this moment, because now he has started a new thing in my life.

I am 30+ and glad to be on Blogville

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