I have been reading this write up about having a family vision and how the author had a vision to do this and that.
Well I have come to the conclusion that I must be vision less, if you like call me NFA e no pain me.

When it comes to the nitty gritty of I where i want to live, what i want to do e.t.c my mind goes blank. Could it be that i have seen so many shattered dreams/vision and have become disillusioned...i dunno. I am easy going, i find it difficult to plan ahead, i live for the day.

Back to vision let me search deep in my soul, well let's see...

I want to be a multimillionaire and retire by 45 but so does every Joe and Joan (no pun intended).

Ahh okay yes, eureka i think i found it (yes my vision). Ehm eem if they have vacancy in Nollywood i will like to act.

Does that suffice for vision? Well if it does Uncle Tade Ogidan or any other producer get in touch quickly.

If it does not...well che sara sara!

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