No one like me?!


Father I declare that you are my Valentine, there is no me without YOU, you make me all I am.

How are you doing ma blog family?. Been a while since I dropped by here

This post is as self involved as can be can, so please allow me.

Y'all know I claim to be a matured lady who is very single - Everybody choruses Yelz

How come everyone around me is more frazzled, come across as single ready to mingle but myself.

According to more than one source, I don't look like someone "who is single or even ready to mingle" (biko nu how do they look?), "It does not show on your face sha (this irks me so, as in what?!!), "I thought you have someone somewhere! (but why would you go thinking on my behalf).

My single lady friends make more reference to their single state, getting married, kids that I wonder if I am okay for not speaking or thinking about it as much.

So I had a self talk and these were a few of the reasons that I came up with
  • God told me he will settle me in my joyful matrimonial home hence my calm disposition to it all.
  • I am content with not being married for now because I have seen what how miserable a married woman can be.
  • I am somehow sabotaging myself and have made a pact with some unseen forces to remain single.
  • I am too Lacadesical to be bothered about singleness or marriage.
  • Everyone around me is doing the fretting and bothering leaving me no room or time to bother about it myself.
  • I am in denial of some sort
I do hope it's the first reason on the list, otherwise intervention may be required or going by my valentine it may not be necessary after all....hmmmn.