Nostalgia...I miss

Hello Peeps,

There is a time for everything, a time to sow and a time to pray, a time to laugh a time to cry, a time to sleep and a time to wake. As for praising God it is for all time, all day and all night his praise should be on our lips...I praise you Lord

Right now is the time for me to reflect and reminisce.

I miss the early days of blogging, when I constantly checked my blog for comments and spend hours blog hopping. I miss reading Fineboy's post. I miss reading from Doctor Naaps, Bimby's series, Mrs Somebody, Carlang, Undacova, Calabar girl, Anu Boy and a few others.

Don't get me wrong, there are still yet more bloggers who are in the block, just that I miss a few of the ones who have left.

Sometime I wonder if I should draw the curtains on this blog but can't bring myself to do it just now.

I miss my Husband and kids, the ones I don't have yet.

I miss my Dad....sigh. He is very much alive hale and hearty in Naija just that I am missing him right now. Don't know why seeing that we are not necessary the best of buddies. Maybe I should plan to visit home soon.

I miss gbegiri and ewedu, it's been a while I had it.

Yihaa, my photography is doing very well and thank you all for your support and encouragement both here on blogsville and facebook. I have been getting quite a number of enquiries and custom. I will be covering another wedding very soon, hopefully will come back here with plenty gist.

Till later, take care of yourselves.

If you or someone you know is getting married soon, give me a shout, we (in conjunction with my partner who is a make up artist) have got some good package on offer .

Shopping Frenzy - Eureka

Hi Peeps

Unquestionable he is the Lord, he created us but himself was not created.

Seeing that I don't plan to repent on blogging faithfully anytime soon, I may compromise and start talking photography here. That will prolly give me the impetus to come by here more often.
Imagine my 2nd year blogging anniversary passed without so much as mention. Whereas last year I put up this longified post celebrate. Time changes things.

Sales and sweltering sun what a summer combo.

I am not a typical girl when it comes shopping. Don't really like shopping that much, I usually start off with a high but within an hour I am like can I go home already. Another issue for me is I have a one track mind when it comes to shop. For many years I was a card carrying member of NEXT just 'cos I went in one summer sales period and got good bargains and clothes that fit. Ever since then, anytime I am going shopping like a robot it's NEXT. Often times I see other people wear clothes and wonder why I did not see them in the shop i.e. NEXT.
My sister gets lovely tops from H & M, you will think I should do the maths and go in there to ge myself some, till date 30+ has never stepped into H & M by herself to buy anything yet I envy the tops when she wears them.

Then my favourite store became Dorothy Perkins and I had a brief sting with Wallis.

Ok why all these stories.

Currently I have no shop in the UK. Got tired of NEXT after one particular sales period that left me looking like iyalode of Balogun market as I practically struggled a pair of shoe with one woman. Took one look around the store saw the craziness of it all, dropped my picks and headed for the door. No store is what that hassle 70% sales or not and anyway all the good stuff had gone. Dorothy Perkins after going in twice and not finding anything I dropped them like hot potato.

In the past two years or so I have been doing my shopping whenever I travelled. But as I am not travelling this summer and my weight is doing a yoyo on the scales, I realised I needed interim solution until my body weight made up it's mind or I decide to stop taking a Kit Kat every break (whichever came first).

Last week, I sat scratching my head on where to shop.

For above reasons, I don't shop there plus back in time, I made the mistake of going there at Christmas time with a friend who came in Nigeria. Unfortunately it was the one located on Peckham High Street, we are talking 5 years ago before the re branding attempt of Peckham. So my bus stopped in front of Primark last week and as I saw folks coming out with brown bags and looking rather satisfied, I decided to venture in. I keep forgetting how ridiculously cheap that place can be. I got not one, not two but three tops for under 30 quid.
What's more, the shop here is not nearly half as crowded as the ones in the Queen's City.


Ok their clothes may not be all that of a good quality but who cares, all I want is an interim UK shop until I set off on another voyage.

My shopaholic friend tells me there is an outlet in Swindon sumfink like that so failing my travelling I may go check the place out.

In the meantime I need to make peace with my body and some information about Child labour being used to sew Primark's clothes.

Till Later