1 yr on ....

Hi Peeps

Wow it seems that times does fly. Whatever we are going through remember that the phrase "these too shall pass". Life has different terrains, from the valley to the hills, to the plain, to the brooks, the sea, the lake, the wilderness, the dessert.

We can learn so much from the unseen/uknown God from the things he has made. He is the master of the universe.

A year today I put up my first post on Blogsville starting a most interesting, educational, engaging and roller coster ride journey. Though my profile says April, it took till May to finally put up a post and figure out what to write.

My blog introduction sounds nothing like what my blog gist/journey has been. Why? Answer is also in my introduction .... he started a new thing in me. Hence rather than delivering on the promised rollercoster, venting of frustrations, the gists on this blog has been mainly 'an easy read' with a dash of humour as I recount some daily happenings and observation in my world.

The 30+ that started this blog was at a place of despair and gloom where she struggled to sense and find her maker as she tried to hold on to her saness adjusting to so many changes as her so called achievement that was eroding her peace.

The 30+ writing this post feels loved, joyful, blessed and divinely favoured. I know that the one who saved me lives,

On Blogville I have

Picked up more Pidgin English than before Na, Una, wetin, na so.
Started writing things like prolly, ishh, sheeznees.
Got myself an official blog sister and brother, no blog boo yet :( ehn did I hear cradle snatcher.
Wrote a poem off cuff
Wrote an inspired poem and short story
Got my creative juice to come alive again
Shared my weirdness
Have written a few posts
Got more than a couple of comments - lol
Made friends plenty of them – (I wrote name (s) against the list but took it out, it's more fun guessing, some will be easier to guess than others though)
  • The one I see as my aburo for real
  • The one who reminds me constantly of what I would rather be doing
  • The one whom I see as my brethren/comrade
  • The one who is bent on engaging my brain full throttle when reading their post
  • The one whose post is ever so sensual and makes me wonder
  • The one I feel like sitting down and raking for just 'cos I love 'em so
  • The one I really want to meet and hug tight
  • The one whose cyniscm does not deter my fondness
  • The one whom I gave the title regular lovely blogger
  • The one who could easily be my friend from the past
  • The one whom I admire as intelligent
  • My aburo
  • The mumsies group
  • The one I find endearing
  • The one who encourages down to her blog title
  • The one whose love for I AM challenges
  • The one whose blog is touch and go
  • The one whose blog is a pure pleasure to read
  • The one who shares my name and delivers as such
  • The veteran whose passion I commend
  • The dude that made me laugh so hard when I first came upon blogsville
  • The Young Lad
  • The traveller
  • The one I call Writer
  • The ambitious babe
  • The ones I see as three Musketeers
  • The kind hearted Husband
  • The one whose blog name makes me think of fairies
  • The no nonsense blogger
  • The one whom I call Babe
  • The one with whom I have more than a few things in common (tis almost scary)
  • The one whose Avatar made me smile now it's been changed :(
  • The one who unknowingly inspired me to blog but does not know my blog

To you all above and everyone who has read my posts, left comments or passed by this way.

30+ is saying

“E seun”, “Nagode”, “Sosahan”, “Imela”, “Thank You”, “Dankschen”, “Merci”, “Siyabonga”, “Shukriya", “Obrigada”, “Gracias”, “Dan san”, “Grazie”, "Doh je"



UndaCovaSista said...

Awwwwww, bless!
I know i must be in there somewhere. Even if i'm not, i still claim...Lol.
Here's to many more years of blogging (or should i just say here'd to many more posts?)...

30+ said...

How are you achieving this feat of getting to be no 1. Of course you are on the list near the top sef. Clue "I have referred to you as such recently while replying your comment".

Favoured Girl said...

Happy 1st Anniversary! Blogging is like that: a fun addictive journey to discovering yourself and so many people out there.

Am I on the list? :-)

temmy tayo said...

Bon anniversaire....blogging uhmn a long time addiction. By the way I have answered ur question on my blog.

Rinsola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rinsola said...

Happy Anniversary 30+, At least i got here b4 Afrobabe. I could figure out some and i couldn't figure out some, give my lazy self extra clue plsss 'cos i couldn't find RIN-RIN on the list o. I'm waitingggggggggggggggggg (don't mind me). Hope ur weeks' coming on well

Be silent said...

Happy Birthday he he hehehehe Oh and The one who should Be silent ha hahaha Self recognition

Uzezi said...

im happy for u. of course He lives on. Many more blessings r coming ur way.
Happy first anniversary

darkelcee said...

where have i been? auditors want to kill me

1 year already? how time flies.

ok i am happy a met you too.


Mommy said...

Ok so which group do I belong to. I hope not in the Mumsy group o!(lol)! Its good to hear that you learnt all this in just a year. One loud hearty Hurray to the celebrant.

I did observe your metamorphosis...your posts began to take a new turn and at first I was a little confused. I noticed you stuck to your new way of life. Its a good thing. No one has better answers and solutions like HIM. Just keep trusting. :0)

Cyber Hug!

Mommy said...

I made top ten...yipeeeee!!! Dancing to 'kalangu' music!

30+ said...

@Favoured girl, yes o addictive. Let's just say you have two more folks with you on the list.

@Temmytayo, I am considering application / sponsoring

@Rinrin, clue "what happened to penny proud and I could read your blog on a sunday morning" see you on there twice :)

@be silent, 10ks and I am still waiting on the answer to the no 34 question

@Uzezi, 10ks

@darkelcee, Pls auditors don't kill her for me o.

30+ said...

@Mommy, I just missed you as I was replying the other comments. Thank you jare, so you noticed the metamorphosis - lol. Thank you dearie. Oh ya let's do kalangu together. BTW which one is kalangu.

mypenmypaper said...

nice one. so its one year since you came online. Well, its nice to be a blogger, and at least its worth the effort for all the friends we make.

anyway, giving it up for you. How about doing a New Blog-Year Resolution.


Lighty said...

happy anniversay 30+ i cant wait to celebrate mine sooon too. hope all is well with u.

Lighty said...

happy anniversay 30+ i cant wait to celebrate mine sooon too. hope all is well with u.

Kpakpando said...

happy anniversary 30+.

I came here to tag you sha

Kpakpando said...

na lie :) u flatter me o jare

Sha said...

awwww happy 1st anniversary

fantasy queen said...

happy anniversary!

we've come to realise more than we ever thought we'd get from blogging. new friends, sisters and satisfaction at knowing that those weird things about us and those things we go through arent so bad anymore, cos there are people here who go through the same and are willing to leave encouraging words which are really more than words but soothing balms.

happy cheers to many more blog posts from you!!!!

shola pacheco said...

30+ happy anniversary,i ño go vex too much say u no remember me lol, hows d hair doing now,

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

gosh do I sound conceited if I say I feel I fit everyone of those descriptions? ehn tell me? lol

here is to many years of blogging...


Uzo said...

Happy Blogversary

bllk wolf said...

happy anniversary
i know im not on that list though
but its allgood

anonymous gal said...

happy blog bday.

30+ said...

@Mypenandpaper, new blog resolution that one is new o, will think about it.

@Lighty my blog sister, thank you. Yes o and you must celebrate grand style.

@Kpakpando, I resemble person wey dey flatter, you know na, I tell it as it is (at least I hope I do). Tag coming up

@Sha, Aaaww bless, thank you and here is a big hug from me.

@FQ, you are so on point, cheers

@Sholapacheco, who said i did not remember you, been by your blog tire. You refused to update now. How you dey?

@Zephi, if you fit in all that means you are a husby, dude, lad ...nah. Let's just you are my aburo for real and I will also like to rake for you a bit.

@Uzo, Thanks. I hope you see you blogging again some time in the future.

@Blk Wolf on my blog, let the drums roll the trumphet should be sounded. Infact I shall henceforth celebrate blogversary every month if that will get you on this page :). Glad to see you back

@Anongal, thank you

Jinta said...

The one whose love for I AM challenges - jaycee?

the only one i could say for sure

Olamild said...

Conblogtulations o my dear sistah

I came to say hahahahahah at your comments(on my blog). I see why you feel that way and I do too..Hope we can all go home and make positive changes in 9ja someday. thx 4 stopping by

Omosewa said...

Im guessing im the one you want to meet and hug tight, lolol...

Congrats sis, blogville rocks-most of the time!

Sherri said...

happy blogversarrrrry!
i bera be somewhere on that list o. lol

u are def a joy to know.

bumight said...

Happy Anniversary...and I confess I used to come spy on ur blog and play sudoku too!

30+ said...

@Jinta, I don talk am before, they will soon lead you down the aisle before you know what hit you. See you can't spot yourself on the list, okay i am not helping you out with your cyncism o.

@Olamild, I hope so too but it does feel overwhelming sometime.

@Omosewa, Babe bawo ni, yes o most of the time it rocks

@Sherri, you are my person now, we'll hug tight when we catch up sometime not far in the future.

@Bumight, no need for spying now feel free open house every time.

Ms. Catwalq said...

What are you celebrating? Msssstsssssthwwww!!!
U have one more year to go....

Aijay said...

Awww...Congrats!!! This post was sweet. Where is Aijay on that list? Just couldn't figure...

PS: Thanks for the info babes. Feel free to take a spin in my ride anyday anytime.

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ the cradle snatcher bit...

I am almost guilty of that...lusting after a boy 7 years younger...kai, blogging is not good for the soul...

Congrats love, I think we are blog mates...lol..where's the party?

Free-flowing Florida said...

babe, u try! well done. e didn't easy.

u know wot i was doing right? trying to match d descriptions wit bloggers. i think i id-ed afro somewhere there, & maybe jaycee

AlooFar said...

Yes, some are claiming the number 1 spot. I'm claiming the long lost visitor's spot.


Smaragd said...

awwwwwwww, very sweet post 30+. and a happy blogbuffday.

at least i'm one of the peeps u said the thank yous to(us commenters)

Danke Schoen (the german thank you)

Arigato!(am a show-off right?)

30+ said...

@Catwalq, eh I am just numbering my days and thanking God for everything. No be small thing ke

@Aijay, see you I refuse to give hints again you, Jinta, Rinrin, UCS all of una just dey look you no see, mssttteeewww.

@Afrobabe, If I remember rightly you owe me/us a promotion and passing exams drink so I am waiting

@Freeflowing, You prolly guessed only 1 of the 2 right, keep trying and submit your paper for marking later.

@Aloofar, long lost visitor indeed

@Smaragd, yes you are showing off :)

Naapali said...

I come in peace. I came to say Arigato for all your kind words to me. Like undacova I am claiming though I do not recognize myself there but can claim. But that Smaragd sef. Smaragd Smarty-Pants needs to be spanked.

Happy Blog byday!

AlooFar said...

What if that doesn't read like a critique of a Ph.D thesis? ;)


Lady A said...

Congrats! You sound like me.

UndaCovaSista said...

Was just teasing. I know i'm number 3, right/

Believer said...

Only a year...it feels like ages. Honestly, your blog is a blessing. I told you that whenever I come here it's like my whole mood just changes. I laugh and smile and remind myself that I have a God who never fails. Even my mama reads your blog. Remain blessed and keep blogging

30+ said...

@Naapali, Thanks and yes your spot is right behind UCS.

@Aloofar, don't tempt me to come back and continue with my summation on perception being reality. You are welcome

@Lady a, thanks

@UCS, right you can stop guessing, my fellow, teammate e.t.c.

@Believer, wow I am so floored and humbled by your comment. Thanks

Jaycee said...

Awwwww...happy one year anniversary!!!!!!!

Guessing was so much fun...the one I'm sure of is he who made you laugh so much when u got on blogsville. Mr Fineboy??? Lolllllllllll!!!! (Ok, thinking abourrrit...there are many other funny characters on blogsville sha...but I'm already giggling just saying "Fineboy").

I just wanted to say you have a very very lovely blog...and I love the way you've built your character within this period of blogging. Wow, beautiful!!!

Jaycee said...

The one who I admire as intelligent: Naapali or Atutupoyoyo?

Nyemoni said...

Memo to 30+: It's Imiete in my language btw...so which one is me? LOL...wishful thinkin eh? You blog has been an escape for me sometimes you know...

How are you these days...missed reading your blog so I decided to drop a line...1 love.

Believer said...

egbon mi, just to let u know nyemoni had a baby boy this morning. Remain blessed

Rinsola said...

I just came to smile on, lol


Congrats babe!!!!! We thank God that you have been blogging for a year and wish you many more blog anniversaries and excellent life accomplishments.

I tried to figure out the people you were referring to. I think I got Naija Fineboy re: making you laugh. Am I right? Good, send me my prize immediately! lol!

Anonymous said...











princesa said...

I don read this post since but blogger no let me comment.

Happy 1 year bloggerversary babes.
Am still trying to figure out which one i am in that list, abi i no dey sef?lol!

Afrobabe said...

I have read this list 3 times now I still dont see myself oh...or am i the touch and go one?? lai lai... I must be the ever so sensual one..

exam is in june dear...not looking forward to it..just got some sample question papers

30+ said...

@Jaycee - Congrats you got 0/2 ROTFLMAO

@Nyemoni - modesty extraordinaire, who for they there if not you...msttew. My blog an escape, chai "ori mi wu e la igi mo" :)

@Believer, how beautiful are the feet of those who bear good news.

@Rinsola, don't just smile o, give us some pleasurable to read post.

@SSD, Thank you and cheers. Since you got it wrong, can you please send me my present - lol

@Anon - One word, spora

@Princessa - You and Nyem dey make me laff, if I no put your name, no be to evict me for blogville be that. Keep the post coming on the regular

@Afrobabe - Chai you read the post three times, dandaun, mission accomplished. Oya Alle le go read. I want my soon to be Tutor to understand the subject well so she can come and download for me.

naijalines said...

Happy anniversary. This blogging thing no easy oh. I've been trying to post a comment on your blog for ages. Each time I come here, the red rose rides up the page b4 the end of your post. Could be worth checking out to make sure there are no problems.

Aseyi samodun o. (Many more anniversaries!)

Mommy said...

alright. Party is over. You are due for an update! Have a nice weekend sweery!

OluwaDee said...

30+ how body, i must say i missed your blog while I was away.

i have tagged you oh, but the post won't be up till friday so watch out.

will be back to read this post.

Anonymous said...

happy blog anniversary o..so me what blog friend group do i fall in o..abi i am not even there sef!meanwhile...me and opeke have agreed to do blogville 2008!!in which way do u want to be involved?

also check out www.14thandserenity.blogspot.com it is a prduction by catwalg and 11 other bloggers and it is going to be hot...check my current post for more info!

princesa said...

Now i know which one i am.
So am lovely? thanks o!

ablackjamesbond said...

Ko t'ope o...see me feeling among...congrats jare!

Ekoakete said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ekoakete said...

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more joyful posts!