What's up, how you all keeping.

"Mo gbe oju mi si oke woni, ni bo ni iranlowo mi yio ti wa, iranlowo mi yio ti owo oluwa wa eni ti o da orun ati aiye" ("I lift my your eyes Up towards the Heaven, from whence comes My help, My help comes from the Lord who made the Heavens and Earth").

Alphaly speaking (permit the grammar to be so) , you must look up first to Heaven for help, HE will send help down for you to receive, He is that faithful. A mother may forget her suckling child But God is always mindful go you.

Don't look down before looking up, Look Up before looking down because the Help you really need is from above.

You have heard o

It is official, you bloggers are lovely and adorable. I could not help but smile as I saw the attempts some quite futile to match tbloggers to the description and the modesty of some obvious bloggers as they wondered if they were on the list :).

I have to say this 'the Dude that made me laugh when I first came to blogville was 'Baba Alaye intel'. Before Fineboy was there was BabaAlaaye, fineboy na im Son. Awon winch and haters anons chased him.

Maybe one day when I no get gist or I get writers block, I will post the other names against the list.

Tagged by Darkelcee (a.ka. Dudulafe) and Kpakpando (a.k.a Lipsy).

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged
Here goes

1) 30+ likes counting and calculating - nope I am not an accountant, just like counting and mental multiplications. One of my childhood memories involves an attempt to count the number of beans in a Bag those 30-40kg type ones. I fell asleep just after two congo (bowl) or so. I have since realised that all I needed to do was concentrate on counting one bowl then work out how many bowls are in the bag and that should give me an estimate. Now I need to find me a bag of beans and some idle time (both are luxuries these days).

2) I am an expressionist i.e. my expression does a lot of talking (I know I am murdering English here, bear with me). So in as much as I try to avoid talking, folks can easily read me 'cos of the facials I pull.

3) I love my beverage, must have at least two cups a day.

4) I bring up my food after eating, especially meat and diary stuff.

5) If you need someone to help you cry, you can count on me, I can cry for Olympics.

6) I often interject my sentences or gist with french especially when I am having a serious or formal discussion, oui I do (exactly just like that). My boss once asked if I actually speak french (yes in my dreams).

I tag Ejatutu and Ms Kiki

I have just been hooking up with my old friends from like donkey years ago, courtesy of facebook and networking through some other friends. In short in the past two weeks I have had long gist over phone with ma peeps in Naija (6 of them o), chatted with another one in Singapore abi wetin call, another in Canada. Good news all around o, these folks are now Big Boyz doing well for themselves, I am so pleased.

Yippee I am counting down to my Birthday, eh karamba, God is good. It's a privilege to be called by his name.



UndaCovaSista said...

Two cups of vodka everyday?!!
Just how big are these cups we're talking about...Lol!

Eeeuw @ bringing up meat (..i do too, but still eeeeuww)...

Je suis premier! Oui, je suis!!!

shola pacheco said...

huh,30+ hows it going,just updated

OluwaDee said...

looking up b4 looking down is very impt.

lol at u speaking french in ur dreams.

Lovely week.

Believer said...

egbon mi, i love the way your praise flows spontaneously. Have a wonderful, blessed, miraculous week in Jesus name.

Anonymous said...

happy birhday in advance..when is the d day!

check out www.14thandserenity.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

wait u tried to count beans!!!chei

30+ said...

@UCS - Oui tu est premiere.
The first position feat, how exactly? 5 larege cups 2 for me and 3 for you.

Eeeww at you - lol. So that means when we go for dinner it's gat to be fish, we can't have 2 lady goating on the same table.

@Sholapacheco - Lemme go and read now xxx

@Oluwadee - Yes o up before down. Waiting to see the Tag on Friday unless it's this same one.

@Believer, Aburo me too I love the way you just call me egbon mi, makes me feel gengencious.

@Pink, it's next Monday and yes I did try to count beans.


darkelcee said...

tharry plus? is ur birthday 19th or 26th?

darkelcee said...

please dont wait till u get writer's block, make it your next post abeg? (hmmmmmmi hope i am there? loll)

this beans counting thing means you will be a very good listener and a patient person. great virtue sis!

cry for olympics? i need help on that cos i cant cry. sometimes i try to force myself but aint working. can i come for training?oui?

what is "i love you" in french?

anonymous gal said...

good God at no 1.oh my. rite from the womb i hated aritmetics.talk more of now in my adulthood.at no 5 i might take u up on that o

Naija Chickito said...

Happy birthday in advance, my sis.

no 1 got me laughing- counting beans ke? ah, too funny o!

AlooFar said...

I share part of number 1 and number 4 with you.


Mommy said...

did you not just call me an alien some days back? at least I eat 'wet' sand...and I have supporters.(lol). What stops you from just throwing the meat out of you mouth whenever it comes back up. See her..'longa throat' does not want you to waste it. You must be from the planet next to mine. (lol)...and you tried counting a bag of beans...kai, children and the way their brains work. How was your weekend? I'm looking forward to your birhtday

30+ said...

@Darkelcee, the latter. Patience (not really) and Good listener (yes). Mind you I liked counting before I knew what patience and listening meant.

My b/day is next week.

@Anongal, yes o for no 5. I am game.

@Naijachickito, laff all you want, I will still like to count it. It's on my to do list before....

@Aloofar - Henhen, hello

@Mommy - Yeeerrreekkkee, see as you just yab me. My humble sef longa throat? Far from it, my motto is not to waste anything. Anyhoo where should I spit it when I am lying down on bed or in a restaurant. Anway Princess shares the quirk so does UCS *tongue out* we are many.

princesa said...

On the bringin up food thingy, you are in good company abeg!lol!

Counting one bag of beans,wetin be the name of that kain 'were' ?lol!

princesa said...

Aloofar shares number four too...maybe it brings out our creative juices, lol!

Sherri said...

Happy monday sisi mi!
thanks for reminding us of whence our help cometh from.

lol@trying to count apo beans

ewwww! ewwww!@ regurgitatinng meat and dairy!

expressionist na word joh! (just like an impressionist)

have a blessed week

Uzezi said...

i love ur number two. happy birthday in advance

Olamild said...

U were trying to count beans
That's fair

I tried to count rice when i was little.. bad idea

Allied said...

u counted beans? dag, talk about having time...

Ewwwww, you bring up ur food? should i be happy that i have nothing in common with you?

You are weird oh

30+ said...

@Princessa, were ke na scoin scoin dem dey call am

It brings out some juices quite alright - lol

@Sherri - Good abeg let's collaborate to rewrite the dictionary.

@Zezi - Thank you

@Olamild - Thank you jare better person who understands. It was rice I first wanted to count but they were too small.

@Allied - Where is the weird? Me no see am

Honeywell said...

thanks for the encouraging words!

are you kidding, you really can't speak french? i know this is a stupid question, but why do you interject french words then, abi do you just like to interject them the way some people just have to interject ibo or yoruba? once again, pardon the daft questions... :)

Jaybabe said...

Do you actually speak french?..lol..thats what i asked myself too after reading how you intermingle english with french!

Girl, how have you been? Long time no talk abih?

I can imagine, the feeling when you bump into old school folks! Must have been gr8 for yah...?

Afrobabe said...

Hmmm...was so happy when I saw the post only to not see me inside,.....ok...which one I be abeg tell me codedly...

Love counting???... the only thing I love counting is my money...lmao..can count it from morning to nite...it gives me an excuse to spend some...

Jaybabe said...

Hey..when exactly is you buff-day? The exact date dammnit!

NikkiSab said...

U and princesa are unique!! Jesus..bring up ur food and chew??? So where and when do we eat d buffday cake?

Aphrodite said...

I love my beverage too. Helps me sleep well.
Missed ur blog.
I need ur sisterly advice dear.
Pop into mine.

Free-flowing Florida said...

lol @ afro, love counting ur money 4rm morning to nite! how i wish i have money dat can take dat long 2 count. i'd resign & blog 4 a living... lol

@ 30+: u can cry 4 d olympics? hmmm. funny i ddnt picture u as one. interesting

Aijay said...

LOL @ counting beans. Thats some serious stuff...
So when is the party? U know thats my thing. lol
Happy birthday in advance darling.

Jaycee said...

Lolll...next time I want to cry about something...I'll inform u on ur blog...

Bringing food up after u eat??? Lolll...weirdo alert!!!!

In the past one week i have reunited with four high school friends via the FB. Na wa for that place o...makes life more interesting! Lolll...

feather said...

me too, will let you know when i need to cry with someone

Queen of My Castle said...

Oh gosh, I sooo know who to call now when I need someone to cry FOR me. LOL.

Isn't Facebook just the best when it comes to connecting with old friends?!

Ha! I don't use French, rather Spanish and I get asked all the time if I am fluent. That one was funny.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

you be gastric animals ni, this one wey you dey regurgitate..

facebook is the devila and angel at the same time

Lighty said...


Aphrodite said...

Hello dearie, my e-mail addy-aphie_eke@yahoo.com.
Expecting ur email.

Have a great weekend.

14th and serenity said...


30+ said...

@Honeywell, you are welcome o and no it is not a stupid question. Truth is I learnt some french in school and another class that I did but can't really speak. However I so want to speak it that the one or two I remember I will not let go off and I say it so perfectly (accent intonation and all) that you would think that I speak.

@Jaybabe, did you just say abih - hee hee hee lolling, you have been naijarised.

@Afrobabe, you alone you are in 3 places o. I will rake for you before I hug you sha. Bless your heart.

@Jaybabe, cool temper see comments below and above

@Nikkisab, very sharp babe you are, quickly picked that we are unique. 1 fab point for you. Swing by here on Monday.

@Aphro,ditto below and my comment

@Free flowing, don't mind that african woman she like money so. Yeah I know folks see me as some hard babe but I easily tear up when someone around me is hurting.

@Aijay, which kind friend you be, when I was expecting you to be chief parry organiser for me. Monday is the D day

@Jaycee, shey meeting all those old folks has been quite nostalgic for me o

@Feather, the confedration of wailers is what we should call the group.

@QOC, Oh my quite an age I need to come over yours mehn. Folks think I am fluent in French too - lol

@Zephi, Hmmn...what is the devil bit of it need to know before I get carried away o. How you doing?

@Aphrodite, will mail you but may not be very soon sha.

@Lighty, dunno jare maybe the competitveness in me

@14th and Serenity, Will be on the lookout

bllk wolf said...

WOLFIEE:"the nominees for the best cry awards are 30+ with crying tag team and tears with cries from the heart"

WOLFIEE:"and the winner is/......."

WOLFIEE:"we'll take a message from out sponsors"


Buttercup said...

u sound really funny! i'll be sure to come here quite often...happy birthday in advance!!!

Ekoakete said...

I'm definitely with you on being an "expressionist". So many times I've had to speak to limit the damage of what my face said. Tsk.

So when's the buffday purry...?

darkelcee said...

Happy buffday

Check out my blog for your buffday message!

love you loads!

anonymous gal said...

happy bday. hope hang over is not disturbin u o. coz we need an update

Tolantino said...

I contemplated leaving an anonymous comment regarding regurgitation but heck I won't. I have always regurgitated food as far back as i can remember. Meat, Rice, e.t.c I never thought of sharing it with anyone as I thought it was very abnormal and I was ashamed. Reading through these comments, I find that at least 6 out of 42 people have commented that they could relate with you. This means 1 in 7 people actually regurgitate as well. I am totally stunned. Can you guys please share how you deal with the regurgitation thing. Any tips for controlling it? 30+, I am awfully sorry to have hijacked your post like this but you cannot even begin to imagine how stunned I am at this new revelation.

134ElitZ Magazine said...

Don't look down before looking up, Look Up before looking down because the Help you really need is from above.

That's really inspirational my dear. keep up the good work..love ur blog!

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