Nostalgia...I miss

Hello Peeps,

There is a time for everything, a time to sow and a time to pray, a time to laugh a time to cry, a time to sleep and a time to wake. As for praising God it is for all time, all day and all night his praise should be on our lips...I praise you Lord

Right now is the time for me to reflect and reminisce.

I miss the early days of blogging, when I constantly checked my blog for comments and spend hours blog hopping. I miss reading Fineboy's post. I miss reading from Doctor Naaps, Bimby's series, Mrs Somebody, Carlang, Undacova, Calabar girl, Anu Boy and a few others.

Don't get me wrong, there are still yet more bloggers who are in the block, just that I miss a few of the ones who have left.

Sometime I wonder if I should draw the curtains on this blog but can't bring myself to do it just now.

I miss my Husband and kids, the ones I don't have yet.

I miss my Dad....sigh. He is very much alive hale and hearty in Naija just that I am missing him right now. Don't know why seeing that we are not necessary the best of buddies. Maybe I should plan to visit home soon.

I miss gbegiri and ewedu, it's been a while I had it.

Yihaa, my photography is doing very well and thank you all for your support and encouragement both here on blogsville and facebook. I have been getting quite a number of enquiries and custom. I will be covering another wedding very soon, hopefully will come back here with plenty gist.

Till later, take care of yourselves.

If you or someone you know is getting married soon, give me a shout, we (in conjunction with my partner who is a make up artist) have got some good package on offer .


Believer said...

First.............I hope I am!

Believer said...

Yay..I was (agbaya like me). My dear I understand..I miss some of those things and people as well. I saw your comment, I'm not going anywhere just like you're not going anyway either. Thank God for this new stream of income, I pray that God continues to bless the works of your hands. Remain blessed.

LG said...

swerrie hope no be style to stop blogging be dis o' hmm abego

Good Naija Girl said...

I guess the blog community is always changing and evolving. I'm glad you're not leaving though, and that your photography is going so well!

Favoured Girl said...

Good to hear that your venture is going great!

I miss many previous bloggers too! And now I'm too lazy/busy to go and look for new bloggers to read.

Don't you dare close down your blog too!

Tigeress said...

email me pictures/events u've covered

temmy tayo said...

The blog world has to keep growing. It is funny tho. I am an old blogger too, left for some time and only came back after staying at home to nurse my baby. Twas boredom.

If you leave, I canassure you something will bring you back somehow. But on seriousnote, no leave sha.

darkelcee said...

thirtyplus... abeg carry apoti and siddon here. Dont go anywhere ok. i will give you the gbegiri you are

try to keep in touch with your daddy oh. if only i have mine around,would still be sitting on his laps by now

you for don start photograhy before i got married..... i only needed to buy you ticket and every other thing would have been

Husband and kids are on their way just relax and recieve them.


Anonymous said...

I do miss a lot of the older peeps too.. but I have connected more with a lot of the newer peeps.. so i kind of have the best of both worlds..LOL..

Thumbs up on the photography thing... I cannot even photograph a dead donkey for the life of me!


anonymous gal said...

yeah i feel u. i dont get the high i used toet from blogin g

Aphrodite said...

Welldone with the Biz babe.

I miss a lot of old bloggers too.

O'Dee said...

I also miss my early days of blogging, but I guess theres a time for everything.

Salma A said...

I'm a new blogger, but I can see where your coming from. Loved your post.

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