In my head (1)

Hello Peeps,

He can do it again and even much more, than what you think. Why? Because he is the same yesterday, today and forever, for that alone, I must to Kira fun baba God who is the unchaning changer.

So just like that MJ beat it from planet earth well as a wise seer under inspiration wrote :

"Remember your Creator now while you are young, before the silver cord of life snaps and the golden bowl is broken. Don’t wait until the water jar is smashed at the spring and the pulley is broken at the well. For then the dust will return to the earth, and the spirit will return to God who gave it."

Let's leave that one aside for the main post

Lately in my head, I have been preaching a lot. As in proper preaching especially when I have just discovered something in the bible. I tell you now God's word is new everyday.
When I was much younger, I use to wonder what will happen after I finish reading the bible, well I thought you just read it through and get the gist but panicked about what will happen next. Until I discovered that his word is fresh and dynamic, a scripture verse can speak differently to one million people....How great!
Yesterday I had to used my hand to cover mouth because I realised I was actually speaking out loud to an invisible audience explaining what I just read in Phillipians 3. *Kilode now I cautioned myself **"ara ile lo ma mo ni amodi, were lara ita ma pe".
Ma peeps the thing baffled/baffles me and it's not the first or second time that this will happen to me.

No I don't believe I have the calling of a pulpit ministy, though a few folks do say that I have but no no no, abeg I prefer the sidelines.

Believe it or not, I now have yet another fb profile...aargh. It's a long story but was def not the plan. The profile was set up just to load pix but eh karamba no sooner than I loaded pix than the friend requests started coming . After about 6 requests came immediately some of who where already my friends, I thought why not and started adding more myself...crazy abi lol.

Love you plenty.
Also glad to see Obiwanne and Tolantino back to blogville.

**"to the one who knows better it can be called enthusiasm, to the outsider it will be called madness".

The Unsaid

My peeps,

God loves me, I don't know why? It is not a wonder that I choose to praise him in all I do, he is my all in all.

How are you all doing?

My friend was gisting me of another friend who said she joined a dating website. I know folks do that a lot this dayz but my oh my I am old skuul plus there are so many Aliens in the world today and cyber connection adds another dimension.

Peeps mi just check the SUCCESS stories on this website (the first one) and tell me honestly what was going through your head CLICK HERE, isshkk is what came out of ma own mouth, I no fit talk. (17/06/09: Update, 'the link to the ones I am referring to seems to have been moved, copied the link a while back so :(

Love what a booriful thing.

Talking of which my friend the garrulous one celebrated her birthday recently so was on the phone asking how it went blah blah. She tells me of how Mr So and so did not show up cos he took his family on holiday and how he had a go at her wondering what is there to celebrate when all her mates are doing birthdays for their fourth born.

Oucch! Tafa o! Ok I know my friend is a lil bit loud and razz, actually so razz that I have reduce communications with her cos she been rubbing razzzness on me. What can she do, should she marry herself.

Unto other gist

I went for the Premiere of a movie called "The Unsaid".

Now, I thought Nollywood was getting better but this movie left me speechless, and to think I walked red carpet to enter Cinema and watched this film which I paid £10 i.e. N2,800 for. Up till the last minute I was sure there was going to be a spin to salvage the mediocrity of the production, story line and acting. Alas it was not to be. I was left speechless and the only thing I could mutter was "It's a lie! It's a lie!! It's a lie!!!
I just could not believe anyone Nigerian will have the audacity to "Premiere" a movie like that and collect money. It should have been premiered on You Tube or the living room of No 10 Kingsland road, Hackney (apologies if this your address, but hackney did get a mention in the movie).

Ireti Ola Daniels was diagnosed of cancer while abroad, rather than come home and die in the midst of family and loved ones like most normal human beings decides to return and stay in Lagos, splashing 100billion naira on house and three cars living a recluse. She met a prostitute (Bimbo Akintola) they both got drunk and were helped by Doctore X (Desmond Elliot). She later hires Bimbo as her Personal Assistant and Desmond (who was having issues with his girlfriend) fell in love with her (totally out of the blues) and then she dies.
In fact writing the above synopsis is enough to give me a headache, there was no begining, no middle but there was an end sha.

Kudos to Bimbo Akintola and Desmond but even their effort could not salvage the movie.

My verdict - 3/10.

And tin and tin

Thank you Lord for a new month.

Peeps mi, thanks for all the birthday wishes, really appreciate all the love.

My birthday was great, I enjoyed the outing although despite my earlier declaration to enjoy myself so much that I forget about having a blog, I found myself talking about blogging during the dinner outing.

I wrote a full post in my head but now that I am here all I can think of is why my sleeping habit is messed up (sleeping at odd hours) and I ain't preggers nor do I drink coke.

If one nose seems permanently blocked like mine, does it mean I am surviving on 50% oxygen? That must account for my feeling drowsy but not sleeping, the pollens need to disappear already.

When a man starts giving different excuse for missing appointments or picking your calls, ladies usually start suspect unfaithfulness and quite rightly so. I can give you more than a few excuses for not replying comments but the truth is I am being unfaithful to my blog.

Facebook and Photography are the real culprit behind my unfaithfulness and what's more I don't see myself repenting anytime soon.

Photography: What can I say, I am totally in love. There is so much to learn both pre and post production, it's not just carrying a good camera and pressing the button. The learning never stops, from composition, lighting, ISO, aperture, focal range and tin and tin, e no easy.

Facebook: Well I keep discovering some old folks from eon years ago. Recently reconnected with some of my mates from secondary school. Furthermore, endless gist is flowing especially with that gbeborun feature that broadcasts your story to all your friends "Thirty + has sneezed", "Thirty + is at work" e.t.c. Well I have a few friends who put details of their every move as status update and in as much as it's silly I find myself checking them out.

Though I set up a twitter account but have now resolved not to bother getting into that otherwise, I might as well leave the real world, virtualise myself and change my name to Andromethirty+.

Check this out

Till Later