The Unsaid

My peeps,

God loves me, I don't know why? It is not a wonder that I choose to praise him in all I do, he is my all in all.

How are you all doing?

My friend was gisting me of another friend who said she joined a dating website. I know folks do that a lot this dayz but my oh my I am old skuul plus there are so many Aliens in the world today and cyber connection adds another dimension.

Peeps mi just check the SUCCESS stories on this website (the first one) and tell me honestly what was going through your head CLICK HERE, isshkk is what came out of ma own mouth, I no fit talk. (17/06/09: Update, 'the link to the ones I am referring to seems to have been moved, copied the link a while back so :(

Love what a booriful thing.

Talking of which my friend the garrulous one celebrated her birthday recently so was on the phone asking how it went blah blah. She tells me of how Mr So and so did not show up cos he took his family on holiday and how he had a go at her wondering what is there to celebrate when all her mates are doing birthdays for their fourth born.

Oucch! Tafa o! Ok I know my friend is a lil bit loud and razz, actually so razz that I have reduce communications with her cos she been rubbing razzzness on me. What can she do, should she marry herself.

Unto other gist

I went for the Premiere of a movie called "The Unsaid".

Now, I thought Nollywood was getting better but this movie left me speechless, and to think I walked red carpet to enter Cinema and watched this film which I paid £10 i.e. N2,800 for. Up till the last minute I was sure there was going to be a spin to salvage the mediocrity of the production, story line and acting. Alas it was not to be. I was left speechless and the only thing I could mutter was "It's a lie! It's a lie!! It's a lie!!!
I just could not believe anyone Nigerian will have the audacity to "Premiere" a movie like that and collect money. It should have been premiered on You Tube or the living room of No 10 Kingsland road, Hackney (apologies if this your address, but hackney did get a mention in the movie).

Ireti Ola Daniels was diagnosed of cancer while abroad, rather than come home and die in the midst of family and loved ones like most normal human beings decides to return and stay in Lagos, splashing 100billion naira on house and three cars living a recluse. She met a prostitute (Bimbo Akintola) they both got drunk and were helped by Doctore X (Desmond Elliot). She later hires Bimbo as her Personal Assistant and Desmond (who was having issues with his girlfriend) fell in love with her (totally out of the blues) and then she dies.
In fact writing the above synopsis is enough to give me a headache, there was no begining, no middle but there was an end sha.

Kudos to Bimbo Akintola and Desmond but even their effort could not salvage the movie.

My verdict - 3/10.


Anonymous said...

I personally think the online thing should be considered on a case-by-case basis.. The specifics of these people's case might have made it the best route for them.. However not everyone can go down that route..

I have sworn off Nigerian movies for the near term --- i will only watch one that is recommended by someone whose judgment i trust!

Funms-the rebirth said...

dang! thats one naija movie o..... and to think of what the 10quid could have bought....pele
as per online dating.... no comment

chayoma said...

online dating, a NO NO for me....

as for naija movies oh, i am getting into them gradually, watching only those recommended by those who reviews i respect :)

Tigeress said...

AT Surrey Quays?

I guess i wont watching this movie anytime soon. Thanks for giving us the heads up.

Anonymous said...

afrointroduction ko!!!it looks very shady and razz....pls it seems like some of those pple are looking for "iwe"

Anonymous said...

plus most of them are interracial marriages...suspicious!

Good Naija Girl said...

Online's something I try every now and again without any luck (although one guy that I met who was nice but not for me is getting married next weekend to a woman from his past that he ran into again, which is one happy ending). It's not the ideal way that I'd like to meet someone (I'd rather we meet and interact in person first), but I can see the advantages of the system, especially when you're out of school and no longer have ready access to members of the opposite sex.

When I was reading those testimonials on Afrointroductions, I didn't look at any of those couples and wish I was in the woman's shoes. Maybe online really isn't for me! I think there may be some truth to pink-satin's observaton.

Your 'razz' friend's male friend is not so nice :(

And sorry about the movie. You'll save others their money at least!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

re:success stories... different strokes for different folks... although it has some sinister "russian wife" type feel to it... Online dating does work for some people cuz I work with a lady who met her husband that way... but i totally get how 'off' this site is...

As far as the naija movie... pele for spending that money... that's about $20... to see something so lousy

as far as your friend's friend.... why are people so rude and uncaring? that is a friend she does not need!

Enkay said...

I don't know why but I get the sneaky feeling that that Afro site is a bit shady.

I'll not judge too harshly though! I hear it has worked for some people.

Don't get me started on lousy Nigerian movies! Pele for the waste of money dear.

archiwiz said...

My dear... God's love is amazing and wonderful oh...

As for the guy marking time for your friend, na wa! I refuse people who count what should be happening in my life at any particular time oh. It is a recipe for heartache, hypertension and high blood pressure.
LOL @ your friend rubbing razzness on you.

Ah that site looks somehow though. It is not as sophisticated as other dating sites, but mmm... I can't explain the feeling I have with it.

As per Naija movies? I totally refuse. Most of them are a waste of time and money. They are generally sooooo annoying...

Believer said...

Firstly, that site o dikwa suscpicious o.

I don't know what makes people say hurtful things like that anyway tell your friend to shake it off, step on it and keep going higher. Boaz is still coming!

Nigerian movies, ever so often you get a really good one, I'll watch them to unwind because I know I'll definetely laugh, will not be subscribing to Nollywood, Nigeriamovies or Moviestar anytime soon though!

Sorry, I missed your birthday, I always think I leave a comment but realise that I don't, anyway it's never too late to say Happy Birthday from a naughty aburo, I know God is working powerfully in your life, more than you can ever imagine. Remain blessed and highly favoured.

Uzo said...

Some people i know have had good experiences online so more power to them i guess...On the nollywood movie? Hmm,...As much as i love nigerian movies, some of them r just unwatchable...

joicee said...

lol@your mutterring it is a lie..I can imagine how bad it was.
As for online dating...I don´t really believe in it

THIRTY + said...

@Bagucci, you are right. Got the link a while back and just realised that the cases I referred to have been moved or removed. Eve then each to his/her own.

@Funms, thanks. Hmnnn how come no comments on online dating.

@Chayoma, that's the best option

@Tigeress, yes Surrey Quays. Still need to holla at you as per photography

@Pink satin, you can say that again. Glad to see you are still here with us on blogville :)

@GnG, erm that particular oner is not an online success story really, since they knew each other before ko?! Not that I am saying there are no success stories o? Personally online is no no and for very valid reasons (as far as I am concerned). My razz friend male friend is just Nasty.

@DiAmonD hawk, I like that word, resonates.

@Enkay, you get a feeling abi....?

@Archiwiz, hear hear. How you dey?

@Believer, my wonderful aburo, ehn I feel you. Thanks for the wishes

@Uzo, are you back? I think it's more like many of them.

@Joicee, thanks

O'Dee said...

lol @ your verdict.

Dont know much about online dating. You can ask GNG.

Naijadude said...

lol.. Afrointroductions made me laugh....
Reading the synopsis of the movie made my head ache!

Beulah! said...

I no do online dating oh! doesnt werk for me. Meanwhyl, if na me pay dat kain money to watch dat kain dry film i for vex well well. It is well sha..just stomach it, it is one of those

temmy tayo said...

Dating kini?? It worls for some people sha to be honest.
See, my one kobo advice, do not waste your money on Nigerian films, if u can get from the video club, then no wahala.

I can never forget the day I braced the cold to go see RMD and Stella Damasus is one theatre in Catford,rubbish film o. RMD was the icing, if not I for cry like a baby.

Tolantino said...

Online dating works for some people i think. But that website, starting from the NAME of it sef looks more than dodgy. Enuf said. Now, for Naija movies, I cannot stomache them. I find it difficult to even put my hand to purse and bring out the money even if its only 250 Naira per disc. Even the ones that people have claimed are good are still sub-standard.

Uzezi said...

sorry. I can imagine the frustration of such and actually sitting it through cos u believe the peak is coming and then 'The End'.

Anonymous said...

Naija movies...even though I'm a fan, some really do insult ur intelligence, so I get how u feel, especially @ d loss of ur £ 4 d online dating, I guess it works 4some, though I wouldn't personally recommend it cos u don't really get to know someone u can't see...

Parakeet said...

Kai...and to think I did small publicity for that movie on scoopsnija. Nija too dey disgrace person biko.

As for that harsh comment to your unmarried friend, but why do pple say and do such things? So not fair.

Obinwanne said...

been a while i came here..its good to be back

THIRTY + said...

@O'Dee, shey.

@temmy tayo, I feel you o, because me sef baffed up that day.

@Naijadude, makes the two of us

@Beulah, I stomached it for a while before deciding to unleash on the blog

@Tolantino, another returnee, where you waka go

@Uzezi, it's better left to imagination

@justdoyin, "insult ur intelligence" that phrase is so on point.

@Parakeet, you what!

@Obiwanne, my long lost brother, dropped enough comments on your blog. Glad you are back

Favoured Girl said...

Ah I was actually at the premiere for that Naija movie too! It was AWFUL! And a complete waste of my time and my money! That's £10 and three hours of my life that I'll never get back.

olaoluwatomi said...

Lovely post, Online dating not my idea of a date:)
As for watching nigerian films i can count the number i have watched on my two hands and they have only suceeded in giving me headaches!

olaoluwatomi said...

Just checked out the site, the sentence constructions look like someone sat down to make up the stories! And His english is not fantastic, o dabi pe 419 ni won!
How come they are all interracial marriages, I almost wrote Intertribal:)

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