Month of May

Hello Peeps,

In all things I give God thanks and thanksgiving, at all times in everyway I give God thanks.

Hope you folks in the Temperate areas of UK and USA are gearing for 'proper summer' (that does not sound grammatically correct, does it?)

I agree that men do get depressed but not as much as women!

I love the Month of May, it heralds in the sunshine, end of winter blues, bikinis, diets, and the onset of parties upon parties especially weddings(at least in the UK). Don't think my peeps back in Nigeria have anything like the wedding or party season, it is lways ojo gbogbo bi odun (everyday is like celebration).

Another reason I love the month of May is because it's by Birthmonth "he he he ehe eh". As conceited as it sounds, I have this believe that May is the most special month of all followed by December and January - Lol.
Just think of it is the only one that has three letters, it is close to half year but not half year. Brides love to get married in May and most importantly, all May babies are the I hear whoop whoop.

The countdown to my birthday has begun, I think I'm even more excited than usual. When I told my friend she wondered why, afterall the clock is ticking. She is also a May baby, but while she is thankful and all, she can not get the gist of my excitement.

Even I dunno why, try as I may to have a one lady pity party, I could not, there is nothing as frustrating as not being able to be depressed when you want to be depressed. I know I sound silly but sometimes I go into fits of feeling sorry for myself and for my life, but these days it's getting more and more difficult.

Just the other day I heard some news and it dampened my spirit and as I was about to go into self pity mode all I could do was speak God's word out loud.

It worked

Even though that was not what I wanted, I wanted to work myself up so I can cry and kind of make God feel sorry for me. I am laughing hard here because writing it down, I sound like such a silly thing to be aiming for.
I believe I have matured to a level and most importantly, now I know the truth it has set me free.

I know enough of God's word to understand that he works in seasons and I am tatooed in his palms, so in the words of Tuface "what more can I say".

Will not necessary put a post on for my birthday, there will be too much grooving for me to remember I have a blog, lol.

As for presents, this is my request just say "thank you father for thirty plus". Honestly though that is really what I want from my heart of hearts, I think it is so cool for God to be hearing echoes of thanksgiving from different continents on my behalf.

Just so it does not look like I am being overly spiritual, I would like a HUGE birthday cake, not Gateau, not thoe funny ones from Marks and Spencer or Cosco. A proper traditional Nigerian cake with minimal icing, Lilac in colour.

For delivery details just inbox me on fb.

Till Later,


simeone said...

furssstttttttttttt..i'm cool and you're

Funms-the rebirth said...

Happy Birthday in advance....when in may?
yes o, summer is upon us....diets and bikinis...
i feel ur post so much..... sometimes i try to be so depressed so God can pity me and answer but i realise it makesit worse cuz He inhabits in the praises of his people, not their tears.....

Anonymous said...

happpy birthday in advance dearie

simeone said...

lol @ may in front of december and january....and no you dont hear whoop whoop..
.hmmmm... i dey feel you you know the meaning of what you just asked for..?.. that is a really big birthday gift that even money can't buy..
happy birthday in advance..

Tigeress said...

i'm liking your post. It's easier to moan when time is ticking but you have chosen to thank God. So this is a hug from me to you and muah!!!

when is ur Well i pray God will grant you all your heart desires in this your birth year. And I also pray that every blessings that u've been robbed off shall be restored back to you in this ur birth year. Amen.

darkelcee said...

dont worry, u will still get ur ecake frm me. Happy birthday baby. U dont have any reason 2 wallow in self pity, He knows ur name!

Kémi Penélopê said...

I am Lucky seven...!!!! Yipee!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday in advance,
Whatever age you are life is worth celebrating and dancing about, because it pleases God to keep us till another year and as someone puts it, birthdays are good the more you have the longer you live and a sign that God still has use for you.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

May is alright... but when you double it (i.e. 5x2)... you get OCTOBER!!! which is the best month but I give May kudos though... after all... you were born then...

i hope you have a wonderful and uniquely exciting birthday this year 30+...

Good Naija Girl said...

Happy almost-birthday, 30+! I will thank God for your life before I go to bed.

And I am glad you have plans to be grooving so much that you forget you own a blog — fantastic!

chayoma said...

Happy birthday in advance! i dunno why you are so excited about it! i feel old and i am only twenty! lol.

Have fun!
PS December is the best month of the year, we all know that! :)

Beulah! said..., pls make that Naija cake reach me oh!. Happy birthday 30+..many happy returns of the day.

To the child of God there's no hopeless stituation. May God surprise u as u turn plus 1 & bring u the bestest of best birthday surprise. Be sure to testify when it comes sister!

Happy birthday again..Cheers!

LusciousRon said...

Happy birthday! Maturity comes in its own time.

joicee said...

Wishing you a happy birthday in advance

My brother and my grandma are both May babies so it´s cool

temmy tayo said...

You are so right about december my love. I am proud to be a december babe.

As for the cake,send me ur addy now i go DHL cake right to ur doorstep. Shey u no mind violet cos that lilac be as e get

Happy Birthday in advance.

Tairebabs said...

Thank God for adding another wonderful year to your life. Speaking of cake, I really feel like having some now.

Writefreak said...

Happy birthday in advance/arreas (choose which applies lol)...may the year bring to you a fulfillment of dreams and God's purpose for your life.
Like you, i sometimes want a pity party badly but can't have one.
Take care

Pink Lips said...

Happy Bday, tho i'm not sure now if u put the date. I know how u feel abt 9ja type cakes jare, i'm wit u!!!

Solange said...

So May is nearly ending and I don't know when your birthday was but A Happy Birthday to you.
I hope it was a great one.
I wish I knew how to make a nigerian cake but I am too bad at baking and I buy mine from Sainsburys, or... the only cake I can make is a brazilian banana one.
I wish I was thirty plus again...I am feeling too old today.
Peace and love x

Parakeet said...

This is June, how was ur bday girl? Happy birthday.

Come fill us in with the gist.

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