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Unto the Lord be the glory, great things he has done. Protection, favour are top of the list of the things that baba God has done for me.

NEPA, Okada o, Mosquito o, stinky helmet, crazy driving, unsympathetic sweltering temperature, norrin dey happen I full ground well well, naija was quite okay.
Ok I admit, I did not full ground at all when some soldier guy decided to shoot in the air to scare a few tactless drivers. As in, it's like, you know, just right in front of me, live and direct I saw a gun being fired. *'Tafa o' my liver jumped into my mouth as all the horror stories of misfiring did a fast forward play in my memory and I quickly ducked in my seat to the amusement of my friend who was the one driving.
Friend: "He just fired in the air now, it's meant to scare those guys off"
Me: "Okayyeee o" whilst wondering what happened to the good old tear gas, or banging on a car or simply barking an order.

Thing is it's been quite a long time I heard a gun shot and even much, much, much longer time since I saw a gun fired. Needless to say, I was a bit shaken(just a bit o). Anyway like I said norring dey happen.

I sold most of the items I took with me save some shirts and some bits and bobs. Thank God for that.

It's good visit one's home country as much as possible to witness some of the metamorphosis so one can be in the know. Man mi I open mouth for Oshodi o, kai, Fashola is trying.

Glad I went and came back in one piece, thank you Lord

Other Stories

An immigration / customs / Airport official asks for a passengers passport and then proceed to open an american visa page which had expired (how did I know?!, it belonged to my travelling buddy). The officer only looked at the expired visa page o and returned the passport back waving the passenger to proceed. I was going to be cheeky and ask if she notice the lady's visa had expired and other question including what her role is, if she needed glassed but decided to mind my business.

This issue of copyright business is not funny, it is sad when a blogger uses their time and creativity to create original material for his/her blog just to have some smarty pant rank xerox it. Worse still there seems to be no way of bring the offender(s) to order. It is sad indeed.
By the way the Anon person or persons that said they will be fapping my 'Him and me post', a permission should be granted before going ahead to use anybodys property (intellectual or otherwise). And please do reference this URL site if and when the article is used.

I have watched JENIFA like four times now and it's still a rib cracker. However, getting an email from Jennifer was puzzling see below:

Hello Dear,How are you today i hope you are fine. my name is miss jennifer,iam a yung lady i saw your profile today at( i became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,I hope you will be the true loving, honest, trutfull,God faring,trustworld,sincere, and caring man,that I have been looking for,And I have something special to tell you about myself, So please reply me now so that I will send you my picture and tell you what i want to tell you about my self.God bless you.Yours sincerely jennifer.

The mail arrived in my inbox complete with email address,

Pity this *mugun can not *gbori wole for so many reasons and on so many lefus (levels), *mo le ju gbogbo iyen lo

*Tafa o - An exclamation coined by thirty plus, understandable only to her
*Mugun - term for a stupid / greedy victim of fraud.
*gbori wole - swallowing a bait
*mo le ju gbogbo iyen lo - I am too wise to fall for that scam

Till Later


Miss Iyabo Opeke said...


Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

OMG!!! Suliat is juz sumthing else...I hope u also watched d part II b'cuz Omo, datz were d action started o...

Anyways, glad to read dat u made in back in one piece...I can't wait 2 go see wit' my own two eyes dis Oshodi thingy...dat Oshold can bi different...Sista, I hv 2 c 2 believe o

bumight said...

lol! you too? i also got an email from jennifer o, twice sef!

i have seen jenifa like 3 times already too!

so did u bring kilishi for me? *batting eyelids*

Good Naija Girl said...

A friend is sending me Jenifa and I cannot wait to see it! Been hearing so much about it.

So glad you're well! My reaction to the gun shots would have been ten times more dramatic than yours so don't worry!

RocNaija said...

I can sooo relate to that ish.. Went to Naija for a week and heard gunshots on the second day! Considering I hadn't heard anything like it for over five years.. Seeing people take flight was a RUDE Welcome to LasGidi

@ GNG It's on youtube already.. just be ready to keep clicking every ten minutes or so..


na wa oh! I hope that when that bullet lands it does not land in a person. Its as if they forget that bullets still come back to the ground when they shoot in the air!

This copyright issue na helele. If you know the places I have found my work, eh? 2009 is the year I deal with all of them. hmph!

Take care and oh, shebi you were in Lagos? Then check this out.


Afrobabe said...

Thank God for journey mercies oh..

lmao @ the girl...wonder what made her think u were a man...

THIRTY + said...

Opeke, one 500ml bottle of Epa for you as gift. Please do send the postage money -:)

Bumight, I did not bring kilishi o, with all their rantings about importing meat and meat products, I don't want to know what colour prison doors are....for now. I smuggled a small amount of crayfish sha and will gladly share the remaining heads with you. So we have a mutual admirer - Jenniffer, you can have her sha

GnG, True if you can not wait, then you can check youtube for Jenifa.

RocNaija, shey it's a rude welcoming!

SSD, He does deserve to be the Nigerian Curiosity politician of 2008.

Afrobabe, the thing tire me o

Anonymous said...

that country sa!just fire like that...letter they will say it was mistake stray bullet.
hope u had fun sa

Anonymous said...

i meant 'later'

tobenna said...

I'm sure you were only a bit shaken.
Small thing.
I didnt know copyright was now an issue with bloggers.
Thought it was only restricted to Nigerian musicians.
Now, I really need to go and see this Jennifer movie with a review coming from you.
I heard its a yoruba movie - I dont speak. Will I understand?

darkelcee said...

lol @ tafa o. hope you had fun sha? Fashola has given Oshodi a face lift oh.

Oh so you've seen Jenifer too? that film is hilarious.

Mo don

This one that Jennifer sent you a mail na lie oh. 419 for real.

Welcome back.

simeone said...

welkie back o..naija will always be naija..good u had fun..thank God for journey mercies...

Buttercup said...

Thank God u made it back safely and that u sold ur goods..

Ha, i wuda been scared by the gunshot o!

Lol @ jennifer..did she find u on blogger or what??

fantasy queen said...

lol' i got same kind of letter from jenny baby....and a couple of others. its so silly. you need to check out this website or something like that. its hilarous, when u go to the letters achive, u'll b tempted to reply to jenny baby and just tag her along she begs u to go away with the money she'll eventually ask for...

glad you had fun and u werent kidnapped.

anonymous gal said...

Ha u brought things to sell??? ha 30+ u 4 sewnd me email now ooooooooooooooo

Uzezi said...

i got an email from jennifer also.
that custom thing at the immigration post, why did the guy do that? he probably knows the lady travelling

Jinta said...

i read about fashola's oshodi. thank goodness - maybe traffic will finally move in lagos

Arewa said...

lol... i saw Jenifa while i was in Naija in December and loved it to bits, although Yoruba is not my first language and i dont understand much of the Naija slangs yet....but the sub titles and the little Yoruba that i know helped.

Its good to be back. I miss you lots. I have updated. Catch u on the flip side x x x x x

mike said...

Naija la wa. lol. Fashola wants to turn naija to JD

Tears said...

not so into nija movies..sori was here:P

Parakeet said...

Glad you came back in one piece. Mehn its been eons since I heard that word fapp.

Tigeress said...

RocNaija where do u live? never heard gunshot till u got to Naija ke? me i used to live in the west side of Chi town- the windy city and i don hear gun shots o. but i was in doors. And its more unsettling when u hear about dead bodies being dumped in garbage alley near ur house.

But fear go still grip me- especially if it was right in front of me.

Writefreak said...

Just checking on you dey? How's life at the gym?

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